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glass paintings of birds

glass paintings of birds. Birds: Glass Painting / $ 55
  • Birds: Glass Painting / $ 55

  • MacinDoc
    Sep 22, 10:13 PM
    Now edit for speeling.
    If you're correcting someone's spelling, it looks better if you spell the word "spelling" correctly. ;)
    Back on topic, this would be short-sighted of Wal-Mart. Ten years from now, movies and music on physical media will largely be things of the past, much like cassette tapes are today. The change won't come right away, but it will come. If Wal-Mart wants to beat Apple at this game, it will have to introduce its own movie download service.

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  • Peter Weisz
    Aug 8, 07:00 PM
    Can anyone confirm the rumor that Apple has removed the OPTION key from all new Mac Pro machines?
    I guess Options are a sensitive subject in Cupertino these days.

    Yes, Steve did look rather gaunt at yesterday's keynote. But bear two things in mind:
    1. He is a recovering pancreatic cancer victim.
    2. He is either a vegan or vegetarian.

    Steve did seem to rely upon his exec staff more than in the past, but it did give us the opportunity to size them up a bit. A few observations...

    1. Phil Schiller looks as though he could hold his own in a Sumo wrestling bout with Steve Ballmer.

    2. Bertrand sounded as though he was auditioning for the Inspector Clouseau part in The Pink Panther.

    3. Scott Forrestall appeared to be aping Steve Jobs' gestures, mannerisms and speech patterns. Is he the anointed one? Is he being groomed as Jobs' successor? If it happens, you read it here first.

    Like most of Wall Street and the world, I hope that neither illness nor executive shuffling prevent Steve from helming Apple for many decades to come.

    glass paintings of birds. Painting#CST-103:2 Birds
  • Painting#CST-103:2 Birds

  • davelanger
    Mar 30, 01:06 PM
    I am in the same boat and don't know what to do....

    I am just going to wait, I know if I get an iphone 4 now then in 4-6 months the iphone 5 comes out I will be kicking myself. Its just like I couldnt wait a few months for the 3gs when I got the iphone 3g. I was kicking myself.

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  • Aert

  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Sep 6, 08:31 AM
    Anyone knows how the GeForce 7600 GT compares to the Radeon X1X00 series?
    Similar to the X1800 GT?

    Must be better/faster than the X1600....

    On par with x1800, about twice as fast as x1600.

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  • Derekasaurus
    Aug 8, 02:28 PM
    I don't like the Microsoft bashing either...it's just something that gets to me. Microsoft bashing is a waste of energy. Who cares what company did what first, as a consumer I don't care about originality. Just give me something that works. Whatever company can implement the idea the best to provide a benefit to ME, gets my business. Just shut up and innovate (like Apple has been doing), the products will speak for themselves.

    I agree totally. If anything all the bashing makes Apple (and its fans) seem insecure. Just deliver the goods and let the marketshare speak for itself. (Plus the mightier-than-thou attitude alienates PC users and makes them think twice about joining "the cult".)

    glass paintings of birds. glass paintings of irds.
  • glass paintings of irds.

  • citizenzen
    Mar 12, 09:23 AM
    [QUOTE=Sydde;12126014]Probably not, though, because then our tech-toy upgrade cycles would be much less regular, we would have to fix more stuff instead of replacing it, and there would simply not be enough margin to maintain the crucial upper class. So, yeah, practically speaking, we have to./QUOTE]

    One wonders how Japan, the third largest economy in the world, does it?

    They are just as tech-toy advanced as the United States... if not more.

    And they manage to do it while spending only 0.9% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_military_expenditures) of their GDP on defense ($46 billion) while the United States spends 4.3% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_military_expenditures) ($663 billion).

    How is China growing into the next economic superpower while only spending 2% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_military_expenditures) of its GDP ($99 billion) on defense?

    See, I think you have it backwards. You see our massive defense spending as propping up our economy. I think a closer examination will reveal that it is instead is instead, dragging us down.

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  • Bonds79
    May 5, 09:35 AM
    This would absolutely stink over Verizon.

    1. SLOW network

    2. If a voice call comes in, I lose my data session and I have to start over!

    Droid updates come in just fine over 3G, plus i feel the VZW version of the iphone 5 will infact be LTE since the iphone 5 is now delayed!
    In you case, Enjoy att tiered data and if you are on att unlimited data, try an use alot of data then att will claim you are tethering and automatically switch you to tiered data.

    VZW has not done any of this!

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 4, 09:19 AM
    I think you're choosing to miss my point.
    No, I see what you're saying, I just disagree with it...
    Whether Halo had only 4 people, 3 of them would be @$$hats
    ...and this is where you are wrong, in my opinion. But eh, whatever. You're free to whatever opinion you want, and free to play with whoever you want. I'll stick to playing with friends and good players, and having a great time while I do.


    Bungie released some more details about the Matchmaking changes that are coming tomorrow. They are updating and adjusting some of the playlists and map loadouts after observing these last few weeks of play. Here is what they say is coming....

    Team Slayer
    SWAT is taking one in the face (being removed) and the weighting for all other gametypes will be adjusted to fall in line with voting data. Expect � surprise, surprise � more traditional Slayer offerings to appear.

    Team SWAT
    SWAT gametypes that are removed from other playlists are being incorporated into their own, unique playlist with adjustments made to modes and maps based on voting data (farewell SWAT on Hemorrhage, you sucked and everybody hated you).

    Team Objective
    Powerhouse will now feature several more gametypes, including 1 Flag and Stockpile. Because Powerhouse is awesome and we don�t get to play it enough.

    Multi Team
    Rocket Race is being added. You win by staying on the Mongoose and racing to the checkpoints. (Oh, who am I kidding, you�re just going to hop off and try to assassinate people, aren�t you?)

    Big Team Battle
    SWAT and Classic are being removed and the frequency of Snipers is being reduced based on � you guessed it � voting data.

    Arena Doubles
    Boardwalk and �Pro� options are both being removed. Default Zealot is being replaced with Arena Zealot, a map variant which features modified initial player spawns and a soft-kill zone in spaaaaaace.

    Team Arena
    �Pro� options are being removed. Arena Zealot (details above), is being added.

    Score Attack
    Credit earn rates for Gruntpocalypse are being reduced to fall more in line with other modes.

    General Matchmaking
    Alongside the major alterations listed above, a myriad of much needed fixes and tweaks to the experience will also go into effect on Tuesday, including a metric ton of small, but annoying bugs and gameplay issues that we�ve identified and earmarked for eradication. As these updates go live, Jeremiah will publish the full details to our Optimatch forum so you can pore over the subtle nuances of each individual change.

    I'm pretty happy with the changes, more or less. I wish Team Snipers would get its own playlist, like it had in Halo 3, so it could be removed entirely from the standard Team Slayer and Big Team playlists. I'm also happy that they've said the Scorpion is being swapped for a Wraith on Hemorrhage, so that is good as well, as the Tank would more often than not, just end up ruining the game. But I'm SUPER happy that Rocket Race is coming back!! YES!!! I'm going to be playing a ton of that, just as I did with Halo 3. :D

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  • tray3
    Mar 5, 09:43 AM
    Here's Mine... Aperture:f/35 Shutter:1/250

    http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4088/4974351351_7ba0afd1e4.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tathagata_ray/4974351351/)
    Maccaw (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tathagata_ray/4974351351/) by Tathagata.Ray (http://www.flickr.com/people/tathagata_ray/), on Flickr

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  • 6-0 Prolene
    Mar 14, 08:15 AM
    It's a bit of a cross post, but in the "Waiting for Arrandale" thread a member mentioned going to their local Apple store to buy a MBP and the sales associate mentioned that there was a big box in back and apparently some new SKUs popped up in the system. Thought you might want to know...

    So I got sick of waiting on Apple to update the MBP, so I headed down to Delaware to pick one up. While I was there, one of the sales people told me that there was some box in the back, and she really thinks it is the updated ones. She also said about some new SKUs that she saw.

    I'm not sure if she knows what she is talking about, but she said she bought a MBP about a month or two ago and is sad she didn't wait because she didn't know they were updating.

    It seemed pretty promising, so I figured I'd pass it along.

    I have 14 days to return this one and exchange it for a new one if that does happen Tuesday :)

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  • lifeinhd
    Nov 24, 05:33 AM
    Regardless of your musical tastes, why anyone who proclaims to care about Apple's success would begrudge them expanding their catalogue to include one of the most influential bands of the 20th century... well, it's a complete mystery to me.

    That's not quite it. People were annoyed at the fact that the event was so hyped, not that it was somehow a "bad" thing.

    glass paintings of birds. Glass-Painting-Completed
  • Glass-Painting-Completed

  • ampd
    Aug 3, 04:11 PM
    So, 7th or 8th?

    Monday Aug. 7th

    glass paintings of birds. painting Lotus Bird Pond.
  • painting Lotus Bird Pond.

  • GFLPraxis
    Mar 29, 09:08 AM
    BS. 3G was fully matured at the time of release of the first Iphone. It had been commercially adopted for over 5 years at that point in time.

    3G did take more battery life at the time of the release of the original, and the iPhone was enough of a battery hog with its unprecedented screen size and CPU power that it was something of a concern. Still should've had it, but I remember that turning off 3G could significantly extend your battery life on the iPhone 3G.

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  • Glass Paintings: Feng Shui

  • Kristenn
    Sep 14, 09:53 AM
    How is Halo a Quake rip off? The games are nothing alike besides the fact that they are both first person shooters. And as long as we are talking about the Original Quake, it was more like a mid evil DOOM (I love Quake 1 btw)

    Halo brought something new to the FPS genre when it came out and there have been plenty of "Halo ripoffs". The only thing Halo is guilty of is being a FPS.

    It looks good and it looks like they brought back picking up health packs like Halo 1. I just wish the rest of the Halo games would come to Macintosh like the first one did.

    I know I'm dreaming here but the only thing I like about Xbox 360 is the controllers and Halo and Perfect Dark. Only reason I had a Xbox 360. Its broken right now so I probably wont get this game.

    By the way, am I the only person here who thinks Halo Combat Evolved was the best? Halo 3 comes in very close for me.

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  • of paintings of irds and

  • Piggie
    Apr 2, 02:22 PM
    Because no one wants to take pictures with the iPad. I want to list all the situations where the iPhone would be much more accessible and easier to take pictures with...but that would be a huge waste of my time. It's pretty obvious.

    This made me chuckle. Nice dude.

    I want an iPad that takes, at least reasonable quality photo's.
    I would not expect DSLR quality, but if I am out and I have my iPad with me, and I wish to take a photo or a video, then at least I would like it to be of a quality that does the moment justice.

    The silly thing about this argument is you are defending the indefensible.
    There is no reason why a worse item is desirable over a better item all things being equal.

    The only reasons are cost, size etc.

    1mp camera's should have stopped being made years ago. There is no reason to deliberately make anything worse that you can, unless it's marketing and a planned strategy.

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  • Reverse Glass Paintings,

  • ChrisA
    Apr 2, 02:59 AM
    An "Image Sensor" is not a camera. The sensor is part of a camera. In addition to a sensor one needs to add at least a lens, some buffer memory and a controller. Sony makes image sensors for many, other camera makers.

    8MP is way to many pixels for a cell phone camera. The only reason to have so many is for marketing purposes because consumers seem to think (wrongly) that more is better. What really limits sharpness of a cell phone camera is the physical size of the lens. If the lens projects a blurred image onto the focal plane the best sensors will simply make a very good recording of the blurred image.

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  • rhett7660
    Mar 28, 07:33 PM
    If this is anything like the iPhone 4 sales.. there will be very limited stock on hand....Well at least in the stores around my area. Good news for those who want one. Might be able to score one via Radio Shack!

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  • apple1865
    May 4, 10:49 PM
    I think I would want a retina display first. I'd rather wait for battery technology to improve before having an iPad with a shorter battery than my ipad 2.
    This. I know it is far from true, and you will be able to turn it off, but rumors of 3D make me want to go buy an iPad 2 right now. 3D will certainly lower the battery life.

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  • mac15
    Oct 12, 04:42 AM
    macs need to catch up, their Hardware is pretty mediocre, but hopefully it can change

    Oct 13, 07:47 PM
    I have better things to do than rehash a situation that I have no control over. Especially a situation that gets rehashed on a biweekly basis by generally the same individuals.

    Still, four options await:

    complain; then buy a PC
    complain; but wait for what-ever-it-is-that-your-waiting-for
    don't complain; then buy a PC
    don't complain; and wait for what-ever-it-is-that-your-waiting-for

    In the mean time, I suggest that we all prepare ourselves for the reality of faster machines by mastering all of the software that we already have in our toolboxes.

    I'm done...

    Mar 13, 09:12 AM
    Is this an external drive in an enclosure..?

    Yes, here's the link.


    Aug 3, 06:54 AM
    In other words, this attention-craving hacker decided to use a Mac to demonstrate an exploit that is far more threatening to a PC. The chances of a Macbook user a) buying a 3rd party wireless card and b) hooking it up to a Macbook are slim and none.


    Quoted for truth.

    This is the key to this story, and I'm very disappointed in the media for completely missing this. The 3rd party peripheral being used was not secure, and *ANY* computer using this device could be compromised...even a Mac. But they really should point out that Mac's don't need these devices, so it's really a hypothetical demonstration.

    Mac OS X has become the Everest of hacking challenges... these guys just took a helicopter to the top rather than climbing. But eventually, malware that affects OS X will start to create some issues... however, regardless of market-share, the design characteristics of OS X will keep malware from ever becoming the issue it is for Windows.


    May 5, 08:24 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I'm not personally a 3d fan, but I digress- I logged in here to learn more about blue arsed flies - educated me friends, time to run into the nature channel?

    Oct 24, 10:14 PM
    just moved out to the dirty jerz to start my career... got my set up in a new home. also just bought the M-Stand for my laptop and it is quite nice

    I took that picture on the right. Just sayin'.

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