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cell membrane diagram

cell membrane diagram. A circuit diagram of the model
  • A circuit diagram of the model

  • HecubusPro
    Sep 4, 12:59 PM
    Cant wait...I want MBPs though.

    Agreed. If after all this speculation and anticipation that a Core 2 Duo MBP will/should be coming out in the next couple of week, Apple then were to decide to make us macbook pro people wait even longer in the wake of new iMac, iPod, nano, etc. announcements, I would be supremely annoyed. Yet, through all my frustration I would simply have to toss my head back and laugh. Predicting what move Apple will make next is like hunting the ever elusive snipe.

    Still, here's hoping for C2D MBP in the next couple of weeks. :)

    whether it's the 12th, 14th, tomorrow, 17th, whatever, i just can't wait unitl Apple does something

    Again, agreed. Who cares when an announcement happens, as long as it happens soon. So far, no one is right, at least not until it actually happens and someone is proven correct.

    cell membrane diagram. Membrane of a certain cell
  • Membrane of a certain cell

  • muzikool
    Oct 26, 08:23 PM
    I bought my MacBook at an Apple Store on the day it was released, and it has a screw in the very middle as well.

    cell membrane diagram. with the Cell Membrane
  • with the Cell Membrane

  • SuperJudge
    Apr 7, 08:09 PM
    Additionally, for the average person (who cannot read Hebrew and is not familiar with Jewish history and doctrine) it could be difficult to see the trinity in the old testament.

    I'm a bit confused. How exactly does the context of the Old Testament point to a triune god? I've done a lot of academic study of the Tanakh in general, and Second Temple Judaism in particular, and I'm at a loss to where in Jewish orthodoxy the idea of a triune god exists.

    cell membrane diagram. neuron cell membrane at
  • neuron cell membrane at

  • Jason S.
    Apr 17, 07:03 PM
    How the hell does best buy get no iPads and our toys r us down the street gets 5?
    It may not be that they didn't have them, rather they were set aside for being who had already reserved them (the point of reservations).

    cell membrane diagram. model of plasma membrane
  • model of plasma membrane

  • gri
    Mar 22, 11:18 AM
    Your wife said 'no'?

    You know, this is a question that I've been wanting to ask for a long time, and this is not directed only at you, but to all responses similar to yours I've seen on such topics. It's an honest question I have, because it just blows my mind:


    This is honestly something that Id like an answer to. Some of you seem to have a 'child/parent' relationship, instead of husband/wife. If she's the breadwinner of the house, and you mooch of her, fine I'd understand. But if you bring in the $$? Sounds like a disturbing and cold relationship. Why does she get to dominate you and dictate your decisions, void of any debate or discussion?

    If you have shared responsibilities e.g. to send the kids to school (not realy cheap where I am), which takes a consierablen slap out of the salary, certain purchases might not be considered really important/essential for the family's well-being by the significant other (compared to lets sayspending the money for new clothes for the kid or a family trip). I still do it but tell her after the fact with a good justification (if possible). Works most of the time (and I am screwed if it doesn't).

    I take it you are not married or in a serious long term relationship...?

    cell membrane diagram. Cell diagram labeled plant
  • Cell diagram labeled plant

  • Synapple
    Sep 16, 07:37 AM
    With the lack of CD with any of the iPods, does anyone know if you have to download iTunes now prior to connecting your iPod or, as one person I know suggested, you connect up the iPod and it installs from there and prompts you to do a restore after?

    Just want to know for those who will be looking to buy this weekend, but do not have access to the internet yet and/or have slow dial-up.

    I can't directly answer your question 'cause I had already installed iTunes 7 when I plugged in my new silver nano.
    Nontheless, the weird thing is that when I first connected it I was prompted to get a software update for it: a 20+MB update that made my dial-up choke.
    It seems strange that the newest product doesn't feature the latest software on it... and the only supported software AFAIK.

    OTOH, the update for my 5G was a small 6MB one.

    cell membrane diagram. File:Cell membrane detailed
  • File:Cell membrane detailed

  • Steveorevo
    Apr 17, 12:02 PM
    First in line with 10 others. 20 minutes before open an employee here in San Diego stepped out and says

    "Are any of you in line for the iPad? Because I thought I just wanted to let you know in case you are waiting...", we are ALL WAITING FOR THE iPad.

    He continues, "We don't have any physically in stock, but we can take $100 dollars and put you on our usual waiting list.", we all start to walk away.

    He goes on, "No Best Buy in San Diego has any in physical stock..., those ads were created before the Japanese earthquake and things kinda got all messed up."

    REALLY? You think they could have canceled the ad a month ago.


    cell membrane diagram. The membrane in cross-section
  • The membrane in cross-section

  • NT1440
    Mar 15, 01:41 PM
    Has fivepoint even commented once on his own thread? :confused:

    cell membrane diagram. cell membrane,
  • cell membrane,

  • playaj82
    Aug 8, 11:48 AM
    I understand your point. I do, however, feel that Apple has more of the platform's long-term best interests at heart, versus the developers delay of a UI for 5 months.

    If we're to assume the "Top Secret to prevent photocopying" theory, then these next 5 months are more crucial to Apple's development than the platform developers. Come January, Apple might spill all the details of the (currently speculative) Finder, and developers have from then until release date to incorporate it. Sure, it's a delay of 5 months, but think big-picture. If Apple's secretiveness prevents Vista from incorporating Leopard UI traits, it's worth the wait to make Leopard appear further ahead.*

    *We all know this is a rumor site, but the above is purely speculation on my part.

    I guess I'm just not seeing the point in keeping stuff secret.

    I understand that Apple uses the photocopy thing as a joke, but in all reality, it isn't like Microsoft is stealing lines of code. The features that Apple has included are not necessarily original. They are just original as being "incorporated" in the OS.

    Big picture, they should have spilled it all. The reaction to Leopard has already been rather blah. And so what if Microsoft steals one or two "top secret" features.

    Time Machine - nothing new conceptually, just graphically improved
    Spaces - A blatant rip of "Virtue" for OS X
    Mail Improvements - I already have plugins that do most of that
    iChat - About 1000 people have already pointed out a been there, done that for iChat

    All of Apple's supposed "new" features are not as new as they seem.
    I like what they are doing with the stuff, but right now they need to save their *** and give away some "secret" features before people stop caring.

    cell membrane diagram. CELL MEMBRANE LABELED DIAGRAM

  • Kris400
    May 5, 08:50 AM
    Utter rubbish.

    The next iPad will NOT have a 3D display.

    �You really think they'll bring out a retina 3D screen? Because I think retina would be slightly more of a priority.

    No idea why this has even been posted...

    cell membrane diagram. the cell membrane - model
  • the cell membrane - model

  • MacNut
    Sep 12, 04:49 PM
    Oh wow the iPod sync feature is great, I've wanted to be able to not have it load everything. This is maybe the best feature ever for iTunes.

    cell membrane diagram. the actual cell-membrane.
  • the actual cell-membrane.

  • alec
    Nov 7, 09:37 AM
    When, oh when, will the internet stop being held down by one companies awful video format?

    cell membrane diagram. plasma membrane, cell wall
  • plasma membrane, cell wall

  • mdntcallr
    Nov 8, 08:53 AM
    Yippee! If only they had an improved video card.

    sadly Apple has been very depressing when it comes to offering better graphics chips. Apple even is poor at doing incremental updates.

    no change in either laptops. sucks.

    cell membrane diagram. cell Membrane Diagram
  • cell Membrane Diagram

  • skip2
    Mar 18, 05:39 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Apple could probably produce a 500gb classic without much of a price difference. Anybody tried upgrading one or putting an HD in a touch?

    I doubt it if 220GB HDD is the biggest this small HDD available currently�

    cell membrane diagram. Cell-mediated (immunity):
  • Cell-mediated (immunity):

  • jholzner
    Sep 6, 10:24 AM
    What about the laptops???? MBP's haven't been updated once and iMacs have been getting all the love. Count it!

    Well, the iMacs haven't been updated once since they were released. This is the first update. The MBPs have been given speed bumps so I don't know what you are talking about. I'm sure the MBPs will be give C2D soon.

    cell membrane diagram. of the plasma membrane.
  • of the plasma membrane.

  • iVeBeenDrinkin'
    Mar 19, 05:51 AM
    Yes, I like to have it all with me.

    I listen to music for 9 hours a day when I'm at work and used to get frustrated with my old 60GB iPod photo because I only had half of my collection with me. I've had my 160GB classic since 2007 and I'm now down to my last 5GB of free space.

    A new 220GB classic in September would be perfect timing. :D

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the music/iPod thing, as I listen to my iPhone for 8+ hrs a day and find 5200 songs overkill. I will agree with you on this; if I had all the money I'd spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink.


    cell membrane diagram. Cell Membrane Diagram
  • Cell Membrane Diagram

  • phytonix
    Sep 12, 02:02 PM
    the education store sell these ipods for the same price as normal store
    what does this mean? is it the end of discount? apple want more money? what?


    and the education store free ipod promo is still the old ones.
    I guess probably we will see edu price for new nano after this promo ends.

    cell membrane diagram. Enclosed by that membrane is
  • Enclosed by that membrane is

  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 14, 12:18 PM
    Well... my girlfriend is ready to kill me, quite literally... when I ordered her nano, I also ordered a second skin for my MacBook... and the second skin has delayed the estimated shipping time - from 3 days up to 1-2 weeks.

    I'm so dead... :o

    People posting images of their new nanos doesn't help...

    cell membrane diagram. inside the cell membrane,
  • inside the cell membrane,

  • rtheb
    Apr 30, 01:08 PM
    Nice! :D :apple:

    Oct 12, 04:42 PM
    Just an ordinary Mac Setup:


    Sep 22, 04:13 PM
    It seems that since Wal-Mart tends to service the very lowest income class in our culture and many of these folks tend to not have computers, and to the extent they do, tend to not have broadband either, it seems there is a degree of mutual exclusivity of markets.

    Wow. That's an elitist statement. I think you need to travel around the country and see who really shops at Wal-Mart -- basically every socio-economic group. From poorest to the wealthiest. Even people with broadband!

    I would be considered upper-middle class and my family shops there all the time. And we have friends that would be considered wealthy, perhaps even super-wealthy, and they shop there, too.

    Mar 29, 11:58 AM
    I got my black 16gb wifi iPad today at the radio shack in jersey city. I got there at 9 and no one was there. They opened at 10 and I got 1 of the 4 they had in stock. I did not have to buy the AppleCare but they made me buy an accessory. I didn't mind since I wanted a smart cover.

    Nov 8, 09:31 AM
    i don't understand why some people would long for 12 inch ones when macbook is 13 inches. don't tell me 1 inch will make that big of a difference.

    actually it makes a huge difference as the macbook screen is wide aspect, as opposed to the 12in powerbook, which has a squarer screen. the footprints of each are very different, with the MB being almost as large as a MBP's footprint!

    Apr 18, 02:06 PM
    I'm still under NDA, so I can't tell you as much as I would like about what was NOT talked about at the SuperMeet, but I will quote one Apple rep that I spoke with after the event: "This is only the first look, wait until we can share the full announcement."

    I heard what the execs were saying after the event. There is much more to come. And I can't wait!

    P.S. Don't let the negative rumors get you too worried, yet. Those that know, can't say. Those that don't know, are just guessing and enjoy making you nervous. We will all know more soon.

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