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baby patterns black and white

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  • cool designs patterns black

  • ironjaw
    Nov 8, 08:52 AM
    Can anyone quote the UK HE store prices or post a link to it please?

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  • bdkennedy1
    May 4, 09:55 PM
    I don't believe it at all unless Apple completely reinvented it. 3D is a gimmick as it stand today and failed back in the 50's and 80's. It's not natural to watch.

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  • cool designs patterns black

  • Signal-11
    Mar 19, 02:27 PM
    Especially when iPods first hit the scene, price was a big issue for a lot of customers. Apple products have always been on the pricey side. So perhaps the popularity of the larger capacity iPods was impacted by the pricing structure, which impacted Apple's perception of the demand.

    Apple's non Mac consumer electronics are not boutique/luxury goods and haven't been for a long time. They're cheaper than competitor hardware with similar specs. Even Samsung CE, a member of Samsung Group which makes the most expensive components that go into Apple's consumer electronics, can't compete with Apple on price due to Apple's volume and pre-emptive supply chain lockup.

    It's getting kindof absurd seeing that hard drives keep getting bigger and cheaper. Would an iPod Touch really be that much thicker if it had 128 GB? And just how thick would (dare I say it) a 500 GB iPod Touch be? For the way I would use the device, I wouldn't mind a little extra thickness and weight.

    iPod Classics = HDD based storage. iPod Touches = solid state based storage.

    You might not mind the extra thickness and weight of HDD based Touch but you'd definitely mind the slower speed. Flash based 500GB? You would definitely mind the price.

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  • AlphaDogg
    Oct 16, 12:02 AM
    haha...yeah, it is quite a bit of space. Left (21" HP f2105) and top middle (30" HP LP3065) are connected to a desktop PC that I use for work. I work from home and mess with a lot of spreadsheets and querying data so it's helpful having all the space to move stuff around. The vertical screen (24" HP2408h) is connected to my MBP via mini port to HDMI that I use mostly for personal use. The sad thing is I have a 3 or 4 more 21" screens in the closet. If I had the desk space I would hook them all up... :D

    Could I have 6 or 7 of them :D jk.... I only want one :p... but not expecting you to give it to me

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  • cool designs patterns black

  • MXDT
    Nov 6, 10:54 PM

    Apple has dropped the ball here. Now that most laptops ship with the same chips, Apple can't claim the "Mhz Myth" or anything like that. They will have to keep up to speed, no pun intended.


    You want intel chips.... well you're gonna have to keep up with the intel's fever paced processor upgrades Apple!

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  • starlabs
    Oct 31, 12:32 PM
    You've got nothing to lose - as it is, it's pretty much useless - unless you enjoy having your MacBook turn off at the most inopportune times.

    Do this: schedule an appt with your local Apple store Genius Bar for later today or tomorrow. Update your firmware. If it happens to shutdown while updating your firmware, or you brick it somehow, bring it to your appointment and tell them what happened.

    If it works, cancel the appointment.

    BTW, since the update came out my MacBook has been running 100% fine.

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  • even if you have a aby pooh

  • john123
    Mar 14, 06:23 PM
    I think you're staing a very good point, comrade :) The only people who are going to buy a MBP is the ones that cares and who know they're going to buy it despite of the iPad.

    I dont think either that the iPad will loose customers because of a "minor" MBP update. Just look at the pre-order numbers. Haven't they passed over 50,000 now? And that in just days? I mean, it shows the interest for the iPad and people will not ask themself wether go get an iPad or the new Macbook Pro, they know they want that ****INGS iPad.

    So in all, mr. Jobs have no reason to delay the launch of the new MBP. Because he know that the iPad will be a sucsess and it won't matter when the hell the MBP is released... Hmmm...that makes me wonder why he haven't released it before allready :S

    It has nothing to do with who buys what. It's all about marketing. And I assure you Mr. Jobs is considerably better at marketing than you (or anyone else on these boards).

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  • jamigre
    Jun 24, 07:49 PM
    The day that Steve Jobs tells me I have to use iTunes to purchase software for my laptop or desktop, or that I can't install what I want or how I want it on my personal computer I give him the big middle finger and switch to Linux or Windows.

    I already think it's ridiculous that I have to jailbreak my iPhone every 6months or so - but if the day comes that you'll have to jailbreak your comp, thanks but no thanks. I'll give up convenience for freedom.

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  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 11, 09:29 AM
    It matters, because it proves "pirates" are not a big problem for Adobe.

    Whatever you say...

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  • marksman
    Mar 25, 06:52 PM
    Now I'm two updates behind on my iPhone, because I'm still waiting for the 4.3 Jailbreak. Oh well. Nothing too important in this update. I also won't be updating my iPad, because the jailbreak for 4.3 hasn't been released yet either.

    Jailbreaking sounds awesome.

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 02:49 PM

    the color tone is similar to the Apple TV.

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  • technicolor
    Sep 14, 05:56 AM
    New nanos are absolutely gorgeous! While I am not in the market for one, I think they are a great improvement. I am tempted to get a cheap 2 gig one, but eh...I will save my duckets. I wish the shuffles shipped... I would get my bro one for his bday.:(

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  • zap2
    Aug 24, 05:40 PM
    it says my computer is effect(its model number) but it says my Battery is not...my number on my battery starts with 6C5393... any tell me if it is effected?

    Edit- So other people are having this problem too.. damn i was just at the Apple store!

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  • THX1139
    Nov 8, 09:02 AM
    I wouldn't get the black. I had one, and it looked great fresh from the box, but looked old and tired 30 minutes later with grease marks all over it. Stick with the white as the smooth plastic finish doesn't show marks and is easier to clean.

    Or maybe just wash your hands when you're done eating fried chicken?

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  • afurry13
    Mar 29, 10:10 AM
    Maybe they're waiting for HSPA+ to become more widespread. As it stands, only a few major cities have the expanded backhaul

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 3, 08:05 PM
    Fingers crossed for new iPods, credit card ready for MacBook Pro updates, and wish Apple doesn't release that dog ugly iPhone that circulating around the new :rolleyes:

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  • Cameront9
    Aug 24, 08:41 PM
    For all you people calling Apple...Just wait a day or so and the web thing will get sorted out...It sounds as if Apple is just using the website too, so they can't do anything to help you.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 2, 10:20 PM
    MP is really a myth. The single biggest factor for the image quality of a sensor is the sensor size. Assuming image processing and sensor technology are roughly of the same generation, a large 4 megapixel sensor will beat the crap out of a phone camera with 8 megapixel sensor except resolution testing under good lighting. And most people just don't need that much resolution.

    The Nokia N8 was an exception because they went for a huge(relatively speaking) sensor that was as large as the top of the line P&S like the Canon G series cameras. However with the physics involved you have to pay the price through the added thickness. I highly doubt anyone other than Nokia will take a gamble like that.

    Thank you for explaining that. I might have to e-mail you when I decide to buy a camera. I really thought that MP was probably the biggest thing to look for when buying a digital camera.

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  • poppe
    Sep 6, 10:21 AM
    As a MBP Merom dreamer i feel... well like I dont know how I feel....

    If I was optimistic I would say the must have cleared the iMac out for a reason. Perhaps the new MBP will have a few more changes than just C2D to speak about so they updated iMac got it out and will now use the MBP as a big speaking event along with the iTunes Movie store and stuff...


    Another note, this must mean that the ACD's will eventually jump to 24"?


    And one last thing. No MBP Merom and no crying smiley face to show my expression...

    Gasu E.
    Nov 27, 12:54 PM
    OK i'm from Liverpool so maybe slightly biased but ...

    OK, I love the Beatles too, but that is the understatement of the century! :D

    Aug 8, 11:13 AM
    Apple may have released Xcod 2.4. But it's only for those at the WWDC. I checked Apple's ADC website, and they have it listed, but it redirects you to http://connect.apple.com. I did some more digging, and they only have 2.3 on the site. They might upload it after the WWDC.


    PS: I'm at work.



    Aug 9, 10:35 AM
    Time Machine seems more like the Shadow Copies on Server only on a local level rather than a network drive. (example attached)

    I'm assuming they will use a form of Single Instance Storage with TM, so you have one copy of the file and only the deltas from any changes to reduce space requirements.

    I use Shadow Copies on our network all the time, it is very handy. The concept and implementation of Time Machine is not original. Apple simply slapped Eye Candy on it and raved about how it is a revolution.

    Outside of my company's network, which has tons of server space, I don't know if I would want Time Machine to automatically make backups. Guess I am just old school and prefer to manually make backups. That way I am maximizing my personal hardrive space.

    Jan 11, 12:34 PM
    Thunderclap Newman - "Something in the Air"

    could it be what the world has been waiting for? thunderclap newman's entire catalogue of four songs will be available on itunes? :D

    Dr. Scott
    Mar 21, 06:29 PM
    His wife must be where the 1 'negative' came from. iPad - 1, wife - 0

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