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  • bigmc6000
    Aug 4, 08:09 AM
    if that banner has everything that apple currently ships/makes - where the heck is the full body iPod??? I looked all over those pictures and only saw the nano. I understand not putting the shuffle up there but the not the iPod - are you serious?? I'm sure this will lend to speculation about nano's getting bigger HD's since there's no regular iPod in sight - haha.

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  • enda1
    Aug 8, 01:29 PM
    Does anyone else find it strange/ridiculous that AirPort Express and Bluetooth come standard on every system except the high end Mac Pro?

    I do. But I'm sure someone will tell us that we are idiots for thinking so and why it is sooo obvious why they don't include them. My guess is they will use loads of acronyms ;)

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  • 0815
    Mar 29, 06:37 AM
    I would rather Apple do iPhone5 right then be pressured to release it at the typical release cycle.

    ++ 100% agree.

    No need to rush things out to fullfil some artificial release date because people 'expect' it to be released. Get it it right and release it when its ready. No need to rush out half baked stuff - that will only fire back.

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  • iphonedev11
    Feb 15, 03:07 PM
    I can't imagine that apple is too concerned with this. If a developer has problems, they can take their business elsewhere as far as Apple is concerned. They have definitely always been our way or the high way, which can be good and bad.

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  • tony hatbasket
    Mar 25, 03:23 PM
    Then how do you turn it off? If it's a feature I should have the option to change it back to how it was. It's pretty annoying and I'm surprised no one else is complaining about it. I understand how some people might like it, but you would think there would be the option to decide which one you want. Similar to changing the rotation lock on the iPad to mute, some liked it and some didn't

    This is almost the exact post I wrote yesterday on the last 4.3 update thread. It is driving ne nuts. And I'm sure I was able to distinguish between texts and emails before. I'm filing it under bug too.

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  • Vantage Point
    Mar 11, 03:59 PM
    Remember, it's still just a rumor.

    I will be amazed if it is tomorrow and relieved if it is Tuesday 16th.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

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  • Ja Di ksw
    Sep 12, 02:03 PM
    Did Apple buy out whatever company made Cover Flow? If not, that's fairly shady of them. They didn't even bother to change the name.

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  • chiamon
    Aug 8, 10:33 PM
    Anyone knows if the mac pro allows us to upgrade to PCI graphics cards bought from retail stores? Will there be any driver issues? Do graphics card vendors include Mac drivers on their installation disc? Never seen one that does though..
    Thx for answering.

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  • mjstew33
    Sep 4, 09:14 AM
    And when was the last time ThinkSecret got a rumor right???

    since the got sued they're rumors have been crap. :(

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 14, 11:10 AM
    Sad part is, as adoption increases...so will viruses/malware/trojans/etc.

    Best analogy Ive heard is:

    Windows 7 is a house with bars on the windows, and industrial locks on the doors...in Baltimore.

    OSX is a house with no locks, in the middle of nowhere.

    Viruses and malware target the more gullible of society. These people buy the cheap $300 or under computers. In a way the proliferation of viruses provides an excuse for poor computer performance that distracts from the poor performance of such low quality machines.

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  • Chundles
    Apr 11, 01:06 AM
    Are you being sarcastic ?

    Am I ever NOT? :D

    Cheeky buggers those Adobe guys.

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  • monsterinawc
    Aug 3, 10:23 PM
    WWDC is gonna be great

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  • Unspeaked
    Nov 29, 09:17 AM
    Paul McCartney is quite a jerk. I wouldn't want to see Steve Jobs insult himself by appearing with him.

    Apple Corps breed, inspire creativity? Geewhiz, I don't know whether that's the case... enough LSD and that helps :mad:

    Honestly I like some Beatles songs but this is the most overrated band in the history of mankind. Even Cat Stevens and Steely Dan turned out much better.

    Well, it appears someone's certainly looking for some venomous exchanges on the MacRumors forums...

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  • jettredmont
    Oct 15, 03:49 PM
    We heard something really similar to that when every other company released video-playing mp3 players before Apple did, and Jobs said he didn't see anybody wanting to have portable video. Well, Apple bit its tongue and released it, calling it "innovation".

    I'm a big iPod fan (i've purchased 3) but wireless capabilities is the way of the future. I don't see ourselves in 10 years still being limited by wired headphones and such. Maybe it'll be easier than the Zune (haven't seen the demo) but the idea of beaming a song for somebody else to download/hear is pretty cool to me.

    I agree. But, I don't think the "social networking" aspect will fly, when combined with a restrictive DRM scheme. I too like the idea of being able to sample a friend's musical library, but there is too much fine print with the Zune implementation. As for the specific "it will get you dates" selling point, as Steve said, that's pure crap.

    IMHO, Steve is really good at deconstructing the bad approaches to cool technology others promote. As with video, prior to the iPod with video (and even after) I saw several ads showing people out on a busy city street watching videos on their no-name video player. It was, and continues to be, a stupid idea for a way to use a portable video device, yet since that's what's being marketed it gives Steve a nice target for mockery.

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  • FreeState
    Mar 25, 07:53 PM
    The YouTube app is not letting me play a lot of content "the owner of this video does not allow playback on the iPad."

    Lady GaGa's Born This Way (Country Road Version) played before I updated and now won't play in the app - it will play in Safari on YouTubes website...

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  • kdarling
    Nov 3, 07:32 AM
    Don't blame Adobe for speed

    Adobe didn't write Flash. Macromedia did. Adobe bought Macromedia a few years ago (mostly because they thought Microsoft was going to) and has had to rework their products.

    Adobe is redoing Flash for mobile

    Which is a good thing. Adobe is working with ARM cpu and gpu makers to create this new Flash 10 for mobile devices.

    The real Internet uses Flash

    Don't get us started again on the webpages (NY Times, National Geographic) that Apple has retouched the Flash out of, before public demos, to hide the fact that Safari can't show them completely.

    HTML5 won't stop popup ads

    If the W3C hadn't screwed around for so many years, HTML5 could've been more adopted by now. Heck, is there even a video playback codec standard yet?

    In any case, ad companies will always figure out something, whether it's Flash, DHTML, or whatever.

    Don't like it? Most likely will have a switch

    Who doesn't think that Flash would be an option that the user can turn off?

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  • mogzieee
    Mar 21, 04:08 PM
    They'll keep it going till 23rd October I reckon. Anniversary event I'm guessing + one of those cheesy white promo videos about the "first 10 years".

    Well, we'll see.

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  • coryndiego
    Mar 14, 05:50 PM
    The bookstore at the University Campus I work on just received shipment of 300 MBP 13' 2.23 and are dropping the price $100.00 to $999.00 on top of the academic discount March 17th. I'm not sure if this is a precursor of a New MBP on the 16th, 26th or soon after but my fingers are crossed.

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  • ipodtoucher
    Mar 8, 08:36 AM
    Here's number 3 of the series, it's an on-going series that I hope to continue for a while.


    Nov 7, 06:05 PM
    Yes but it does clearly state Core 2 Duo in the product name and the release date of 13th November, they could have just copied the spec of the existing one as they are unsure of the new spec. What is telling is the date, they obviously expect it to happen on the 13th

    As i pointed out on digg, they do appear to have cmd-c, cmd-v'd the specs and then added a speculative date to a slightly changed title. However, also note that their new MacBook Pros, (that have already been shipping remember), are also stating a 13/11/2006 shipping date as a pre-order.

    This is far from confirmed and we may even see them appear this week rather than next.

    Sep 14, 10:17 AM
    I just went to Scotsys and John Lewis in Edinburgh to eye up the new nanos, and neither of them had them. <disappointed> :(

    Aug 7, 11:41 PM
    I know we've overdosed on speculation recently, but the MacRumors live transcript from the keynote today contained the following line (from Steve I believe):

    10:24 am lots more announcements during the next week

    best to just wait and see...... They may not be public announcements but announcements made to developers at the conference under NDA.

    Mar 3, 11:16 PM
    San Francisco Chinatown.

    http://blog.darinrogers.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/MG_9268.jpg (http://blog.darinrogers.net/2010/11/streets-of-san-francisco/)

    Sep 12, 02:44 PM
    Why can't I use the alternate views when I'm just playing the music off of my iPod? I never ever use the library because my iPod is always plugged in (and usually I just drag stuff from Finder into my iPod, cutting out the middleman of the Library). What a disappointment!
    It's still there. Just click the little triangle next to the connected iPod and you can see all of your songs, videos and everything (which is now broken up into categories.

    Mark album and get info... ;)
    re: gapless settings

    Thanks! I'm still going through all of the screens and options... a lot of cool new changes.

    I just found NIN "THE FRAGILE" album and tried that out and it's gapless, but if I select the album and look at the gapless setting, it's set to NO. But when it plays back, it works like it should.

    I'll have to play with the options on some of these albums to see how the setting affects the songs.

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