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human anatomy drawing

human anatomy drawing. human anatomy drawings
  • human anatomy drawings

  • Cameront9
    Aug 24, 03:05 PM
    I'm so confused. My 15" G4 does match the battery model no, 1078. But, the serial number is no where close. Mine starts with W! Where in the world did they get 3xxxx??? Thanks.

    Are you sure you're looking at the Battery's serial number? My Powerbook's number starts with a W, but the battery starts with 3K...etc.

    human anatomy drawing. Drawing Study of Human Anatomy
  • Drawing Study of Human Anatomy

  • Keleko
    Mar 5, 04:19 PM
    This is the last of the mythical creatures shots. The Rok was another one too big for the frame. I did take one wide-angle of the whole thing, but it lacked the drama of this one. And look! I finally have a bird picture to share! ;)

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5139/5497982071_cd6da5a172_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5497982071/)

    I have dinosaur fossil pictures from this same day, and I also have a series of pictures of Lilburn, GA old town (suburb where I live that is near Atlanta). Anyone have a preference?

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  • human anatomy drawing. human

  • CaptMurdock
    Mar 29, 11:24 PM
    As I pointed out upthread:
    Anybody who thinks this is anywhere near what Dubya got us into with Iraq has the reading comprehension of a head of cabbage.

    To wit:

    I'm not surprised. Every administration grabs more and more power. I get depressed just seeing how everyone takes it as the status quo and defends it. The Constitution was set up almost as if to stop one person from being able to take up to war on a whim. Well, if Obama has that right, then George Bush III, or whoever will push the limits of his powers even further. I guess that's the power of precedence. If you look at the Constitution, it vests in the Congress the exclusive power to declare war. Things just have a way of changing. I thought Bush was bad enough with Iraq. Now Obama's actions are even worse than Bush's. Obama didn't even put up the charade of making a case.

    It's fascinating how quickly the Democrat party has turned into the party of war... trying to justify it legally and morally at every corner. It's almost as if their anti-war stance for the past 10 years was a complete farce, and was more anti-Bush than anti-war, anti-intervention. Now that Obama is at the helm, core philosophy no longer matters, consistent morality no longer matters, only justifying war and protecting the political future of the first black president.

    The constitution was written in regards to war specifically to stifle the power of the president which the founders knew would be more predisposed to war, and to put the power in the hands of the people via congress. In fact, as Tom Woods recently put it...

    human anatomy drawing. Drawing Study of Human Anatomy
  • Drawing Study of Human Anatomy

  • the.snitch
    Jul 24, 01:08 AM
    No. Please god no. I don't know how many of you have done e-books but e-books on anything smaller then a 4" screen sucks. HARD.

    What Apple needs to do is come out with a dedicated device. Integration seems the only way they can push into another market at this point. (Shades of MS Windows with [insert anything here.] integration.)

    What Apple needs to do is form an alliance with E-Reader / Peanut Press and having it integrate with iTMS. Then come out with an e book reader that uses digital ink. This is the tech that can paint a screen then cut power to the screen yet still have the image remain. In cases such as this we are talking WEEKS of battery life. Use digital ink + Apple's standard design flare + iTMS and I can guarantee people will eat it up.

    Does anyone know how big this would be? It would be huge. No beyond huge. Literature is as universally accepted as music. It's used everywhere from text books in schools, to training manuals, to maintenance manuals, to entertainment in the home, to entertainment while you are sitting waiting for the dentist. Imagine subscribing to a magazine and having it downloaded off of iTMS like a podcast.

    In short I would sell my first, second, third born sons, and cut off a pinky toe for Apple to release an e-book reader. This is Sony's attempt:


    No one in the market has done the design right yet. There is this huge market waiting for someone to step up to the plate and get it done right, easy, and elegant. Sound familiar?

    But above all please PLEASE PLEASE don’t integrate it into the iPod. It would be doing major disservice to the emerging industry.

    First Off, that's sony's Attempt?? Talk about a stupid design for an ebook reader. Whats all that keyboard/bezel/page margin doing apart from wasting space? Compare the enormous size of the device vs the actual size used to display the book:

    Remember folks, its supposed to be an ebook reader. We dont need any of that other crap thats on the Sony device, just a huge screen and small bezel to be able to see the document effectively.
    Now i dont know too much about industrial design, but apparantly neither does Sony. Apple could do so much better than this.

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  • Human Anatomy Drawing,

  • SkippyThorson
    Nov 23, 03:31 PM
    This speaks volumes about how far The Beatles have really come. All this time, and with all the people you have to take into consideration that already have their music...

    They hit yet another milestone like this. Awesome. :)

    human anatomy drawing. Anatomy of the Muscular System
  • Anatomy of the Muscular System

  • chrono1081
    Oct 25, 03:21 AM
    This is my set up while on rotations in hospitals. Very handy as a mobile office!

    http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1414/5108858842_80b9fec111.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyjuliette/5108858842/)

    http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1357/5108262549_a54490749a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyjuliette/5108262549/)

    http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1055/5108273471_eb0374f8f9.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyjuliette/5108273471/)

    Still on the fence about getting the 11.6" mba. While small, I think multitasking will be a nightmare on it. So cute though!

    Omg That case is FANTASTIC! Where did you get it???

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  • of human anatomy.

  • FoxDavis
    Mar 12, 09:01 PM
    If it's true, looks like I'll be more broke then I was this morning by a lot...hehe. I guess that's why we work hard and play hard. Plus you can't take it with you so you might as well play with new Mac stuff!

    Month of March;
    iPad 64 gig + 3G
    MBP high-end 15"
    = lots of money in one month....haha

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  • Maximillian
    Mar 28, 09:21 PM
    It's neither a math game nor marketing ploy.

    Apple is not artificially limiting the number of attendees. It's a facilities issue. They are at maximum capacity for this venue. It's not like they can simply print out 5000 more badges. The fire marshal would shut the place down.

    That's why local television coverage of professional sports have their blackouts lifted after a sellout. Not everyone who wants to watch can fit in the stadium/arena.

    Thank you for being cool, calm, and logical in your reply. I just had to give you a gold clap for replying the way you did instead of raging like a fanboy.

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  • Human Anatomy Drawing,

  • OdduWon
    Nov 3, 11:42 AM
    mac is about sharing your creativity with the ones you love. In this era of myspace and mmorpg's do we need a nother form of social interaction with no physical interaction. I still think that istations are a good idea. I would like to be in line at the store and see a girl listening to ipod, and i see her ilisten light on, so I check out her playlist, though this is a lot like myspace, at least you have the ability to walk over and say "hey :) ,i love your station. I see from your event list that the band (...) is playing this fri. would you like to go with me :cool: " Yes stalkers are inevitable, but this could be pretty cool.

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  • Human Anatomy - Muscles of the

  • Hunabku
    Apr 13, 05:35 PM
    What these naysayers are NOT saying is what pro features are missing. Until they list something wrong with it, they are just being irrational. My experience is, lots of guys don't like their pro apps getting too easy to use, because they want their skills to be considered special. They hate it when, "Anyone can do it".

    Yes i imagine this is partly true, because creative/talented upstarts who do not have years of complex/technical experience, on a much smaller budget can preform at a much closer level to those with many more years of experience.

    I say closer level because as mentioned earlier there is much more that goes into professional editing than software know how. With that said, the upstarts present real competition to the entrenched because they can - on a smaller budget - more easily produce comparable work - which might have the effect of lowering the amount entrenched professionals can charge for their work.

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 10, 07:24 PM

    Piece of Cake

    ...including $30B for high speed rail, increased spending on alternative energy and education.

    NICE WORK, that was even better than mine. Question though, how much did you gut military spending?

    I reduced it to $100 Billion. Should still be plenty IMO as long as we aren't trying to uphold our global empire and keep fighting multiple wars.

    Id also like to add that I increased spending on veterans, so you can save the "you don't support the troops" crap, I dont want to hear it.

    Interesting anecdote, $100B is still more than every other country in the world. Go figure. So don't say I cut it too much, I didn't.



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  • Human+anatomy+drawing

  • BanjoBanker
    Sep 22, 02:01 PM
    Having spent a fair amount of time living in a rural environment, I would like to add my distaste for Wal-Mart. They move into an area with their "low prices"
    and put all the local stores out of business. There are hundreds of little towns in rural areas of the south that have been devastated by the arrival of a Wal-Mart. I have had business dealings with Wal-Mart and I will tell you they do bully suppliers. I had a shipment to them with the standard invoice terms of 2% discount if paid within 10 days or net invoice if paid withing 30 days. Well, Wal-Mart paid in 90 days and took the discount! PLus they gave me a hrad time when I called them on it! I have not shopped with them in over 15 years, and I plan on keeping it that way. The fact that they sell 40% of the DVDs sold during the Christmas buying cycle does give them clout with the studios, and that is unfortunate. However, I believe that volume could be made up elsewhere, so I am not sure that the studio heads would knuckle under. They have more and more been taking a long term view, so that may diminish Wal-Mart's clout. Let us hope so.

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  • knowledge of human anatomy

  • PowerGamerX
    Oct 11, 04:38 PM
    Well, I'm moving in a year, and while its kinda a cool idea, it just makes no sense for me to spend any sort of money when it works fine and looks good as is. I'm not a fan of wall mounts anyway.

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  • Drawing and Anatomy by Victor

  • DJinTX
    Mar 25, 03:01 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I heard that from someone else, I tried it but that's referring to the amount of times it repeats. If you don't respond it will repeat that many times until you do. This issue is the double vibrate right when you get the text. I can see how people like it, but it's just annoying for me. My emails and texts are usually in the same importance level and I need to respond to either of them ASAP. It just feels weird and kinda wish they had the option. Oh well. Maybe in 4.3.2

    Hmmm, that's weird. When my phone is set to vibrate, I believe it only vibrates once on text messages. Of course I don't get very many texts, and I don't set my phone to vibrate very often. I'll test to make sure and let you know.

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  • shawnce
    Aug 3, 09:13 PM
    I'm not downloading a sh script to my mac. lol

    It contains...

    #! /bin/sh
    echo -n "Finding channel and signal strength....."
    sleep 1
    echo "DONE!!"
    echo -n "Preparing shellcode."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    echo "Adding connection information for remote client."
    echo -n "Sending attack"
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo "."
    echo "Waiting for response"
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    echo "Got Shell"
    #Note, requires public key files on remote machine to connect without password
    ssh bad@ 'ls'
    ssh bad@

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  • Drawing is the main focus of

  • _Matt
    Aug 3, 07:55 PM
    I hope to God that the 50 Cent Mac doesn't show up at the WWDC :P


    Steve wearing some ice? NICE! :D

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  • Human Anatomy: Anterior

  • firsttube
    Aug 3, 04:43 PM
    people are not understanding that ALL products on the banner have already been released...

    aside from leopard.

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  • colearnek
    Mar 29, 11:30 AM
    Something tells me that one still using a 3GS isn't likely a must have "latest and greatest" kind of consumer. I had a 3GS which I bought on Day One. ATT let nearly everyone upgrade early to the 4 so I did. It was a no brainer. Why you stuck it out w/ the 3GS I can't say but to be bitching and moaning Apple doesn't upgrade fast enough like you are is silly. If you only upgrade every 3 years what difference would more frequent upgrades possibly make in your life? I think you protesteth too much.

    I am still on a 3GS and no ATT did NOT offer me any kind of early upgrade deal so I chose to spend what money I had on an iPad. I am not complaining - I'm just saying. My contract just came up and I was really looking forward to getting a new iPhone this year but now I am worried about upgrading to a small time iPhone4 refresh and being trapped into another two year contract when everyone upgrades to a fancy new iPhone5 next year.

    No I do not blame Apple for this at all but that doesn't mean it's not frustrating for me. If they need to change their timeline of course they should but i am not sure i can stomach another 6mo to a year on a 3GS.

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  • Sky Blue
    Sep 12, 03:31 PM
    One of the best application updates Apple has done in a long time.

    Great job Apple. Simply great.

    Agreed. iTunes 5 and 6 were a little 'meh' but I'm loving 7 so far.

    Apr 14, 11:34 AM
    Same manufacturer does not mean the same battery. Apple designed their battery from scratch, no other computer manufacturer uses the same battery as Apple. I'm floored at how fast it charges, how long it lasts, and how little charge its lost (its at 90% after 9 months and 172 cycles).
    I'll call BS on that.
    Apple does not design their own batteries. The casing perhaps, but not the core.
    They spec them to a vendor. Then vendor does the actual design work.

    As for performance, my Dell battery goes from 5% to full charge in a little over an hour.
    Not bad in my book.

    Hell the battery in my ThinkPad T410 goes from dead to full charge 30 to 45 minutes. And that thing is a monster.
    The stock 6 cell last roughly 6 hours (kept it as a spare) and the 9 cell lasts over 11.

    Apr 4, 02:54 PM
    Seek spiritual truth in the right places (http://www.amazon.com/Profit-Albrans-Serial-Martin-Sheldon/dp/B000MNBR3E/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1301946702&sr=8-3)

    Mar 29, 11:58 AM
    LTE is the only possible feature that makes postponing the iPhone 5 to the fall a smart decision. I am not convinced it's going to happen, but I don't understand all these comments about how this fall would be "too soon." Most of the major phones released this year have 4G capability. Anyone who buys an iPhone 5 in Sept/Oct will be stuck with it until almost 2013, when LTE will be widespread on both AT&T and Verizon.

    I can't possibly imagine anyone (who lives on the coasts, anyway) buying a smartphone in Sept/Oct 2011 that is not LTE capable.

    I think Apple is on to something here. No matter what amazing features the iPhone 5 has, if it came in June or July and it didn't have LTE capability, then the refrain across its lifetime would be: "Yeah, it's a great phone, but it's not 4G."

    After all the antennagate hype, Apple doesn't need to build a similar failure right into the iPhone 5. And, as others have pointed out, this allows Apple to go back to its previous naming convention, by following the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 4G.

    Apr 12, 06:56 PM
    What are they manufacturing, and what percentage of Foxconn's output is represented by that type of product?

    Almost all products that are manufactured by Foxconn are produced by hand. When labor is essentially free it's going to be cheaper than using a machine.

    Do you know what the labor cost on an iPhone is? About 85 cents.

    Nov 7, 07:06 AM
    Your link is infected with the trojan virus offiz -- beware

    Hmmm...it really is. Weird.

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