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american pie 2. American Pie 2: Phone Sex
  • American Pie 2: Phone Sex

  • Pattycerts
    Nov 12, 11:19 AM
    What will actually make developers happy? Free run? I respect Apple's right to try to keep their platform within the guidelines that the determine. Apple isn't perfect but the Facebook developer did the right thing... He tucked his tail between his legs and ran... It's cool when people give up. (sarcasm intended) He's a developer, he's gonna deal with different platforms with different rules ALL THE TIME! Soon the internet will start "locking down," then what will he do? I think the Facebook app could be a lot better, I'm not claiming to be able to code it and what-not but the apps shortcomings can't be all linked to Apple's approval process. That's what I think this developer should have focused on: making the app as amazingly good as possible within the "confinements" that are in place.

    LOL, do you think Apple is rejecting the app because its not 'good enough' when there are 1000's of useless apps?

    You apparently are missing the point. The approval process is not STRICT, its INCONSISTENT. Read support forums for all of these apps, their approval process is a joke. They update something that's causing an issue in their app then Apple finds another reason to reject it, a reason that wasn't an issue the first time, causing devs to work just that much more work.

    If you're going to create an app for THEIR phone I can understand Apple making sure they accept it, but they need a better policy.

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  • American Pie 7 – O Livro do

  • charlituna
    Apr 3, 01:10 PM
    I mean, if BestBuy and others are selling and the rep has not taken a hit, I find it hard to believe that Apple is somehow in danger rep-wise with Radioshack.

    There are actually places in the country that don't have an Apple store or even a Best Buy in a convenient location. Heck I grew up in a town where the closest Walmart was an hour drive away. Target was an hour and a half (Best Buy was in the same strip mall). But even we had 3 Radio Shacks within 20 minutes

    Those areas are likely the 'selected' stores that are carrying the ipad. Which is likely improving Apple's rep because they aren't playing elitist games etc by restricting sales to only those places with the bigger stores.

    american pie 2. american pie 2 4 80eur
  • american pie 2 4 80eur

  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 11, 07:58 AM
    So I could buy photoshop... and use it WHEN I need to for $35 a month? Like I could buy it, use it only once and only pay $35? that's pretty cool.

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  • American Pie 2 Poster

  • cooknwitha
    Sep 12, 01:50 PM
    The two new viewing options are great! It's looks fantastic and makes me glad I've been keeping my cover-art up-to-date!

    Right well, enough farting about.... back to work.

    american pie 2. American Pie 2
  • American Pie 2

  • TMay
    Oct 13, 10:09 PM
    I like your style Nipsy and your points are well taken. I think that a lot of people are just venting.

    Personally, I would find it extremely hard to believe that Apple wants to live and die by a Photoshop metric. On the other hand, Intel and AMD don't seem to be making bank on every speed increase either, which tells me that PC's are price constrained commodities for the most part.

    Apple, on the other hand, is quite aware of the dollars that can be generated with a quick and substantial speed bump in January, especially as most of the bleeding edge types that have stuck their noses up at the 7455 machines.

    I have a dual 500 with a hardware raid (ata66), and I can get a good speed bump by jumping to a 133 raid and 7200 RPM drives, should I need to stretch this a bit more. Then, of course, there are dual 800 and 1G upgrades, though I would need to see quite a price decrease to be interested in these.

    Is it worth it to incrementally bump the machine? Probably not.

    I bought my first, a 128, in Feb 84. There wasn't, for all practical purposes, any software other than MacWrite and MacPaint. Then we went through both the Sculley and Amelio eras.

    Apple has had its up's and down's. Apple's definitely on an up swing now with the release of Jaguar.

    I advocate patience regarding hardware. Apple knows quite well that we want to splend our money. 3 more months, I would think.

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  • american pie 2.

  • SkippyThorson
    Mar 21, 01:53 PM
    Absolutely priceless! I think this is Top 10 material on my favorite MacRumors articles ever list. :D

    Excellent move, Apple. This will be one of those stories thrown around when people talk tech for quite a while.

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  • 2) American Pie 2. 3)

  • spriter
    Sep 4, 02:14 PM
    Come on Apple, an 80GB or higher (120!) capacity 5g ipod please with better battery life (more cache memory) please! Hopefully the Movie Store will push capacity to 80GB-100GB.

    You can keep yer full-blown video iPod!

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  • Image 115135 - American Pie

  • skunk
    Oct 27, 05:55 AM
    Seems weird that a hardware problem is being solved by a software fix? :confused:

    How can a firmware update stop a wire shorting the circuit?As has been suggested earlier, by instructing the controller to ignore anomalous input from the sensor, or by kicking in the fans earlier to prevent rapid expansion of the heatsink on startup, or both.

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  • 223 of 232 photos. Mena Suvari

  • elppa
    Jan 11, 04:15 PM

    1. Airport Express 2.0 with support for video streaming or (Airtunes 2.0)

    2. Wireless AppleTV

    3. WiMax or 3G integrated with new MacBooks

    4. Slingbox to iPhone (as already rumored)

    5. Some sort of iTunes integration with in-flight entertainment

    6. Super-light MacBooks

    7. Phil Shiller suspended from the roof using an ingenious system of wires and runners. I'm sure Phil was made to jump through the air with an iBook in 1999 on to a huge safety mat.

    Earlier this week I saw a rumor about Apple and Garmin joining forces at this years MacWorld. I hope it's true as I bought some Garmin stock earlier this week and already hold 899 shares of Apple.

    Garmin and Disney have partnered (http://www.atmapsend.com/) before and I believe Steve Jobs has more than a passing interest in Disney (board member), so this only adds fuel to the fire.

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  • American Pie 2 Soundtrack

  • TheNerdyNurse
    Mar 23, 03:23 PM
    Eh, you misunderstood me. The main point I was making is that the wife should not be able to prevent such a purchase IF THEY CAN AFFORD IT. In many cases, money itself is not an issue in such a purchase, as the wife would not blink twice in spending that amount on something SHE wants. My point was that sometimes they refuse things simply because they dont see it benefitting THEM- and that is something selfish, and shows a lack of respect. Of course if the guy is blowing $$ on an iPad when they're having trouble putting food on the table, thats an issue. My post wasnt centered on these cases. It made the assumption that it could comfortably be afforded, but which the wife doesnt see the value in it for herself, which is the sole reason of the refusal or the demand that it be returned. And Ive seen this on many, many occasions. I know this guy that brings in 6 figures a yr, yes his wife (who brings in nothing) controls the bank account. The guy has no balls, his wife dictates the purchases, buys whatever the hell she pleases, and gets upset when he spends on anything without consulting her. She doesnt let him buy **** he wants, the cost of which is a drop in the bucket compared to the income he makes, simply because SHE doesnt see the value in it. But like I said, the guy has no balls and takes it, while she spends thousands on shoes, etc without needing to consult him.But hey, some people love that ****. Sometimes you need to do things that give you individual pleasure in a marriage, not always 'pleasure as a unit'.

    Just don't forget that the concept of selfishness goes both ways.

    Its not always the wife is trying to be controlling and wants things only for herself. Its often that the wife is trying to plan for a furture, as someone else mentioned. I just think that is should be a give and take, and honestly, if my husband came home after spending $500 on anything, without consulting me, I'd be fairly upset. Unless he spent like $500 on a suitcase that had $100k in it... well I think i'd get over it. But now, that ain't never happening.

    Its not about asking permission, it is about making decisions together that effect your overall well being. $500 is alot of money to alot of people. And if $500 isn't alot, then no, you wouldn't have to ask. But just because you can still put food on the table, even if you buy that ipad, that is still not a good reason to not discuss the purchase with your significant other. It may not be taking food out of your mouth today, but it could be used for something more productive in the future. Your wife/husband may already be thinking along those lines... which is why you should discuss a $500 purchase with them.

    But this is just my humble opinion. Not saying it is appropriate for everyone, but this is the respect I think I deserve in my marriage.

    And just for further insight, I am the sole breadwinner in my house, and it still took me 4 months, multiple discussions with my husband (in which he always encouraged me to buy it), and the ability to justify it as a learning tool for my son in order to buy my iPad... and food stayed on my table the whole time.


    american pie 2. American+pie+7+actress
  • American+pie+7+actress

  • nemaslov
    Nov 27, 11:18 AM
    My point is, the ping-pong effect, when it was used, was deliberate. It does sound strange now, but I remember when these albums came out people listened to them on headphones and thought the effect was cool.

    I'm no Beatles historian by any means, but correct me if I'm wrong: weren't the first albums recorded in mono? The stereo versions were later, rather crude simulations of stereo, which is why they never made it to CD.

    Yes the first albums were mixed primarily in MONO. Stereo was an afterthought at the time until Hep and really Rubber Soul and Revolver. The old CDs from 1986 have never been ugraded but if you listened to the Yellow Submarine SONGTRACK and now LOVE, you can hear beautiful remixed and remasterd versions that are so very modern. Those old CDs were crap. The Vinyl versions are so much better.

    Norman Maslov Beatleologist http://www.beatlesengland.com/

    american pie 2. American Pie 2 Online Free
  • American Pie 2 Online Free

  • mccldwll
    Apr 18, 06:24 AM
    It's appropriate that Toys'r'Us would carry the iPad 2, an overpriced toy.

    While the iPad certainly can be a great toy, anyone who believes that a powerful, intuitive, easy to use tablet computer is only a toy is a complete idiot.

    american pie 2. American+pie+2
  • American+pie+2

  • NathanCH
    Feb 28, 09:52 PM
    Another shot from the Olympic Revival DDP (Decentralized Dance Party). The two hosts decided it would be fun to move the entire crowd before midnight. I don't think the police were expecting it. Roads were blocked for a good 30 minutes as people just wondered down the street.

    ISO 6400 | 1/100 | Nikon D7000

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5134/5487952106_392928cdd1_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathanch/5487952106/)

    american pie 2. American Pie is a 1999 teen
  • American Pie is a 1999 teen

  • toddybody
    Apr 14, 10:31 AM
    I think Mac sales are directly tied to the Halo affect of the iOS devices. The more they sell there, the more people open up to Mac as an alternative. With Lion having more iOS like interfaces, it will make it even more natural for new customers.

    Certainly to a degree. A Part of that Halo effect is "oh my iPhone is so easy to use, maybe I should give Macs a chance"...you also have to take into account their huge marketing appeal and iOS compatibility angle. Macs are "cool" and "just work" with everything Apple.

    american pie 2. americanpie source
  • americanpie source

  • pizzach
    Sep 3, 05:31 PM
    OMG!!! $400 !?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Now that I am done doing that. The only thing I don't like about people saying you can wait the OS out is that I don't think Apple makes security fixes to those OSes one the newer one comes out. Am I wrong?

    american pie 2. American Pie 2: Finch is
  • American Pie 2: Finch is

  • jephrey
    Aug 8, 08:54 AM
    My speculation is simple... Front row wasn't shown just because they're not ready to release the new cinema displays with built-in cameras yet. My guess is that the price-drop on the existing displays is to move them before the ones with integrated cameras are intro'd.


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  • american pie 2 online

  • stefan15
    Nov 7, 07:05 PM
    I really hope they choose to upgrade the default amount of RAM. 512mb is simply not enough. Sure some of you will argue, but I've tried a Macbook with 512 and one with 1gb and the latter is far better. To me it seems like 1gb is OSX's sweet spot, and 512mb is just barely lacking. I was pretty surprised when they decided to go with 512mb stock in the first place.

    american pie 2. American Pie 2
  • American Pie 2

  • joeboy_45101
    Aug 3, 05:07 PM
    What are these????

    american pie 2. ||Lisa arturo american pie||
  • ||Lisa arturo american pie||

  • iphone3gs16gb
    Mar 29, 02:32 PM
    Man, Apple keeps getting lower and lower. First Walmart, now this?

    Who cares where you buy it?

    It's still an iPad, right? :rolleyes:

    Nov 7, 07:45 AM
    Well...doesn't look like its happening today.

    agree :(

    Apr 3, 08:09 PM
    amazing that this story is believed, when it is just marketing

    Aug 3, 05:50 AM
    As many others have pointed out, this isn't the event it's being made out to be. The fact it's a macbook is pretty much an irrelevance.

    Aug 4, 08:33 AM
    if that banner has everything that apple currently ships/makes - where the heck is the full body iPod??? I looked all over those pictures and only saw the nano. I understand not putting the shuffle up there but the not the iPod - are you serious?? I'm sure this will lend to speculation about nano's getting bigger HD's since there's no regular iPod in sight - haha.
    If Boot Camp is supposed to be one of the biggest new features, where is identification of it on the poster?
    I see on the Far Left Top corner 'Universal' but not boot camp. I finf this strange.
    Does that Universal Logo mean more then just PowerPC+MacIntel? Maybe Mac+PC? 'virtualization'?
    Hmmm...... If you look closely at the banner photo you'll see the "64-bit" logo is awfully close to the photo of the iMac. The current Intel iMacs are not 64-bit since the Core Duo (1) processers are 32-bit. Could this mean that the iMacs are going to get the new Core Duo 2 processers, which just happen to be 64-bit. Same goes for the MacBook Pros
    I know everyone is over-analyzing the banner, but why is iPod pictured close to all the developer tools? Are they finally going to give us an API to program iPod?
    The iSight isn't up there either. Maybe it's getting axed.

    I think this thread has started to become unraveled. It's a freaking banner with somewhat arbitrarily picked/placed Apple products and software people! It's cool that we got to see Apple's welcome banner, isn't that enough?

    But wait, now that you mention it....where the hell is the iPod Radio Remote? :rolleyes:

    Oct 26, 05:33 PM
    Just got my macbook back today.

    They replaced the heatsink (Again), apparently last time they just replaced it with another faulty one because I complained about it taking too long (over 2 weeks) even though they had already come out with another heatsink. This time they replaced it with a better heatsink. So hopefully it hsouldn't happen again. If it's a hardware issue though, I don't see how a firmware update would fix anything.

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