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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 12, 01:55 PM
    ~Shard~ my jaw dropped when iLounge first reported the nano was 52% smaller in volume. Too bad it wasn't true, because then I would have had to get one!

    You're not alone on that one! ;) :D My Engineer brain was trying to compute how that would even be possible, and to no avail... ;)

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  • abhi_beckert
    Aug 24, 04:52 PM
    Wow! The battery on my october 2003 iBook completely died ages ago (killed by a faulty power supply), and I haven't been able to justify the cost of a new one. Now I'm getting a new battery free!! Sweet!

    In the mean time... unplugging the little sucker. No exploding iBooks in my office! ;)

    PS: iBook batteries ZZ338 - ZZ427 are also mentioned on the exchange website, but not in the MR front page story.

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  • sgd88
    Sep 12, 04:14 PM
    The logo is very different. Reading some of the discussion here on it lead me to write:


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  • otter
    Mar 7, 08:52 PM
    Newport, Oregon

    http://blog.darinrogers.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/MG_8939.jpg (http://blog.darinrogers.net/2010/11/at-the-docks/)

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  • Source
    Oct 14, 06:46 AM
    Well as Burke said: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. "

    Nipsy, you seem to be in a world of your own here. You're not paying attention to what people are saying and doing on this board and simply believing that you're right because you're a shareholder. I could buy a single share in Apple, but it doesn't mean that i'm going to be right about everything i think Apple should do.

    If you want Apple to continue to be "behind" (is that a gentle enough word for you?) in the hardware sector, then that's fine.

    But the FACT is that most Apple users, DON'T. They want to see Apple competing with PC hardware properly. Apple is already such a small part of the market and IMO, they need to increase speed to

    Have you ever heard of the phrase "Give the people what they want" ? Well most people want speed and numbers.

    And anyone who has said "I like your style, Nipsy" in this thread, no you don't, you just like the fact that he's defending your precious Macs. You guys whine and complain about what Apple's needs to do right, but as soon as someone points out that Apple is doing something wrong, you suddenly completely disagree with the very points that you yourselves were making. It's pretty pathetic.

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  • amols
    Aug 29, 09:52 AM
    Remember, if you buy Vista, it'll most likely last at least 4-5 years before the next paid upgrade, unlike with OS X where if you want the latest and greatest, you're looking at an upgrade almost every year.

    You can easily upgrade OS X from 10.1 straight to 10.5 (atleast 10.4), and if you can't, do a clean install because it's a same damn disk. Can you upgrade Win98 to Vista?

    Vista looks to be a big jump from WinXP too, and seems a lot more mac-like.

    People said the same thing about XP, but all it did was to take 2000/NT code back then, add few drivers and paint it ugly blue.

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  • kajman
    Mar 12, 05:03 AM
    AppleStore is offline :D

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  • Chosenbydestiny
    Nov 8, 07:48 AM
    I love this temporary state of chaos, when you know it's fresh from the table, because only half the site has been updated (MB page itself, press release, store have been updated, but front page, product list page etc. hasn't) :D

    EDIT: And it's that fresh that everything was updated in the time it took me to type that sentence and click 'post' :D

    Haha yeah, I just noticed that awihle ago. I guess the middle level macbook is still the way to go for the bargain.

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  • IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 01:59 PM
    I agree but it's still not a "retail" version of OS X...

    And neither is the version of Windows you get with a PC. Restore only. But again, this is not the point.

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  • bikertwin
    Sep 7, 12:28 PM
    Surely Apple can't combine everything into something like http://www.macnn.com/blogs/?p=98.

    Or can they?

    I normally don't pay attention to Apple patent applications, but this one's a doozie!

    Everything from 100% full screen to virtual keys, to selecting different modalities depending on orientation(!), to sensitivity to force of touch, to squeezing, to miniDVD drive, to ....

    WOW! :eek:

    Or maybe it's really the iTablet? Larger form factor than an iPod? They talk about various operating systems. Maybe it'll be OS X?

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  • muzikool
    Oct 26, 08:23 PM
    I bought my MacBook at an Apple Store on the day it was released, and it has a screw in the very middle as well.

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  • LukeW
    Sep 12, 03:47 PM
    I really hate that when you select something in the left hand menu, it is highlighted in black, just really doesnt work with the blue logos and the light blue background, it is just too dense and solid and really stands out!!

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  • racketeer71
    Oct 13, 12:04 PM
    Then, technically you are using his setup pics without his permission.
    The least you should do is put the original poster's name as credit.

    Either you're joking.

    Or you're the most tight person I've encountered.

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  • tbobmccoy
    Mar 20, 11:47 AM
    WOW! Guys please go and read the 10-year old forums, it's amazingly fun!

    There are comments like:

    "I still can't believe this! All this hype for something so ridiculous! Who cares about an MP3 player? I want something new! I want them to think differently!
    Why oh why would they do this?! It's so wrong! It's so stupid!"

    It's totally like any other new product announcement today :D

    On topic: I think Apple has some amazing ideas, but also that they don't hesitate to ditch them for something new if they think it's better. I think this is the only way to evolve in today's world. Most companies stick to their traditional stuff and keep pushing it even if it's not as good as it could be, just because it was some great idea they had many years ago. Apple has absolutely no respect for tradition and will always be the first to replace one of their best inventions with something totally different. I find this admirable and dangerous at the same time, but so far it had worked great for them.

    While many people will still stick to traditions, Apple won't. Rationally, the click-wheel has no real advantage over a touch screen. It's slower to navigate a menu if you have to scroll through it, rather than just press whatever you like. Yes, it is awesome and you got used to it and it looks nice, but Apple won't care for that. It's good and bad at the same time.

    Sent from my iPod Shuffle, I lol'd :D

    Seriously though; iPod Classic has passed away now. The remaining stock is just the remains of what was probably the lifesaver of Apple Inc. and allows us to still be loving Macs today. I really hope they make a high capacity Touch though, since I still have a 6th gen 160GB iPod and I want to get at least SOMEWHERE close to that space in a new device for my car.

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  • MonkeySee....
    Nov 24, 08:09 AM
    While there's some positive link between Mac-usage and intellect, you shouldn't take that information as meaning that posting on a Mac Forum gets you any intellect points.

    So far, you've added nothing but focusing on the messenger. Which is typical, if knowledge about the topic of discussion is superficial at best.

    For all to see.

    Sleep tight under your Beatles blanket, son.


    What do you want me to say that people haven't already voiced?

    That The Beatles have received 7 Grammy Awards and 15 Ivor Novello Awards.

    That they have been awarded 6 Diamond albums, as well as 24 Multi-Platinum albums, 39 Platinum albums and 45 Gold albums in the United States and in the UK they have 4 Multi-Platinum albums, 4 Platinum albums, 8 Gold albums and 1 Silver album?

    The fact that you can just dismiss them is laughable but hey i don't want to upset you anymore than i have.

    Oh and stop calling me son.

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  • seashellz
    Nov 29, 02:30 PM
    Just read that EMI (the Beatles' label) have received a bid of &#163;2.5bn from an unknown company.

    That would make the negotiations easier ;)
    thats a LOTTA cash.

    But Im wondering if EMI-APPLE Ltd., despite legal tussles with APPLE computer, probably like the ideas of:
    1. twin-named brand association, and
    2. how the iTunes store, with its huge market and sales system, is already in place, RIGHT NOW, and could drive the sales of Beatles music up-right now, also, unlike ZUNE, which is still at zero, market wise.

    Its been noted that MS has finally just decided to just brazenly copy the iPod/iTunes sales model to the letter-since theyve failed in the past, but they may already too late.
    MS doesnt have 'mystique' , 'exclusivity' or 'clue' of Apple seems to have.
    (ad line: Listen to APPLE on an APPLE!)

    Now, MS could easily afford it (if this rumour is true)

    But then, so could Apple-they have a big wad of cash, too-and their collateral: the iTunes store-with a huge sales/marketing/hardware system already in place, could stand to make back a lot of that money QUICKLY-whereas if ZUNE had exclusives to the Beatles-most people, already owning iPods, but checking out ZUNE, (or when they finally got around to buying one), would wonder: "why wont this play on my iPod?" Or "Why can I only listen to a song 3 times?"

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  • DeVizardofOZ
    Aug 4, 08:07 AM

    Looks to me like those are both 15" models, one just being a larger image. I can see that the speakers look somewhat more slender.
    If this is the "new design of the MBP" it's nothing special. The scratch pad is larger, though. WHy on earth is APPLE limiting itself by using an extremely thin formfactor??
    What diff does it make if the machine is 3 mm thicker, and has better sound, better heat dissipation etc.?


    Here are some images of the banner, MBP 15 & 17[/QUOTE]

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  • iDutchman
    Oct 17, 02:53 PM
    Very nice with the Cinema Display on the wall. Great family photo as well; my family pictures are always awful. :)

    Thx! Yeah, it was taken in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this year. We had a desert safari that day.:cool:

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  • nilsemil
    May 5, 03:56 AM
    3d wont happen on ipad

    Jan 11, 04:02 PM
    Apple + Air (Satellites) + Garmin (Bobcat) = Apple GPS or GPS on iPhone


    Mar 25, 01:04 PM
    Thats no true.

    Apple just a few days ago released Mac OS X 10.6.7 and was only 475MB, and the Combo update was only 1.12GB. Mac OS X 10.6.6 brought the Mac App Store and was only 143MB.

    I don't know why your updates are 4GB.

    He didn't mean the Mac OS; he meant an app he bought from the App Store that was 4GB.


    Oct 27, 01:41 PM
    My MacBook was purchased in the first month. I did not have any random shutdown problems until the first SMC update.

    Then I started getting random shut downs. All the %#(*&$#*($&^& time.

    I took mine to Apple Store in MN, Southdale, and they fixed the heat sink within 90 minutes. No more random shutdowns.

    The Genesis Bar dude went to console and looked for 2 items. They showed up. They took the MacBook. Fixed it and called me in 90 minutes.

    My MacBook runs at 63c on a regular basis. I do have 2G ram and run 18 to 21 programs at once. I also have a cool pad beneath the kind with a fan beneath my MacBook that runs all the time.

    Jul 23, 06:57 AM
    i think i would rather read a paperback
    wouldnt the screen strain the eyes?
    Good point, one key to a good book reader is a high pixel density. Of course, that would be great for viewing video, as well..

    Nov 8, 09:02 AM
    as happy as i am, this is just gonna lower the value of my powerbook!

    tho atleast now my work will likely give me one of these core 2 duo macbooks!

    the store is still down...anyone think theres more to add?

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