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  • thogs_cave
    Apr 6, 01:07 PM
    Some sales rep is really, really happy right now. As is EMC, who just acquired Isilon. Promotions all around!

    And, it's not cheap storage either. Even using 2T Enterprise-class drives (I am not aware yet of any 3T drives at that level), it's 7,224 drives (1024T per petabyte).

    I'm assuming it's raw (no RAID, no fileystem) storage. If it's cooked, then it's considerably more drives. Man., that's a lot of racks full of whirring spindles.

    Or, to look at it another way, that's enough storage to give 50G to just under 15 million users. Whee! :D

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  • Sphere777
    Jul 18, 10:54 AM
    Showed up at 8am and the line was already 60 deep. I guess I'm going to have to wait a few weeks...

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  • SciFrog
    Jan 26, 11:48 AM
    And all that hardware for less than a souped up iMac...

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  • TreacherousDog
    Nov 26, 11:41 AM

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  • oakie
    Apr 23, 03:39 PM
    not on the iphone.

    there may be third party apps that do it if your calendar is synced.

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  • hmilas
    Dec 12, 09:39 PM
    Ad plays silently but when moused over the audio blasts out at a loud level, well the volume did happen to be set at 11... highly obtrusive.
    Ad URL is: http://www.dishwasherhk.com/

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  • zap2
    May 4, 09:25 AM
    And how exactly did murdering Bin Laden help us any? All he is now is a trophy for Obama's next campaign.

    Well capturing a person with the will, political power and finical power that Osama had is clearly a threat to us(being the West)

    Murdering was a result of attempting to capture him, he did resist, I don't blame the SEALs for killing him. I would fool around with Osama Bin Laden either.

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  • mikw4
    Nov 16, 06:01 PM
    Is there anything available for the ipod touch that will let me transfer/view/save pictures off my digital camera? Something like what is available for the ipad? Apple Ipad Camera Connector (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC531?mco=MTczNzY0NDg). Or will that work with the touch? Thanks.

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  • tjb1
    Feb 14, 09:17 AM
    Also just FYI, keep in mind the power consumption.

    "The original PS3 model will use about 200 Watts while running Folding@home. A later model PS3 (with a 40 GB hard drive) will use about 115 Watts."

    So, either 1 or 2 big light bulbs if you wanna look at it that way.

    Well im at school so it would be using there power :) Do these tasks kinda lock the PS3 down for a specific amount of time or what?

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  • WillEH
    Mar 19, 10:56 PM
    Don't include me. Your reasoning is as confused as your conclusion. There is absolutely no logic in maintaining that killing is wrong and then appealing to that principle to justify more killing.

    I think someone shouldn't play god, but at the same time I agree that if you take a life, your life should be taken ( I know I'm contradicting myself, but that's just HOW I feel ) But I'd also rather someone rot in prison for 50 years. But then again, it's like a holiday camp in prisons here. Playstations, internet, TV. The UK is a complete and utter joke. We're the laughing stock of the world. We're so scared of human rights, we bend over backwords for any prisoner. I'm SO happy that common sense what introduced for prisoner votes.

    Justify more killing, I could use the same old line, "I bet their victim didn't want to die", all that crap, but I won't. All I'm going to say is that countries need to show that if you kill, you're not going to get away with it lightly.

    When I say "we", I don't speak for everyone, I maybe misworderd it a little..

    Republic of Ukistan, if that were a real place (which I have a feeling it is...) I'm sure they would have capital punishement! :p

    P.s, I tend to stay away from political threads, but I just couldn't help myself! I always end up getting seriously bashed in them! meh.. :(

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  • troop231
    Apr 6, 01:50 PM
    On December 12, 2012, this system is going to become self aware and kill us all. It's true, I read it on the internet.

    You fail, it's 12/21/12 not 12/12/12

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  • ace198
    Sep 11, 01:32 PM
    Does the Apple Store carry any cases for the 4th generation iPod Touch?

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 29, 03:28 PM
    Meanwhile in the world of tablets, RIM is having problems:

    Earlier this week it was a breakout of sudden playbook death syndrome.

    Now the company can't deliver its phones and the CEO is having a hard time with questions about security:

    Poor RIM. I think the end is near.

    Sounds like everything Apple just went through with Antenna-Gate and the White iPhone 4. It happens to everyone.

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  • iProd
    Oct 5, 04:59 PM
    Woo, Shiira :D

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  • braddouglass
    Apr 6, 03:39 PM

    1 petabyte = 1*048*576 gigabytes

    Google it

    So I googled it. and It says. 1 PB is 1000 TB sooooo. Wrong?

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  • arn
    Nov 25, 01:33 AM
    I reactivated it. (previous songs still in it)


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  • gugy
    Nov 20, 12:13 PM
    just bring the dam phone at MWSF alongside with the widescreen iPod.
    so tired of waiting!:rolleyes: :eek: :D

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  • Suge
    Apr 27, 01:39 PM
    Maybe some people will calm down if Steve finally produces his real birth certificate.

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  • smoking monkey
    Apr 7, 11:24 PM
    Circus atari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apr 7, 08:38 AM
    4.3.1 is terrible on the 4th gen iPod touches. Home screen animations lag and more often than not skip totally. battery life is down, apps from the multitasking tray aren't usable upon switching to them for a few seconds - it's just terrible.

    Thankfully, I had been jailbroken so I'm back on 4.2.1.

    Feb 27, 11:25 AM
    Are we allowed to discuss Installous issues on this site?


    Apr 24, 11:25 PM
    I originally wanted the white model, but ended up getting the black model. Once it hits the shelves, I'll look at it in store to see how it looks in person, to see if I'll want a white iPhone 5....works out well!

    Jan 9, 03:11 PM
    This keynote was a huge letdown for me. Sure I think the iPhone looks amazing and it has me considering a switch to Cingular to get one.
    When I saw that the keynote was going to be 2 hours this time, I was super stoked. I just knew it was going to be jam-packed with new products, speed bumps on the computer lines, demos of leopard and iLife, etc. he spent 2 WHOLE HOURS talking about 2 products. I simply can't believe that. I know Steve wants to pimp out the iPhone as much as possible, but come on. Where was the "one more thing", etc? Sure there were really 3 things with the airport basestation being thrown in there without an announcement, but NOTHING that was discussed is available for immediate shipping.

    I've been anticipating this for months since the announcement of quad core processors in hopes of getting an 8 core Mac Pro on order today. I've been saving up and keeping my credit clear just for that purchase and I've been extremely disappointed.

    My only hope now is that since the quad cores are being released this week that they'll do a refresh soon down the line.

    Jul 6, 05:09 PM
    There is already a thread for the o2 hertford store. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=504568

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