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dubai hotel atlantis. Atlantis Dubai. - the hotel
  • Atlantis Dubai. - the hotel

  • retrospek
    Oct 26, 06:23 PM
    I've just installed this update and my Macbook volume seems much louder than before..

    Unless I'm imagining it :D Anyone else noticed ?

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  • dmarcoot
    Apr 17, 12:33 PM
    Why is this on the front page? It's like saying that WalMart is now selling a junk tablet. Except this article says that Toys R Us and Best Buy is now selling iPads. This isn't front page news.

    Sure it is. Best Buy is one of the largest retailers for electronics in US. That Apple can get product into this channel should out to rest some of the supply constraint issues for Apple, and that IS front page worthy news about the short term future of Apple, especially if you own stock in them.

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  • MattInOz
    Mar 31, 06:28 AM

    oops... your right I'd missed the ITU's back flip.
    So I guess 4G means whatever, or nothing....

    I guess the real 4G will be 6 or 7G but the time the marketing departments get their way.

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  • bbotte
    Nov 12, 02:26 PM
    It has always been dumb only 1 person at Facebook works on the iPhone app.

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  • SuperBrown
    May 5, 02:59 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8E200)

    NOOOOOOOO! God, please kill this 3D fad already.

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  • crudsponge
    Aug 3, 03:45 PM
    correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't this WWDC really going to Promot 'Leopard'. Which would invlove promoting the new features of Leopard?
    What's the point of promoting features of Tiger.

    I do think it's real. Like everyone though, I looked to identify all the icons, to see if I caught something new. Boot Camp is basically one of the biggest features that we know will be in Leopard, and basied solely off This poster... nothing mentioned about Boot Camp. I just found that interesting.

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  • skellener
    Sep 12, 02:15 PM
    Another thing that will NEVER happen is an Apple DVR. iTV is for use with iTunes downloadable content. Apple will never release a recording device. It's not their model. They would rather you ditch your satellite and cable and go with getting your shows from iTunes - hence the iTV.

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  • Analog Kid
    Aug 3, 02:16 AM
    It's a usb wireless card, I presume. He holds it up, flicks out the (usb) connector and plugs it into the left side of the Macbook. While he sticks in the card he says: "...we're using 3rd party hardware..."

    I hope you're not referring to me when you say "people are so quick to call this an unfair attack on Apple". :confused:
    Not referring to you at all, Gekko. You're adding the kind of informed discussion I look forward to here. And thanks for helping the "blind" and cluing me in on what was going on.

    I'm finally out from behind the firewall and watched the video, which I have to say is very well done.

    The title of the demo is "Device Drivers: Don't build a house on shaky ground." They are drawing attention to a serious problem and most people here are missing the point because all the blood rushed to their heads when they saw the Mac logo.

    They clearly say this is not Apple's problem, it's because of buggy code in a 3rd party driver. They're using the Mac for a reason here-- they are specifically making the point that it doesn't matter how much trust you put into your OS vendor, you can get hosed by any poorly made USB thingy that you stick in the side.

    Take that home with you-- Apple may have a more secure OS but all of that can go out the window with a bad peripheral. This could just as easily have been a video camera that had a malicious file loaded onto it and a bad driver. Or, it could have been a printer with a bad print driver and a bad Bluetooth implementation that let an attacker pass through the printer into your machine.

    They didn't run this demo live because they didn't want anyone in the audience to sniff the traffic and release it into the wild. Very responsible to the verge of being paranoid.

    If there is a problem here it with the Washington Post who didn't clearly explain the problem. Maybe they didn't understand it themselves...

    Drivers are an achilles heel of any OS. They give direct access to the kernel and bypass any security the OS can try to provide. They almost have to do that if you're going to allow 3rd party hardware to work with the machine. It was also a poorly written driver that allowed the DVD encryption to be cracked-- the vendor left the keychain available in plaintext.

    This is a very difficult problem to solve. MS has talked about only allowing "signed drivers" to be run-- meaning that MS has to approve anything before it's loaded and that caused a developer outcry because it made MS the gatekeeper of all new hardware.

    One way to minimize the exposure is to rely on a small number of standard interfaces. Less interfaces mean less points of entry that need to be tested. Apple does this very well-- almost out of necessity. Ever notice how every new piece of hardware comes with a disc you need to install under Windows but just seems to work with your Mac? It's because Apple connects through a standard interface (say, Mass Storage, or Digital Camera) and the vendor tries to get fancy for Windows and roll their own. They do it for windows because they think it's worth the effort to "differentiate" themselves in that crowded market while Mac users can see that those bells or whistles aren't necessary.

    The point of the video is to show that the bells and whistles can also be dangerous.

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  • azentropy
    Apr 14, 11:26 AM
    The security-through-obscurity myth of OS X has long been debunked. Do you know what the most used computer OS in the world is? Linux. And there are very, very few viruses for linux.

    The rampant virus ecosystem is a flaw in Windows, not an inherent fact of all operating systems.

    Macs have a decent market share and a very large mindshare, but yet are still virus free (though there have been a couple trojans that fizzled out).


    From reading these and other forums for years we know how many Mac/Apple haters there are out there. Don't you think if they could create viruses etc. for Macs to make them look bad they would!!!???

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  • Treq
    Nov 2, 08:33 PM
    It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of the technology personally. It's FACTUALLY an integrated part of the web these days. It needs support on iPhone. Period.

    Damn right it does! I wish Adobe would get off their butts and make one for the iPhone that Apple could approve. Until then, we're all out of luck.

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  • CBJammin103
    Jan 11, 04:57 PM
    Hey everyone, I'd just thought you'd like to know that I'm loaded too. I have 901 shares of Apple....and I would have lost close to $18000 last week when the stock dropped, but fortunately it's only 5% of my portfolio. That and some prescient shorting mitigated my downside risk. So yeah, how about that new MacPro?

    LOL. Ouch. Play nice, children.

    At any rate, this would ideally be the introduction of some sort of "always-on" wireless spectrum that Apple products (and ONLY Apple products) could use. A Macbook or iTablet that was always online would be revolutionary. However, it would be about the same (concept-wise, not in terms of actual speed) as being able to tether our iPhones to our Macbooks or MBP's via Bluetooth.

    I'm a bit skeptical with that, though.

    Realistically, I'm thinking improved iTunes Wireless store (more content, more devices included?) with a much improved Apple TV, either on the software/firmware or hardware level.

    Probably also other things with something to do with the theme. Thinner MBP or Macbook, etc. We'll see. :p

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  • hobo.hopkins
    Mar 28, 12:49 PM
    Because getting your iToy within eye sight of a 300 Lb round-belly hillbilly or 400 Lb woman in pink stretch pants and camel toe does not make for the best experience.

    I just thought I would let you know that you could still purchase an iPad at any of the other stores; just because RadioShack sells it as well does not mean that you have to purchase from them. Would you rather they didn't sell it at RadioShack or Walmart at all? Why wouldn't you want people who don't live near any of the other stores to have a nearby store from which to purchase Apple products?

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  • OnceUGoMac
    Aug 24, 01:17 PM
    Looks like I get to send mine back. I'm actually not upset, I get a brand new battery! Hoorah!:D

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  • Balli
    Sep 12, 03:36 PM
    Can the new Nanos play videos?

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  • mostman
    Sep 12, 05:10 PM
    Ok - check this out.

    In list view - click on the column header for Album.


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  • scott523
    Nov 6, 10:45 PM
    Yes!! New MacBooks! Best Buy inventory also gave me a hint of this week or next. *prepares to return my 3 day old MB* :D

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  • starlabs
    Oct 27, 03:57 PM
    Let's put this to sleep (no pun intended)... my MacBook has a screw in the middle since day one and has never been in service. It's a week 26 MacBook.

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  • Piggie
    Apr 12, 12:12 PM
    I have been told a number of times that in reality wages do not make any significant different to actual product cost.

    It's simple to understand really.

    If you have 1 guy who is standing, running a high tech machine that's turning out say 100 items per hour and those items are worth $20 each.

    So that's $2000 per hour this unit (man and machine) are creating.

    If you pay the guy $1 for this hour, or $20 for this hour. Yes, one it being paid 20 times as much as the other. But in reality, this cost it very little when put against the value of the items that are being created during this time period.

    Of course, in the board room, it will look like a lot more is being spent on your wages bill, but we are probably only looking at a few dollars added to any expensive finished item in reality.

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  • kinster
    Nov 8, 09:26 AM
    is order tracking down? UK

    how long for confirmation email to arrive?

    Sep 22, 04:17 PM
    I hate Walmart, I always have. they make people think they're so cheap. they really aren't cheap at all. they never have sales.

    I wouldn't give a crap if walmart did anything to hurt the film studios. I don't buy movies there anyway because they actually check your ID if its R or unrated. not that I'm not old enough but I sure as hell hate taking my ID out to justify that I'm at least 17. they never have special editions or unrated versions so why the hell does it matter.



    Aug 8, 09:18 AM
    I haven't heard anything about Xcode 2.4 anywhere apart from here. are you sure about it? i really don't think it has been released. been checking as much as i can everywhere, and i've seen nothing. might be getting it mixed up with Xcode 3.0 that's going to be in Leopard? maybe?

    http://axman6.homeip.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/weblogo-al7.png (http://axman6.homeip.net/blog/)

    They do have a download image on their site but it dosen't lead to anything. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


    May 5, 07:24 AM
    This could be cool but I am amazed how many people say it's too hard to connect to iTunes for a back up. Last night I got home from work, plugged in my iPhone to install the update then took a shower. When I was done with my shower and stuff it was all done.

    Aug 8, 05:39 PM
    Ah. I'm drooling for the Merom. Anybody know if it's just not ready yet?Not shipping in quantity to Apple until early September.

    Mar 28, 02:00 PM
    Feel good about yourself right? That's her choice to drive her family in, not yours. I can't stand smug people. I have no need for gas guzzler to haul kids and material around, but if I did I have the personal liberty to make that purchase. Kinda like apple products, the more choices and configurations that there are, the more ideal they become for the many different types of consumers.

    Your point would be valid IF SHE HAD A FAMILY TO HAUL AROUND ANYMORE.

    Both her children have their own vehicles and they no longer take long family vacations in the car anymore.

    The wasting of a finite resource and pollution put out by a vehicle that large to drive 3 miles to and from the grocery store has no justification.

    And yes, I do feel good about myself. I drive a vehicle that gets 95+ mpg.

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