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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 08:26 AM
    Anyone else notice that the low end iMac (1.83 Ghz) now has the 950 chipset for a graphics card?

    That's just a Core 2 Duo updated version of the iMac that replaced the eMac earlier this year. It was initially only for sale to educational institutions.

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  • iAlan
    Sep 23, 08:32 AM
    If Wal-Mart stop selling DVD's by Studios who join the iTunes Store then I guess mu MR friensd in the US can just go buy somewher else.

    I don't get it - if Wal-mart doesn't sell something does that mean no-one will buy it - at all? Just go elsewhere to get what you want.


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  • cult hero
    Mar 25, 03:14 PM
    Think of the Nexus One, the first Google branded phone. Less than a year old and can be considered ancient and outdated. Did it get any Android updates? I don't know, but it's highly unlikely that it will get Android 2.3 (if it even has 2.2)...

    The Nexus One got 2.3. (I'm running it right now.) It was one of the first to get 2.2. Mind you, the 2.3 release came MONTHS after it was projected to and I have to admit my phone is now approximately as stable as Windows 98. I'm almost considering going back to 2.2 or trying a custom ROM because 2.3 in terms of stability is a crime against technology.

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  • h00ligan
    Nov 7, 07:06 PM
    And don't have a single 12/13in model in existence? I don't think so.

    Some people want small form factors. It's a shame Apple thinks form factors and power are in a 1-to-1 relationship. Some people want powerful laptops with smaller displays (12in PB is no more) or less powerful laptops with larger displays (15in iBook is no more). Hopefully Apple learns to stop limiting themselves in this way. Think differently differently.

    wow , talk about completely missing a joke... wow.

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Mar 28, 01:16 PM
    These are the end times. We'll know it is when MS makes a good product again.

    * Microsoft Windows 2008R2 SP1 is great.
    * Microsoft App-V and Med-V both works amazing.
    * Windows 7 isn't that bad either (though I HATE that glassy Windows look.)

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  • Ava's Meeshee
    May 5, 11:22 AM
    Uh, isn't the world in 3D? I mean, we do see in three dimensions, correct? Is this a clever way of saying you are blind?

    The world is in 3D but we only see in 2D, with depth perception if you have two working eyes. 3D vision would entail all three dimensions being visible at once. You can see the entire width and height of something but you can't see its entire depth in the same glance. A 3D view would allow you see all the corners of a cube as right angles just like 2D vision lets you see all right angles of a square.

    IOW organic depth perception is as much a gimmick as 3D as a consumer product. Both instances entail two slightly disparate 2D images that give your brain a better idea of where in space they are, not an entire extra visual dimension of information. Nothing evolutionary in regards to visual media, barely enriching, and not at all necessary.

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  • johnny_g
    Aug 2, 10:09 PM
    Well, they find a problem and Apple responds in less than a day! No matter whose fault it was, Apple's computers had an obscure security hole and I applaud them for fixing it... not sure why everyone is getting all defensive over this one. Apple has already fixed the problem with the latest OS X security update, and I would guess Microsoft has done the same thing:

    The update to WebKit resolves an issue where a maliciously-crafted HTML document could cause a previously deallocated object to be accessed, leading to an application crash or arbitrary code execution.

    Really seems like a non-event to me as Macbook users (I wouldn't be scared to claim 100% of them) use their internal airport cards, not the silly USB one that opened up a security hole before this seurity update existed.

    I mean if you install ARD and give someone the password then they can have complete control over your computer maybe that should reach front page as the main headline.

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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 14, 11:34 AM
    Same manufacturer does not mean the same battery. Apple designed their battery from scratch, no other computer manufacturer uses the same battery as Apple. I'm floored at how fast it charges, how long it lasts, and how little charge its lost (its at 90% after 9 months and 172 cycles).
    I'll call BS on that.
    Apple does not design their own batteries. The casing perhaps, but not the core.
    They spec them to a vendor. Then vendor does the actual design work.

    As for performance, my Dell battery goes from 5% to full charge in a little over an hour.
    Not bad in my book.

    Hell the battery in my ThinkPad T410 goes from dead to full charge 30 to 45 minutes. And that thing is a monster.
    The stock 6 cell last roughly 6 hours (kept it as a spare) and the 9 cell lasts over 11.

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  • jagolden
    Sep 15, 06:29 AM
    Unpackage and set up new Nano yesterday.

    Yes, the new packaging is nifty and smaller. As to ecologically better, I'm not sure. Less bulk and weight to ship, but the use of the plastic (with all its chemicals) seems like it might wash. Wouldn't have looked as nice but maybe a design similar to the Shuffle packaging (but smaller), then could have used more recycled materials. Just a thought. I don't know - I do care about the environment but don't chain myself to trees. :)

    The "new" design is nice. It certainly feels solid in you hand (much as the Mini does). The 1G Nano's always had a delicate feel to them (IMO).

    The screen is very bright and clear.

    The center button that is now concave is a nice touch. I did not have problems with the convex button shape on earlier models but this is a good design change.

    The colors are bright and saturated. Richer than on the Mini's.

    The sound quality is even better than before. I was satisfied with the Mini. When I bought a Shuffle, I'd read in many places that the sound was better on the shuffle than the Mini - and it is. However, the sound on the Nano 2G is a big step up. This may be a combination of the player and the new headphone design and fit.

    The new headphones definitely have better sound quality than the earlier versions. For me, they fit better. They feel nicer with the soft gasket around the edge. I had not been using the pads with the old h'phones as they came of too easily and were lost almost immediately!

    I am very pleased with the purchase. Now if the accessory suppliers will catch up pronto! Even though the overall size between 1G and 2G are essentaily the same, the new "squared off" corners will probably not fit well in the 1G cases. Those 1G rounded corners shaved off a lot of space.

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  • edifyingGerbil
    Mar 25, 05:58 PM
    No, it certainly isn't. It's proof that we're evolving (albeit, slowly).

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. Humans are social creatures, we evolved being social to help us survive against great odds. People with Asperger's/autism do not understand simple social cues and are often at a loss in situations where one should read subtext rather than what is literally said.

    It's less an evolution than a branching off. What will happen when the world no longer requires mathematical savants to programme etc? These people will die out.

    A study was done which showed that since the advent of online dating reported cases of people on the autistic spectrum increased; it's thought that the people who spent most of their time online were able to find partners and procreate, without having to do the whole rigmarole of courting, flirting, etc.

    I'll see if I can find it, but I wouldn't boast about having Asperger's, it's better to boast about being an NT (Myers-Briggs personality type)

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  • priceshirley
    Mar 9, 05:20 AM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5140/5509790275_5e1694a680.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5509790275/)

    Very creative. Nice color too.

    Nothing nearly as amazing as some of the pictures in the thread, but it's what I have. First attempt at HDR.


    Well spotted! Very good attempt! I really liked it.

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  • drewyboy
    Aug 24, 07:56 PM
    As already been posted, if you fall in the right # but says it won't be accepted... WAIT!!!! Apple has already sayed that its website is bogged down...so WAIT a day or two. Secondly, for those of you that are changing your "A" to "B" or "C", did you ever think that you might be taking someone elses valid serial # and are taking their battery away from them??? Just wait, not everyone has to put in their replacement request w/in 5 hours of it coming out... just chil out a day or two... seriously it's not gona go blow up on in you if u wait an extra 48 hours.

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  • TheE3Guy
    May 5, 01:49 AM
    Unless it's an entirely new OS, like iOS 5 for example, it should be able to recognize what version your device is running and download only the essential features of the following update. Having to download the entire OS (which is over 600mb) every single time is a bit ridiculous.

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  • chillywilly
    Apr 18, 09:52 PM
    Being a professional myself I remember having those fears a few years ago. In fact we lost a large client because one of the employees thought that her high school son could do the same level of work that we did. If that were true I would say shame on us, in reality the client came back to us a few months later when the kid couldn't actually produce the same level of edit quality and creativity that we do.

    The price drop doesn't bother me one bit. I think if anything it does open up the door for a teenager to start learning on high end software, then by the time they've finished college and have a sense of who they are as an editor they'll be a welcome, proficient addition, to someones company. I think it serves everyone in the end.

    Great post and the kind of logic that this new FCPX will bring to those wanting to get into the video production industry. I'm almost 4 years into my video editing "career" and still forward people to the pros for projects that are too much for me and ones that I know my skill level limits on. I'm excited about this new version, hoping it will expand my skills even more.

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  • Shagrat
    Oct 27, 12:43 AM
    Hmmmn, my Keyboard just turned pink....AGGGHH!

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 8, 11:43 PM
    Awesome! So this means I can use my Plextor 16x burner in the second optical bay? Or will that not work with an Apple?Didn't I tell you yes yesterday? Just buy a copy of Toast 7 for full support. You can also run multiple copioes of Taost 7 on one Mac. I run up to 4 or 5 simultaneously sometimes on my Quad G5 writing DVD Images to multiple HDs.

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  • merge
    Aug 29, 09:02 AM
    Why the **** would Apple ever pre-install Windows on a Mac.

    If they went that route then they might as well just cancel all develop on OS X, because they would need that money to pay Microsoft.

    I honestly feel that Boot Camp is one of the worst things that Apple could ever do, but they had to appease the little kids. But just wait until the first virus hits your Windows partition and screws up the boot sector of your drive and you're unable to start either OS.

    God, some people!

    Your windows installation will not hurt your OSX installation.
    They don't see eeach other, and windows is on a seperate partition.

    Stop calling people a moron if you don't know what you are talking about.

    Boot camp basically eliminated the need to ever buy a PC.
    It was an incredibly smart move.

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  • balamw
    Aug 24, 12:20 PM

    Still only 12" iBook and 12/15" PB affected.


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  • iGary
    Aug 24, 12:09 PM
    Uh huh. :rolleyes:

    Batteries or the whole thing?

    Nov 28, 04:43 PM
    Why all the focus on Bach in this thread?

    Beatles>Jesus>Beethoven>[insert 40 or 50 names here]


    Nov 8, 09:11 AM
    Ever owned a 12" powerbook? I have two.

    There's a reason a lot of 12" powerbook owners rave on about them. The form factor is very neat. It sure isn't about how powerful they are :).

    i can vouch for that...as much as i love the 13" screen, the 12" are much more portable and easy to carry around. its great how they manage to fit a full sized keyboard in sucha small space. i still love mine...tho im trying to sell!

    Apr 1, 02:06 AM
    Ebay!!! There are deals to be found - got my 64Gb, Black, wi-fi, for 785! that was after I used the 10%(!) coupon they gave me for using paypal. Got lucky and found a guy locally that wasn't a greedy whore, and was happy to have made an extra 90 bucks for his time on line.

    Chupa Chupa
    Apr 13, 03:39 PM
    If it's shipping in June, even June 30, how can it not be near final form? I mean when a developer tells me s/w is "nowhere near final form" I'm thinking early beta at best. But 2.5 months from release (assume June 30) shouldn't it be in the bug testing phases and everything else locked up?

    Would this run on a maxed 13" air ok?

    It should except where a plugin or feature is GPU intensive and needs a real video card. That is the real Achilles heel of the 13". (I say that as an owner). Motion will run like molasses though.

    Oct 23, 07:57 PM
    macbook 2.0ghz c2d, 4gb
    audioengine a2 speakers
    samsung bx2250 21.5" led monitor
    extended keyboard II
    magic trackpad

    at some point i'd love to get a new laptop (debating between a powerhouse mbp i7 or a sexy little mba) but i'm pretty happy with my setup as is.

    There is one thing in your setup which breaks my heart......

    Actually I might KILL for that Extended Keyboard II.:p

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