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  • takao
    Apr 2, 03:20 PM
    And if the US spent even a fraction of the $600 billion a year it spends on its military on aid then we'd all be better off - free mosquito nets for Africans would be a good start (http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2011/03/libya_v_aid?page=4).

    it would be already a good start if current US foreign aid would be used for aid and not military expenses
    in some cases of that foreign aid those countries are even required to use the money for military equipment from the US ...

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  • balamw
    Sep 6, 08:25 AM
    Anyone else notice that the low end iMac (1.83 Ghz) now has the 950 chipset for a graphics card?
    This should have been clear from the EDU iMac which also sported the 950.


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  • jonnysods
    Apr 11, 07:46 AM
    Those prices are nuts. A point upgrade that will cost you more money?

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  • DaveGee
    Jul 23, 10:16 AM

    Anyone else remember iBrary? A rumor circa 2002 if I remember... Check out the screen shot (luckily I founded still floating around thanks to google).


    Link to 2002 MOSR discussion (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=13443&highlight=ibrary)

    It works by browsing a local book repository, a public Internet library, or a global Internet library (dunno which repository) for books or periodicals. It presently uses a format (.ibook) that is a sort of hybrid between eBooks and Audible.com (it seems that Harry Potter is available in this format). You can listen to the recording of the book as you read, since iBrary syncs the book's text with the recording.

    I am also told that it utilizes dramatically improved text-to-speech, which suggests that may be a built-in feature of an upcoming OS update. This allows books which don't have soundtracks to be read by the computer, in any of 4 (currently) voices: Storytime, Narrator, Novella, and Anchorman. The synthesis quality is outstanding, seemingly able to handle emotion quite well.

    Services are also available which allow you to lookup words in a dictionary or thesaurus, which may have a connection to Sherlock, or be handled within the app. When you click on the curled page corners there is an (OpenGL powered?) animation of the page flipping.


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  • davelanger
    Mar 30, 01:06 PM
    I am in the same boat and don't know what to do....

    I am just going to wait, I know if I get an iphone 4 now then in 4-6 months the iphone 5 comes out I will be kicking myself. Its just like I couldnt wait a few months for the 3gs when I got the iphone 3g. I was kicking myself.

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 5, 03:51 PM
    I really don't see any MB or MBP updates. Again, I could be off, but I don't see those until later this year.

    I'm sure the C2D chips coming out on all sorts of Windows laptops may be putting some pressure on Apple to update their laptop line, but I think it's still too soon.

    It might be too soon for you, but Apple will lose sales if they stick with yonah.

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  • paradillon
    Sep 6, 09:13 AM
    The "Digitally Amplified Speakers" makes me wonder about apples patent on surround sound technology for movie veiwing.

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  • pocketrockets
    Aug 24, 03:02 PM
    Well then I hope they change it and recall more. Because even though my serial # doesnt match, my computer still burns up AND I'm only getting 2.5 hrs on a full charge.

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  • aussiegirlsusan
    Mar 12, 07:43 AM
    No change on Aussie site either....
    I'm super dissapointed... Sniff sniff

    Please Tuesday being good news!

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  • JGowan
    Mar 29, 12:20 AM
    Why would anyone think there would be an iPhone 5 announcement there?Exactly!

    To offer hardware at the same time as WWDC mixes the message to developers and (mostly) to the world at large -- unless, UNLESS it deals with something that developers need to know -- the iPhone 4 was announced during WWDC 2010 for one BIG REASON --> Retina Display.

    This was a big deal. It meant that all iPhone apps' graphics would need to be adjusted in order to take advantage of the additional resolution in order to look great. Apple announced the iPhone 4 so that all the iPhone App developers there and elsewhere would know to get busy on updating their apps and pronto!

    Apple wants the world to focus on the Software — right now, there is big debate raging over Apple software VS Google software and Apple wants to keep the focus on how they're better in the software arena.

    The problem is Steve couldn't control himself last year and confused the newer people by talking about the iPhone.

    If indeed they keep it on topic this year, there will be no talk or time wasted on hardware. We only have one WWDC each year, hopefully this year Jobs will control himself.U R Full of (a) Crap (b) Hot Air (c) It... Take your pick. Steve announced the iPhone because of the Retina Display and to finally put the GIZMODO thing to rest. Why do people like you try to be so Anti-Apple/Steve. This used to be OUR boards. And the goons took over.

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  • skunk
    Mar 29, 08:35 AM
    I don't want to be the one to tell you, but Americans hold no allegiance to NATO or to the United Nations. In addition, no treaties or otherwise passed by these two organizations have any legal effect on our sovereign nation.May I quote your precious Constitution?
    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

    Perhaps you missed that bit.

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Sep 13, 11:44 PM
    I just saw one at the apple store today... The nano's are still too small lol. Here's a toast to the mini, apple's best non-full size iPod ever.

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  • Blorzoga
    Mar 28, 12:18 PM
    Radio Shack sucks. Anyone who tried to get an iPhone 4 from them can attest to this.

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  • Leaping Tortois
    May 5, 08:24 AM
    We all know Apple is the king of imaging technologies, they wouldn't release a product with something like a 3D screen without it being perfect and "magical".

    No they're not! They use other peoples imaging technology. Generally with an exclusivity contract which is very anti competitive.

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  • krazzix
    Jun 25, 04:05 AM
    Not very likely,

    I think it's going to be a new apple TV running iOS4 which can be controlled from your ipad/iphone :)

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  • Derekasaurus
    Aug 8, 02:24 PM
    My bet is on Macbook pro update. with merom processor. maybe even a new form.

    Jobs was referring to third-party software announcements. He would have mentioned something big like an MBP update in the keynote.

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  • gwangung
    Aug 9, 10:44 AM
    Than what did get hacked?
    The wireless card that was plugged into the macbook.

    I know what youre saying, and they have made it clear, this isnt an attack on macs that allowed this hack. any machine is supposedly open to be 'hacked.'

    Yeah, but their presentation was extremely poor. If it was to show that ANY system could be hacked, why choose a set up that is EXTREMELY improbable and unlikely? It weakens their case and encourages folks to dismiss them.

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  • sbb155
    Apr 3, 08:09 PM
    amazing that this story is believed, when it is just marketing

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  • rlreif
    Nov 27, 07:47 PM
    Their greed, or yours?

    ive spent over 10,000 on itunes since it came out... you dont know me dude... im the farthest thing from a cheapskate in the universe.... im tyoing this now from my yacht in Bora Bora it isnt about the money, its about the convenience.... itunes works cause its instant gratification, im not going to fly to some developed country just to buy a cd by a group thats too stuck on themselves to join the rest of the world offering their product in a convenient manor... screw them...

    they had the nerve to sue apple over and over, jobs named apple apple as a tribute... and they were supposed to be about peace and love... and you are defenfending them... they are greedy bastards and they reaped what they sow

    Nov 27, 11:47 AM
    My point is, the ping-pong effect, when it was used, was deliberate. It does sound strange now, but I remember when these albums came out people listened to them on headphones and thought the effect was cool.

    I'm no Beatles historian by any means, but correct me if I'm wrong: weren't the first albums recorded in mono? The stereo versions were later, rather crude simulations of stereo, which is why they never made it to CD.

    You are correct sir. I'd also agree with you that Rubber Soul and Revolver are the two best albums. They should not be interfered with.

    Nov 7, 12:58 PM
    Yes but it does clearly state Core 2 Duo in the product name and the release date of 13th November, they could have just copied the spec of the existing one as they are unsure of the new spec. What is telling is the date, they obviously expect it to happen on the 13th

    :confused: that wasn't the point

    Aug 24, 12:19 PM
    CNET claims info will be here:


    But it's not yet.

    BHere's one Apple page for swapping out batteries:


    Not sure if it's valid for today's announcement or not (there's no date on the page that I saw).

    Mar 8, 07:12 PM
    Here's my contribution for the day. It's a chair in my basement. Nothing too exciting. Sorry for the enormous size. I don't know how to make it smaller other than using a thumbnail. I feel like I'm "that guy."


    I'd recommend resizing the image you're linking to... to something 1024px wide or smaller. If that's not convenient, then in this case I'd just go with the thumbnail which we can click on to see the bigger version. Otherwise many of us have to scroll sideways to see the entire image.

    Mar 12, 10:15 PM
    Some tulips.

    flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davisbrandon/5500387830/)

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