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  • Small White Car
    Nov 29, 12:34 PM
    Practically speaking...

    If they limit the number of iPods you can transfer the movies onto, how are they going to differentiate between an additional iPod and one you replaced for a newer one? What I mean is, if they would only allow for a transfer to 5 iPods, and let's say you have 5 and one breaks, or eventually you replace them all for newly released ones, how will they be able to differentiate that from an "additional 6th iPod"?

    They entire scheme is flawed. Practically speaking.


    Uh, maybe they'd do it the same way they enforce the "5 computers" rule? You would authorize your 5 iPods and if one breaks you would tell iTunes to forget about all iPods and then re-link your current 5 iPods to the system.

    I think they SHOULD do this but it should be a high number like 15 or 20 iPods. A user would NEVER run into that limit but it would prevent someone from buying a movie and selling it to hundreds of people for a few bucks each and copying it onto their iPods.

    A number like that would stop the big-time offenders without the average consumer ever noticing.

    (Based on this theory, the current "5-computer" rule is a bit too tight. It really should be 10 computers.)

    EDIT: I also thought of something Apple could steal from the Zune. The "iPod movie limit" COULD be limited to 5 iPods if thre was a "share" feature that worked like the Zune's wireless sharing. That is, it's encrypted to expire in 3 days. So, I could authorize 5 of my own iPods to always have the movie but I could ALSO choose to put it on my friend's iPod but his would only work for 3 days. Then, just like the Zune it would ask him if he wants to buy it.

    This would be the equivilant of "loaning a DVD." It works out as free advertising in the end...SOME of those friends will end up buying the movie.

    The key to making it work is to make this "sharing" feature an OPTIONAL addition to the way I copy my movies around from my own iPods. The experiation feature would only come into play when I copy films PAST my 5-iPod limit, so it would never affect me personally.

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  • 700-Grizz
    May 5, 07:33 PM
    nevermind---got beat to the punch lol

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  • nospeed411
    Dec 25, 08:44 AM
    Got the wife her iPad...
    And a incipio silcrylic case to match the iPhone one she loves.

    She got me....


    $25 Dollar iBooks card

    My awesome Apple iWatch:D:D ok it's a nano but I'll prolly never use it for that

    and my Twelve south leather sticker thingy to match the cover I have

    She also got be a bunch of cool stuff for my GTI too. OEM Bluetooth radio form the Canadian market cars and a dead pedal to match my TT pedals I already have. A crap load of funny geek t-shirts etc etc etc.

    All in all for not doing Christmas for the last 10 years we kinda went a little nuts this year.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Mar 6, 12:28 PM
    No and no, as they even have different count (200 vs 204).

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  • DJ OJ
    Oct 16, 07:27 PM
    Nothing Fancy, but Oh well.

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  • Hanuman.c
    Feb 2, 03:01 AM
    For this id use the 3rd party plug-in Melodyne, but that cost over $500.
    There could be cheaper plug-ins, search for autotune or something.

    Or i suppose you could copy the notes you need to change to a separate track and change the pitch of the track... now thats thinking outside the box ey..

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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Feb 23, 06:33 PM
    i have no idea how high arn or blakespot set the G3, G4, and G5 levels at

    601 is at either 3000 or 5000 posts and for me that was a long, long time ago

    Well I have 3,500+ and I am at the 68040 level. Can't seem to find the link that showed what each level represented in number of posts.

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  • doubleusn
    Apr 28, 09:26 AM
    If you consider the details this is of no surprise.

    1) Too many still on contract to switch given the release date of the vPhone.
    2) Too many see it as full $ for older tech as the next iPhone should be soon.

    I honestly think that the iPhone4 will still sell well as it is about to become, what the 3GS is now... the 2nd tier less $$ option. As people come off contracts or their subsidy becomes avail again, people will switch, and the non early adopter types will be happy with a less $ iPhone4 option.

    You never know with Apple, but you have to wonder if they will just drop an iPhone4S in June and then we will see LTE next year as Tim Cook said the chips still draw too much power.

    An iPhone4S with A5, more mem, 3.7 display, and maybe dual mode, will be be enough for the 3GS crowd coming out of contract and the original iPhone4 will make money on the value shoppers who want an iPhone.

    I think the next iPhone, regardless of name (5 or 4S) will just be an iPhone4 with an A5, 3.7 screen, etc as LTE chips still draw too much power and are too big, and Apple can still make money using the same case with a 4/4S line up.

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  • Consultant
    Apr 4, 11:10 AM
    Greedy bastards.

    Too bad they know nothing of the Android open wasteland, where few people would pay for apps.

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  • iPhobic
    Apr 4, 10:26 AM
    You see? This is the problem when there's no competition. Pretty soon we'll have three main carriers (ATT, Verizon and Sprint). One of them decides to increase prices, then the other will follow suit. I'll go with an iPod touch and a paid phone once my contract is up. Screw them all!

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  • Dunkm1n
    Oct 15, 10:21 PM
    Gotta keep it true to Apple.

    http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/1580/picture1azp.th.png (http://img39.imageshack.us/i/picture1azp.png/)

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  • vistadude
    Apr 10, 10:52 PM
    You have to install the drivers from the snow leopard disk first. It should work fine. Then you can download the driver update to 3.1 or 3.2.

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  • syklee26
    Sep 26, 10:19 PM
    .Mac is a load of old BALLS!!! It's absolutely ridiculously. We're paying �99 in Europe really for Mail, iWeb was only added recently, but you have to buy iLife '06 to use it. iChat is free? No it's not! Guess what? You have to pay �99, cause you need .Mac to use iChat. The whole thing is a joke! Way to respect your loyal fans Apple.

    u don't need .Mac to use iChat. you can use iChat with AIM account. and I keep hearing this rumor that MSN and Yahoo account might be added.

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  • Consultant
    May 2, 05:06 PM
    It's all perspective. The biceps are closer to the camera than the hands. This is why, when taking pictures of fish, you always extend your arms toward the camera.

    Thanks, but hint: smily means it's a joke.

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  • NWI73
    Feb 11, 01:42 PM
    I simply want to keep my voice plan the same and choose the new M2M. The M2M feature shows up under our family unlimited messaging thus I was assuming and hoping the voice plan rollover mins would remain unchanged.

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  • chrismacguy
    Apr 15, 11:53 AM
    Oh Fart!!:mad:

    I forgot that I only have 256Mb RAM so I can't load it up. The other Dimm flipped out and panicked.

    So this could be the longest 10.5 instal ever :D

    10.5 should still run, and even run 1-2 apps at a time. (I got 10.5 successfully, if incredibly slowly, running on a 700Mhz eMac G4 with just 128MB RAM, so its definitely possible).

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  • aiz
    Feb 11, 03:00 PM
    anyone know where i can get this wallpaper?


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  • Sweetbike40
    Mar 23, 06:58 PM
    What's up with this pic!.!?!?! Lol

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 6, 10:31 PM
    How much is that?


    Nov 13, 04:26 PM
    Yeah I know Apple's policy on low pricing to sell hardware and I think it's brilliant. I don't know why they drop the software after a while though, discontinuing Shake didn't make any sense.

    I'm going to speculate about what happened. When Jobs brought Pixar to Disney and joined their board of directors, he was thinking that would be a good fit for the Macpro line of computers and software. It probably bothered him that Pixar (and Disney) were not using Apple computers and software to crunch all of those pixels. I'm pretty sure he saw that as an opportunity to get Apple further into that market.

    Then along comes the success of iPhone and consumer level products that began to consume most of Apple resources. It was a fairly fresh market with much potential for massive profits. Shortly after that, Apple Computer changed it's name to just "Apple" and then diverted most of it's attention towards the market that we see today. Apple sold off any professional applications that they deemed to niche or required extensive resources to develop. I'm sure they hung onto FCS simply because there was some profit, and to feed Steve's ego. However, they haven't been that motivated to keep it on the forefront because they didn't have the resources, nor the motivation.

    I'm pretty sure that if you were to ask most of the people on the board of directors at Apple if they should keep the professional line, I'm sure that most of them would say no. The money is not in that sector compared to consumer devices and content delivery. As each day goes by, the Mac professional line of computers and software are becoming more and more a niche product and I think that Apple will eventually discontinue them and become solely a consumer product company. They will make devices for the everyday consumer and sell/rent/commission content to deliver to those devices. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that is only going to get bigger. The professional line is not close to being as profitable and it takes a lot of resources to stay current. My guess is that it will be phased out over the next 5 years. How? By slowing down the updates until the pros migrate to other systems. Eventually, Apple will declare the market dead and stop production. By then, no one will care. But don't worry, you'll have a really cool iPhone and still be able to buy an iMac. :rolleyes:

    Apr 28, 11:49 AM
    I think people are in contracts and don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get out of them. Also people know that a new iphone is rumored to be out in the Summer/Fall so why buy an old model.
    If my old BB storm wasn't a complete turd I would have waited for the iphone 5.

    May 5, 06:09 PM
    Can anyone tell me why the Apple TV is not shown in the buyers guide section? It should be in there!

    Mar 14, 10:31 AM
    As of Monday morning: Menlo Park Mall Apple store = zero. Bridgewater Commons Apple store = zero. Best Buy in East Brunswick = got a new shipment of 32 Gb wi-fi blacks. Plenty left as of 11 AM.

    Dec 25, 08:49 PM
    Relax...if it's a new battery it may take a little while to settle down. Also sometimes they come out higher than the rated capacity, just because of manufacturing tolerances....

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