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phonetic alphabet english. Phonetic Alphabet
  • Phonetic Alphabet

  • MacAddict1978
    Mar 20, 12:38 PM
    still seeing 24 hour shipping times in the apple store.

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  • English Phonetic Alphabet

  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 01:20 AM
    I replied with "so you never charge" to say that even with wireless syncing one will have to charge iDevice at some point (matter of days if it's an iPhone, maybe a week if it's an iPod - both in use not just on a shelf). Why drain battery by syncing when you can charge batter while syncing and with wireless sync that can be done by induction charging which is slow and charger is costly ergo makes little sense. I'm all for wireless sync in addition to current wired method though. One more option is good.

    OP was hoping to be freed from being tied to one iTunes, this has nothing to do with when you charge your device.. of course it still has to be charged.

    I'll quote what I said again for you....

    so i can sync over wifi, which is going to be slow as hell, and i still have to keep my device on a charging pad or in a dock? Why wouldn't i just plug it into the damn computer to speed up the process?

    wireless charging/sync is stupid, time consuming, battery wasting, gimmick.

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  • TTF, Phonetic Alphabet

  • Lixivial
    Sep 12, 05:35 PM
    Ack, when I have my iPod connected, my load times take FOREVER on my MacBook. It takes at least two minutes to simply bring up the UI.

    I'm finding it interesting that the OS X version is lacking a feature that the PC version has. It's no doubt for troubleshooting, but weird. It's called "Run Diagnostics..." and presents the attached window.

    I guess it's so Apple's iTMS support doesn't have to know Windows to get relevant information. :)

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  • Narrow phonetic transcription

  • typecase
    Nov 7, 01:08 AM
    Anyone watching Studio 60 on NBC tonight, Matthew Perry was using an aluminum 12" or 13" MacBook Pro. You could tell that it was a MacBook Pro and not a G4 because there was an iSight built in to the lid right above the screen. If you Tivo'd it, check it out! it was approximately 20 minutes in to the show.

    He usually uses a black Macbook. I'm sure it was just shot at a strange angle to make it appear aluminum.

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  • english alphabet

  • hulugu
    Mar 30, 11:42 AM
    actually NATO doesn't come into play ... or do you see any german troops ? ;) ...

    Good point. The involvement of Britain and France would seem enough, I guess, but you're correct, it's not a NATO operation.

    ... Just think about it: Sarkozy got funding for his last campaign illegally from libya. Can there be a more convinient way of getting away from that dirty laundry than bombing them into oblivion ? While at home showing how much of a strong leader he is for increasing popularity ?

    Anne Applebaum made a similar argument in Slate just a few days ago, arguing that France, really Sarkozy, was pushing for the intervention in kind of 'wag the dog' scenario.

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  • The sounds of English and the

  • likemyorbs
    Apr 25, 06:07 PM
    Just read an article that says black men in London commit more than half of street crimes and gun crimes. They make up only 12% of londons population. These statistics are even higher than in the US and they can't blame slavery and Jim crow laws in London like they love to do here. What is the possible reasoning behind this? Very interesting.


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  • GGJstudios
    Nov 24, 12:42 PM
    It's not every Beatles song and they only have the publishing rights.
    The publishing rights are what was being discussed and it's every song in the Beatles catalog. There are other songs by the Beatles and the individual artists which are not part of the catalog being discussed. I wasn't referring to those, or the mechanical rights.

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  • For English the sounds

  • 4np
    Aug 24, 06:11 PM
    I was already on the phone with Apple and they said the page is bogged down and to give it some time to cool off. My battery was in the range, Apple told me it was, and the app still doesn't work. Save some time and try again tomorrow or later tonight when people should be asleep.

    I guess that you're awake when I'm asleep (and the other way round)... in fact... it's 01:10 right now and I need to get up at 7:45... better go to bed and give the rest an opportunity to visit the battery exchange pages ;)

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  • In the English alphabet there

  • mike423
    Oct 22, 08:40 PM
    macbook 2.0ghz c2d, 4gb
    audioengine a2 speakers
    samsung bx2250 21.5" led monitor
    extended keyboard II
    magic trackpad

    at some point i'd love to get a new laptop (debating between a powerhouse mbp i7 or a sexy little mba) but i'm pretty happy with my setup as is.

    There is one thing in your setup which breaks my heart......

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  • Chinese phonetic alphabet

  • eva01
    Aug 24, 03:42 PM
    nice to know that the website says my battery doesn't qualify, even thou it does, and i have tried other battery serial numbers and they also say it doesn't qualify.

    So i call and they say it can't be done right now.

    This is great especially since i will either be in school or at work during all times that applecare is open

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  • Standard Phonetic ALphabet!

  • lostngone
    Mar 29, 12:17 AM
    What about Google I/O then? It was sold in just 59 minutes!

    Apple is doomed!TM :D

    I am sure if Apple only charged $500 for WWDC they could have matched it.

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  • The phonetic alphabet can

  • RoboCop001
    Jan 11, 03:53 PM
    If it's not the iFly, it's the iFart.

    The feature is that it sounds like a farty Startup Chime sound.

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  • Pitman#39;s phonetic alphabet

  • rovex
    Apr 12, 01:46 PM
    I don't know about the USA but in Europe it's a legal requirement to display the country of manufacture so it may be nothing more than that

    Is that why Primark never display it on the labels of their clothing?

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  • English Phonetic Alphabet

  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 28, 11:58 AM
    I got 2 MacBooks for my business and i just got them shipped to me the other day, i installed the SMC Firmware update and tested the machine under the core-duo test for 45 minutes and nothing.

    I did notice the fan was going like a jet engine and was waitin for the macbook to lunch off the desk but that never happend

    when checked the temp before the test it was 40 C ... during the test it was 78 C ... after the test it went down to 56 C and it stayed like that for 45 minutes on idel before it went down to 45 C

    how do i know if the heat sink on my MacBooks have been replaces or not, they were both costom orderd MBs and i did wait 1 month to get them from apple website

    Your Macbooks are perfectly fine. Basically the fan control does the following:
    1. Keep the CPU below a certain temperature (It's 57°C or something, don't
    know with the new firmware)
    2. Minimum fan speed is 1500 rpm (even at 2500 rpm, you don't hear the fans, the hard drive spin and CPU noise are still louder)

    So in your case the Macbook cooled down below the threshold after the test. Thenthe fans on low speed slowly cooled it down. Try out SMCFANCONTROL and play around with the slider. If you put the fans to max speed when the macbook is idling, the temperature should go below 50°C within a few seconds. Beliece it or not, the room temperature ant the heat conductivity factor of the surface your macbooks are on (wood = bad, cold metal = good) are a big factor. Lift the hinge of the Macbook up with a pack of smokes if you want good air flow :-)

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  • English Phonetic Alphabet

  • charkshark
    Dec 5, 11:34 PM
    Finally, All I can say, FINALLY!!

    phonetic alphabet english. Phonetic Alphabet to
  • Phonetic Alphabet to

  • thejadedmonkey
    May 4, 10:40 PM
    I'm sorry, I would buy a iPad 3D, just so I could play Angry Birds in 3D. This coming from someone who vowed never to play nice with the Apple iEcosystem. But if Apple can do it, and HP/Palm and MS are nowhere in sight with their 3D tablets, well... iPad it is I guess.

    phonetic alphabet english. Phonetic alphabet
  • Phonetic alphabet

  • OllyW
    Mar 19, 04:50 AM
    Surely Hard Drive players are on the way out in general? Must be a major reason for the devices to break.

    I wonder what breaks more often, the hard drives fitted in the classic or the fragile touch screens of the iPod touch?

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 13, 03:24 PM
    I am so incredibly excited about this.

    phonetic alphabet english. it is a phonetic alphabet.
  • it is a phonetic alphabet.

  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 22, 01:26 PM
    Has anyone beat it on legendary? Is there a different ending?
    I haven't finished my Legendary run yet, but I've talked with people who have, and as of right now, there is no extra ending for Legendary. There are a bunch of hidden items in the game (Data Pads, Gold Ranger Elites, Switches, etc), and people are thinking that completing some, or all of these things, in conjunction with Legendary difficulty, might yield a different ending. We'll have to wait and see. It just wouldn't be a Halo game without a special ending. And, given this is Bungie's last Halo, it would be really strange if they didn't include one.

    Mar 18, 01:46 PM
    Love the views people had about it back then! To thick that iPod was the cornerstone of something so great

    Apr 2, 12:02 PM
    "Why would I make Apple the best camera?"

    Because you want to sell 20 million units with no marketing risk, minimal inventory cost, large prepayments from the customer, and unusual engineering support from the customer.

    yeah I don't understand what is so ironic about that when for years Sony has been supplying camera sensors to all the competitors including Nikon, Canon, Pentax, etc (I am talking about the whole camera sector not just DSLR) and Sony buys their components from competitors such as Samsung.

    Jul 23, 09:10 AM
    I absolutley like this idea. Imagine college professors being able to produce podcast notes (some type of e-book podcast) and students being able to download them.

    I also see it being useful for short things like Cliff Notes, written (typed) podcasts, concert programs, newspaper or magazine subscriptions but not front line books. Although, it could work in concert with Project Gutenberg or UPenn's online book programs. The extra screen real estate would be important.

    May 4, 10:22 PM
    man i wish 3D would just disappear...

    soon it will disappear... there was the 3D spike back then than it disappeared and came back like what 2 years ago?

    and this is the worst rumor ever! Apple will never do this gimmick!

    Mar 12, 01:33 AM
    Hmmm... Apple presumably needs to update their site some time before 5:30AM PST... so... maybe they can squeeze some MacBook Pros in there as well?

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