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dubai city tower

dubai city tower. Dubai City Tower - 2400 meters
  • Dubai City Tower - 2400 meters

  • rob2809
    Mar 12, 04:22 AM
    I am done! I have been waiting for ever.. Cannot wait any longer! I really need this new machine! It's essential in my job. This ************ is going to go on forever! I'm gonna... wait a little longer I guess.. :D

    Lol :) Big �!! ...unfortunately

    dubai city tower. City Tower Hotel Apartments-
  • City Tower Hotel Apartments-

  • WildPalms
    Sep 4, 06:43 AM
    I want a 21" iPod! :D

    The all new surfPod! ...and we'll have fun, fun fun, since daddy took the iTunes awayyyyyy...

    dubai city tower. こんなドバイ(Dubai)に一度は
  • こんなドバイ(Dubai)に一度は

  • asphalt-proof
    Nov 8, 09:38 AM
    Is there something else dropping today? I just went to the Apple store and it was down again. What could it be???:p

    dubai city tower. Dubai City
  • Dubai City

  • bassfingers
    Apr 2, 08:50 PM
    Opinions are good things huh....

    The nokia n8 may be a fugly symbian^3 abomination, but the sensor combined with the carl zeiss optics produces some really nice photos, even in low light.

    You can also use the hdmi out for flipping throuhg photos, and not just the fakin stupid slideshow like the hdmi adapter on the iphone4

    Yeah, why get the iphone when there are things out there that take better pictures... Like, cameras. Yep, not ever getting an iphone because digital cameras take better pictures

    dubai city tower. City Tower Hotel Apartment Bur
  • City Tower Hotel Apartment Bur

  • iGrip
    Jul 10, 11:47 AM
    That's great. Apple would become the dumbed-down childrens computer company.

    In other fora, people say that is a good thing. They go on and on about their stupid neighbor who hates computers and "cannot" use a computer, but who nevertheless loves iOS.

    And Apple never made much profit until iOS hit the scene.

    Dunno. But if Apple went in that direction, I would be unsurprised. There are a whole lot of naive users with extra bucks to spend on simple stuff.

    dubai city tower. The Rose Tower Dubai: World#39;s
  • The Rose Tower Dubai: World#39;s

  • greg70
    Mar 12, 05:34 AM
    I'm holding my breath.

    RIP Scottness (Respirate In Peace)

    dubai city tower. なんと高さ約2.5kmの高層ビルの
  • なんと高さ約2.5kmの高層ビルの

  • chrono1081
    Apr 2, 05:12 AM
    Apple always does that, yet people still buy the next ver of their hardware. If people stopped buying into their games of incremental fragmented releases, Apple would quit doing it.

    Please show me a company that doesn't do that. You know that there is a lot more technology out there then what is on the market right?

    dubai city tower. Location of City Tower Hotel
  • Location of City Tower Hotel

  • scott523
    Nov 8, 09:06 AM
    Store still down? Annoying or what?Yes very annoying! I'm trying to figure out the specs/prices for these. Btw, does anybody think the Apple would allow me to swap the MBs at Admore rather than going back to Christiana Mall in Delaware?

    dubai city tower. Dubai City Tower is
  • Dubai City Tower is

  • Schtumple
    Mar 1, 05:07 AM
    Red Stop Button

    dubai city tower. Der Dubai City Tower soll
  • Der Dubai City Tower soll

  • amac4me
    Aug 24, 02:31 PM
    How to determine the model number:



    dubai city tower. Dubai City Tower 完成未定
  • Dubai City Tower 完成未定

  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 01:17 PM
    Mine shows 650.2MB...hmmmm interesting

    different files for every piece of hardware, fragmentation

    dubai city tower. VERTICAL TOWER

  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 27, 08:10 PM
    Good: Notebook is only 30� C
    Bad: Fan blasting @ 6KRPM (really unnecessary, can't even use this in class without disturbing the rest of the people in there)

    HOw do you know your fan speed? I wanna see those too...

    dubai city tower. Pictures of Infinity Tower
  • Pictures of Infinity Tower

  • Le Big Mac
    Sep 6, 08:19 AM
    And $999? Holy...

    Wow! That's great value. Although it looks like the edu-iMac (no bluetooth or superdrive or remote). But at least it's available for those without more money to spend.

    As for the spread between 24" and MacPro . . . good that they're reducing the gap. Give people more options!

    dubai city tower. More Dubai City
  • More Dubai City

  • AustinZ
    Apr 12, 03:43 PM
    Except China is like a plague of locusts consuming raw materials. All of the coal, petroleum, steel, concrete, etc. they are importing is coming from somewhere else, and procuring these things has negative environmental impact for where they�re sourced.

    Because before China, no other country in the world with factories EVER sourced raw materials from other countries.

    If countries in Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere weren't mining, growing, and extracting materials for factories in China, they'd be sourcing materials for factories in India, America, Europe, South Asia, Japan, Korea, or elsewhere. Unfortunately these countries tend to have weak or corrupt governments that don't care about environmental degradation or can't do anything meaningful about it.

    Maybe countries with factories that source raw materials from other countries have a responsibility to help those other countries develop mechanisms to protect their environment. But I've yet to see this happen on a meaningful scale anywhere.

    dubai city tower. City Tower Hotel Apartments
  • City Tower Hotel Apartments

  • arkmannj
    Mar 11, 10:04 PM
    The rumor was false, because Apple will be announcing the product that is replacing the MacBook Pro, the iPad-Pro ;-)

    dubai city tower. city towers (dubai)
  • city towers (dubai)

  • laserbeam273
    May 5, 01:27 AM
    Regardless of the current state of 3D display technology (i.e. terrible), the future will most likely be in 3D. Maybe Apple will be the first to get 3D right, like how they were the first to get the mp3 player, smartphone, and tablet right! You've got to admit, they've proven the general populace on these forums wrong many times.

    Obviously, "getting it right" would mean the following:
    1. No stupid accessories (glasses, lights on your head etc.)
    2. Minimal headache complaints
    3. Same, if not better, resolution as the current iPad.. but in 3D
    4. Actually adds a whole lot to the user experience
    5. POSSIBLY, allowing multiple people to see "3D" from different angles

    If they do "get it right", maybe we'll see Apple making 3D TVs. Who knows. They have gone from a computer company to a personal electronics company over the last decade.

    dubai city tower. Emirates office towers are
  • Emirates office towers are

  • eawmp1
    Mar 21, 05:23 PM
    :eek: Wow. I must find myself a wife, so that she can say no.

    Take my wife...please. She's good at saying "no".

    dubai city tower. at the Dubai Sports City.
  • at the Dubai Sports City.

  • Thunderhawks
    Nov 24, 09:30 AM
    The Beatles did the meat thing in 1966. ;)


    Haha, Great find:-)

    dubai city tower. f dubai city tower, dubai,
  • f dubai city tower, dubai,

  • Parkin Pig
    Mar 15, 07:17 AM
    My lovely girlfriend. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated!

    Great background, which makes her stand out very well with her dark hair, and the shadow on her left arm. Not quite enough contrast between her right shoulder and the background (maybe dark sleeves would help?). I would have either brought the window in more to make its inclusion appear more deliberate, or excluded it altogether.
    She looks to be slightly uncomfortable looking into the sun, but aren't we all?
    My only other comment is that you're a lucky man!

    Mar 28, 05:14 PM
    radio shack lol, do people still shop there?

    for consumer devices like phones... yep.

    It's no BBY, but comparitively it's doing pretty well most recently (RSH has a higher P/E and higher EV/R than BBY).

    But they are no Apple store;-)

    Aug 24, 01:25 PM
    Mine IS affected but the site is down! So annoying!

    Kinda happy though, my battery isn't going that strong anymore.. coconutbattery reports 85%

    Aug 29, 12:32 PM
    As I've heard from those who've actually used Vista, Aero is the only reason to install it (thus far at least). Home Basic does not include Aero.

    Assuming my Windows-using companions are correct, Home Basic thusly has nothing to offer. Hence, it is crap.



    But doesn't home basic include Direct X 10? which is the only reason I can see that I would want to buy a copy of Windows. To be perfectly honest Aero Glass looks like a POS, I would rather run the windows classic theme, it's much more attractive.

    Wow, all of these vista versions, which one do I pick? I think I'm going to end up going with the Windows Really Good Edition™ (http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/winrg.php).

    LOL that one's hilarious!

    Mar 28, 04:14 PM
    Personally, why would anyone care WHERE it's sold as long as it's available. I'm glad it's available at these 500 locations -- the more, the merrier. If Apple's not there, the competition will be. Anyone saying this is "a low move" is ignorant.

    Apr 13, 04:05 PM
    Would this run on a maxed 13" air ok?

    Given that FCPX is OpenCL and Grand Central Dispatch ready, it is able to scale to any hardware harnessing all power. A dual-core 2.13ghz with 32 cuda cores on GPU, it should run. What's better is that it already has SSD so you can access your media without having it skip due to drive access latency. So yes.

    You are only limited by how long it would take to render in the background, but then again thats out of your way and you can still work on your timeline.

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