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  • one1
    May 4, 10:43 PM
    I would rather Apple optimize the current iOS to make the iPad run faster and more efficiently. If iOS 5 hits the mark, we can go back to adding more hardware. So far firmware upgrades have been for ADDING features rather than speed tweaks.

    Apple put the worst iphone 2g camera they had in the iPad 2, which was disappointing, but we live with it because it is still "ok" in bright light. We know it will get a camera upgrade for iPad3, not much to debate there. This is a good upgrade.

    A 3D screen, not so much a need and really not a want for many. Just make it faster, make it better, don't worry with 3D bells and whistles just yet. Make it awesome, then make it any way you want. Right now with a 2g camera in the front, no flash or autofocus, and a processor that is good, but not GREAT there is still much to do before moving on.

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  • Chaszmyr
    Mar 28, 08:23 PM
    There have to be a lot of developers that won't get the opportunity to go because it sold out. Apple needs to start holding 2 of these per year to support the developer community.

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  • Jweate
    Oct 10, 11:05 AM
    Here's my setup as of today! Sorry about the image quality, took the photo with my iPhone as my brother has stole my camera for the weekend. I'll post a better quality image when I get it back.


    The Xbox and Win7 PC are for Gaming and Media and my MacBook is for work!

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  • BeachChair
    Apr 3, 04:22 AM
    Those are CCD sensors not CMOS image sensors.

    You are wrong.

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  • StackUnderflow
    Nov 27, 12:36 AM
    I expected more in a shorter period of time to be honest.

    Edit: more specifically with the album sales

    I think most Beatles fans ripped all the CDs in long ago, at least that what I did.

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  • 4nNtt
    Apr 15, 02:12 AM
    I hope they brighten the interface a bit. I find it too dark. Also i hope some of the buttons become drop down buttons. It looks way more cluttered then FCP7.

    all the improvements i have seen are major approvements. Even though this is an early demo. bravo, apple.

    edit: or give us the advanced and regular version UI ;) all buttons that have shortcuts i dont see need for in the UI for an everyday user like me.

    All of Apple's professional apps have the dark neutral color scheme so your eyes don't get thrown off because they are accustomed to other colors on the screen. Adobe also moved to this color scheme recently.

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  • Brother tn350
    Mar 19, 08:50 PM
    [QUOTE=Full of Win;12199134]Actually Time Travel made Apple the success they are today.[/QUOTE

    There will always be room for innovations but that should not result to disposing the iPod classic totally.

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  • barkomatic
    Apr 4, 03:58 PM
    Sorry, that is utter crap. My best friend in grade school was raised completely without religion, and he is the nicest person in the world. Meanwhile, there are copious and abundant examples of self-centered, amoral, greedy bastards preaching jesus to the masses: if religion cannot help them, what value is it?

    Your best friend may not have been raised by his parents with religion, but the society in which he was raised is influenced by Judeo-Christian values. Even atheists often display Judeo-Christian values because of the effect of society around them.

    Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying we need religion to raise children, but we better have a moral code of some kind to replace it with.

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  • liverbomb88
    Jan 11, 04:15 PM
    AppleTV with BluRay and iTunes store capability streaming HD content wirelessly to any HDTV in the house.

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  • Shake 'n' Bake
    Mar 7, 06:01 PM
    The capital region got a bit of ice last night. It was heavy enough to take down a tree about a mile from my house, and of course the power went out. So we came to a hotel for the night. This was taken about 100 yards down the road from the hotel.

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  • fstlambo
    Mar 14, 08:55 AM
    God that would be a bit freaky....all they are missing is moving eyes, like they are following you

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  • doctoree
    Nov 2, 04:37 PM
    People don't care about Flash Player itself, they just want the ability to play video in the browser, which the iPhone is perfectly capable of doing. So instead of lobbying Apple for Flash support we should be lobbying web developers for video tag support.

    Exactly! And not only video video tag support but the whole HTML5. Much faster and cleaner and ready to replace this flash crap. Good thing Apple is so large that they can actually transform whole markets.

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  • conradzoo
    Sep 15, 04:53 PM
    Bought the black one today.

    Great product.

    It is. Got mine yesterday. It looks fab, but above all it sounds like my old ( and broken) shuffle. And that's good. No, it's excellent.

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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 6, 09:20 AM
    Oops yeah... my bad. Gonna need something to play those HD downloads :)

    Yeah, Essential Mixes I can handle uploading ya, but it would take forever to upload you HD movies - best that you be downloading those on your own... :p ;) :D

    Why does it have to go inbetween the iMac and something? How about giving customers a CHOICE at the same pricepoint as the iMac. Lose the integrated LCD for those who have one, bump up the specs a bit and sell at the same price points... See my post above for what I would like to see....

    Precisely - see my above post. As I see it, there is still a huge gap in the product line - perhaps not in price or specs, but in fundamental design philosophy. Anyone wanting an Apple desktop is forced to buy an AIO. For many people that's fine, they don't care, perhaps they even welcome it or prefer it, but for many others it's simply not an attractive option.

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  • neoelectronaut
    Oct 5, 02:53 PM
    I really enjoyed ODST as well. I've used the ODST helmet for a long time. I used it all through Halo 3, and was glad to see it come back in Reach. The shoulders look ace as well, so that works. You should, if you haven't already, pick up Buck for your "Firefight Voice" in the Armory. Next to Auntie Dot, he is the best one. Some great lines.

    Yep, already purchased the Buck firefight voice, and I'm slowly unlocking all the bits of ODST armor available as I get enough credits/rank.

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  • drlunanerd
    Sep 6, 08:25 AM
    1920 x 1200

    Why 1394b at 800 Mbps when eSATA at 3000 Gbps is available?



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  • hachre
    Jun 24, 07:30 PM
    I don't think it necessarily has to be touch-enabled, or come in form of any type of hardware.

    I am using a lot of apps on my iPhone by now that I really miss on my MacBook... Sometimes I would really like to start one of these iOS Apps in Mac OS to check something quickly...

    They should make some kind of iTunes-integrated Simulator that allows you to start your iOS Apps directly from your Apps section within iTunes or something...

    That would be really nice ;)

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  • venasque
    Nov 12, 10:32 AM
    I'm a little disappointed. I would like updates to the Facebook app, which I use every day. =(

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  • XaPHER
    Oct 25, 11:59 AM

    Bubba Satori
    Nov 2, 10:35 PM
    Putting aside the fact that Flash is crap, fair enough for Adobe for being so frank.

    It works great everywhere except some apple computers, iphones and iPods.
    But you knew that.
    Put down the Koolaid and step away from the keyboard.

    Apr 18, 09:31 AM
    I am a Transplant Physician at a University Hospital. I, and several others at my Medical Center use the iPad to access our Electronic Medical Record at the patients bedside, take notes and access reference material.

    The most recent issue of the Mayo Alumni Newsletter focussed on that institution's implementation of mobile technology (specifically iPhones & iPads) in delivering more efficient patient care.

    Thanks for the reply. I think this is great. I would love to do the same, but from my experience it seems that academic centers are extremely slow to adopt new technology. There is just too much red tape when it comes to hipaa.

    Aug 8, 10:41 AM
    I have to descent from the mass and say I was not impressed by the Keynote. What the hell is with Safari still having the brushed metal interface, as well as the finder, etc...

    I thought they were finally going to get rid of that and get some consistency in their GUI. :mad:

    you mean dissent. great feature of OS X, hover over a word and hit control-command-D and you get a pop-up dictionary element defining the word.

    as for the UI, that's the easiest thing in the world to implement at the last minute. it would be dumb from a marketing stand point to release that now 9 months or so prior to leopard's release. right now microsoft has caught up in many ways to the aqua look and feel (okay will catch up), while i don't think microsoft has the kind of time to implement GUI ideas in to vista, the general public are easily distracted. release the GUI now then tell them not for 9 months and they're going to get bored with it. when leopard ships the GUI will have a "been there, done that" feel about it. now announce it at MWSF '07 and tell everyone you're shipping in april, now you're on. you scuttle vista by showing off a UI that is different, and hopefully superior to vista's rip off of aqua and you have a better chance of maintaining interest.

    i saw some hints to this effect when the french gentleman was poking fun at vista.

    Overall, I am much more interested in the developers. When is OS X going to be more than a different OS and get some key native applications? Apple continues to lead the show, as they should, but they should take a hint from Microsoft and promote their developers more. Like it or not, it's not Apple, but ultimately their developers that will grow the platform.

    what do you mean by "native"? all OS X apps not running in classic or rosetta are native. photoshop is never going to have OS X exclusive features, it's never going to feel like an application from the omni group because it has to work cross platform.

    as for developers, things like core audio, core video, core data, etc... are huge.

    Mar 13, 10:59 AM
    Has anyone noticed that the refurb section at the Apple Online Store is completely out of stock of all 15" and 13" Macbook Pros? I can't remember this being the case recently and it makes me wonder if this is related to a possible new release of those size configurations. There are multiple configs of the 17" MBP available.

    Nov 8, 09:43 AM
    Sligthly off-topic:

    Judging from history what do you thing, when would iLife '07 be available?

    I am seriously considering to wait a little longer (the 1.83 model has left me strongly disappointed).

    So I thought I can wait a little longer and buy when iLife 07 will be included in the purchase (to make up for the lousy specs ) :rolleyes:

    id guess Macworld in january

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