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  • Vegasman
    Apr 4, 02:14 PM
    Email address is required to send me shipping notifications, and iTunes receipts. A Physical address and phone number is required to ship me their hardware I buy and verify which country's App Store I can shop in.

    FT needs my address for what, now? I'm not subscribing to the print edition.

    With that line of thinking...

    Apple needs my information for what, now? I bought my Apple hardware at Best Buy. I only use free apps.

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  • toolbox
    Dec 25, 06:53 PM
    I still have much more to do... but have to wait until later today. Love lurking threads like these, and figured I'd post my haul so far... :)


    It is good to see you have the most important game there, Golden Eye!!

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  • Katrina Kaif Wallpapers

  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 7, 03:44 PM
    Uhm, it is already out :) I have had it for over a year.

    is that for jailbroken phones? I couldn't find it in the appstore(TM)

    update: I found it on a site for downloading android apps. Perhaps you have an android phone?

    Anyway looking at that site made me realize that I'm glad I don't have to deal with that. The site I found was amateurish looking and made me think it would be risky to use it in terms of potential viruses. The reviews from downloaders also confirmed what i suspected about apps for multiple platforms. There were many comments about the particular app not working on a particular device (ex - a samsung tablet) but working on another. What a headache it must be to keep those apps functioning with new devices from different manufacturers popping up all the time.

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  • andyx3x
    Apr 8, 07:25 AM

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  • kustardking
    Mar 22, 10:17 PM
    Drop him now, and quit whoring yourself. He will continue to abuse you for pennies because that's how he flies, and you're letting him.

    Check around at what other degreed or professional designers charge.
    You are too low by a factor of a number I might run out of zeroes writing down.

    I am brutally honest because i was there.

    Har har! Yes, I agree here, except for where you say, "you are too low by a factor of..." Have a look at the OP's cover designs, *very* early in visual maturity. I think he's right to be billing where he's at, but you are right that he should drop a mean client. At this level, you can find a lot of people to do work for, and can pick the nice ones.

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  • zachg
    Jun 19, 02:24 PM
    What time are people going to be at the Penn Square Mall in OKC?

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  • Lotso
    Aug 1, 05:39 PM
    "Now don't spill this" lol, I'm going to try that on my grandparents.

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  • channelinspire
    Apr 5, 12:12 PM
    I love that wallpaper! Any clues as to where it's from?

    I love it too. Cracks me up. :)

    I got it from here.

    It was pixelated on the 27" iMac so I just created a new pic with the same BG color in the correct size and then added the picture int he middle. I can upload it if you need it.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Apr 5, 09:39 PM
    A business suit can make a potential assailant believe you are ripe for the picking, just as "being dressed like a prostitute" (whatever that means) could do. The comparison is apropos.

    So why are we so quick to condemn one, yet excuse at any cost the other? Bit of a double standard there.

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  • grady2007
    Apr 7, 09:01 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    I had battery drain with 4.3.1 until I turned off Ping and restarted my phone. Since then, good battery life.

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  • whiteangel
    Nov 13, 08:27 AM
    That's what growl does? I've only ever seen/ heard about it in the Proteus message boards

    All it does is to provide a service for applications to notify users of events.
    Like using an applescript that Growl provides, whenever I get a new email i'll have a bubble pop up informing me which account received a new email, who is it from and the subject title.

    As I said you'll have to try it to love it. And check out their list of applications that use growl. ;)

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  • virus1
    Dec 15, 12:32 AM
    all about that style, and you really control it

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  • mKTank
    Nov 11, 02:23 PM
    I'll stick with Vegas Pro 9.0, thanks. :V

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  • anothernewbie
    Feb 2, 04:03 PM
    My ISP has a website that allows me to access my mail from a browser. Your incoming mail may still be there, if your ISP hasn't deleted it. With mine I can specify how long the mail will stay there before automatic deletion.

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  • betty02
    Nov 29, 05:34 AM
    You got yourself a deal ;) PM Me

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  • cmaier
    Apr 4, 12:17 PM
    Because if you opt out on the iPad app they don't get your information at all.

    They will need this information to offer you a better deal once they come out with the HTML5 version of their app. At that point they will bypass the Apple store and its 30% cut altogether. You will pay less for the content and FT will make more money then they do now.

    It's a win-win for both you and FT. Apple, well, not so much.

    LOL. They "need" the info to offer us a better deal. Priceless.

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  • TomSmithMacEd
    Nov 29, 01:08 PM
    If you are commenting on what you do, then its people like you that make the studios demand limits on legitimate customers like me.

    Imagine buying a car but the manufacturer keeping the wheels when you are not using it. Its stops car theft, but its a pain in the ass for the user.

    Stop pirating! :mad:

    Umm... that isn't pirating... He bought the dvd then ripped it for his own personal use.

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  • MaxBurn
    May 3, 04:32 PM
    My warranty is about to run out and I am considering applecare for the second year.

    If the phone gets replaced under applecare is it used up or do you still get the rest of the time? I think it's the full two years no matter what handset right?

    For about $70 it rather seems worth it with the potential bugs these phones can have.

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  • Macmaniac
    Jan 4, 12:18 PM
    That was the date I joined over 3 years ago now. An interesting point is that my 3 years is marked by the same day that Steve will keynote at MWSF, kinda eerie.
    Whats a little sad is that there are only 15 people with join dates before me that are still active posters.
    Cheers and were all looking forward to 5 years at Macrumors:)

    Doctor Q
    Dec 15, 08:31 PM
    Sorry, as a new member, you do not have enough posts to use our Marketplace, where you can ask to buy/sell/trade/give/get Mac items.

    Please review our FAQ (in the toolbar above) and join in the various discussions in our forums. You'll make friends and get a lot of good information (and interesting opinions).

    If you came to MacRumors only hoping to get a free computer, I'm sorry but we can't help you.

    Apr 20, 02:54 AM
    Found this on deviantART a few days ago and really liked it :)

    Jun 27, 08:31 AM
    Nice, pre-historic Apple software :D - still sealed is always good :D - try putting it on your unibody xD

    Sep 6, 03:16 PM
    Here is mine

    Apr 14, 05:53 PM
    You have no idea, I would put more into a car than I would a relationship.

    /inb4 maybethatswhyyouveneverhadagirlfriend

    Story of my life.

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