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  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 24, 04:35 PM
    Cheers - I'd forgotten about Halo Wars; I haven't played that. Does that include the 'first contact' between humans & Covenant?
    No, the events that take place during that game are after battle has already started. "First Contact" and the start of the Human/Covenant war happened 6 years earlier than the events of Halo Wars, which in turn is about 20 years before Reach and the following games.

    First Contact = 2525
    Halo Wars = 2531
    Reach/CE/2/ODST/3 = 2552
    Also I read that Reach may not be the last Halo game. Is the world visible at the end of the Halo 3 cinematics a hint to another game, or just 'keeping their options open'?
    Well, Reach was the last Halo game that Bungie are going to make, but you can pretty much guarantee that MS (the owners of the Halo IP) are going to keep it going for as long as they can. It's a cash cow, and a big company like that loves cash cows. Frank O'Connor, one of the writers/creative directors of the Halo universe and games, talked about the ending of Halo 3 at Comic-Con this year. When asked if we would ever find out what happened to Chief and Cortana, he said, and I quote....
    We'd have to be the world's biggest a**holes to not follow through on a cliffhanger like that .... we certainly haven't seen the last of the Master Chief.

    Given that the planet seems to be of Forerunner origin, and there being a new series of books based around the Forerunners coming early next year, I'm going with that as the basis of "Halo 4", whatever/whenever that happens.

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 2, 03:20 AM
    WOW!!!! 8 megapixe?!!!!!!! i remember like 5 years ago when i bought a 200$ camera and it was 6 megapixels and it was considered amazing and here is the iphone with a 8!!! ITS CRAZZZYYY:confused:

    It is crazy, because with the tiny sensors in cheap cameras (and in the iPhone / iPad) you get the best overall results with a 6 megapixels camera. Anything above that just introduces more noise because you don't get enough light per pixel.

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  • sisyphus
    Jul 23, 01:53 AM
    oh my... will the nano do ebooks?

    Dear God! i hope not! That would practically be an exercise in utter futility!

    Good thing my upgrade cycle is coming along... Hmmmm... wait for the 4 core Conroe or not... :D

    This large screen iPod (Newton 2? ;-) has potential to become many many things... Interesting times we live in.

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  • devilot
    Aug 24, 08:34 PM
    I did phone in and after a mere 30 minutes on hold, spoke w/ a rather angry man (who is actually an iPod tech who got called over to handle this battery business) and he said my battery falls within the recall range, but to just re-try the website later.

    I tried, and the web-app is still telling me I have an invalid battery. Argh.

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  • CrazyEngineer
    Aug 31, 04:30 AM
    Pardon me if this post is a spam :) . Will Vista be released & shipped all over the world on 30th of Jan, 2007?

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  • davidjearly
    Jan 11, 05:07 PM
    The banner has a huge :apple: underneath the slogan. It is branded and definitely Apple. Something in the air is probably iTunes Movie Rentals with Apple TV or the new iMac (don't know how something in the air applies to iMac but I'm sure Steve will enlighten us) ;)

    Yeah, thanks.

    When I posted, we only had a single solitary image which had no branding.

    Ignore what I said, I was just speculating as I haven't seen Apple ever deviate from Myriad Pro Semibold. However, it seems they are just using a light version of the same font.


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  • Jackie.Cane
    Sep 12, 05:27 PM
    I like CoverFlow and the free album art but...

    Good god this thing is an ugly beast! From the side navigation panel to the scrollbars and buttons, to the Store itself - this has got to be the least asthetically appealing consumer app from Apple in a very long time. Windows XP style FTW!

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  • akira2501
    Mar 28, 04:57 PM
    apple supports products that come from anywhere so long as it is within warranty. So i don't care how grimy the store is, so long as its legal and the same price, I'll buy it from a grocery store next to the diet coke and raisins. I'll buy it from outback if they sell them. It's all the same. You could even buy them from a guy named dan on craigslist and they'll still support it; so...... awesome.

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  • ssamani
    Sep 12, 02:50 PM
    I've downloaded the dmg and the installer has a customize option. In it there is a greyed out option to install "iTunes Phone Driver"... is that just the Motorola Rokr driver?

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  • Tmelon
    Mar 25, 12:07 PM
    Read the title

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  • ee99ee
    Sep 12, 01:51 PM
    I don't like the dark grey sliders.

    me either.... things really should be standardized


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  • tyler999
    Aug 8, 02:38 PM
    The video of the wireless mac hack has finally been made publically available on Kaneva:


    Just in time for developcon...

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 12:22 PM
    Actually all kidding aside..

    MacBook Light.Or MacBook Lite.;)

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  • citi
    Nov 2, 06:49 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Flash wouldn't even work on an iPhone. It uses 100% CPU on my MBP and video still lags!

    This is probably the reason that Apple doesn't even want to let Adobe make Flash, because they know they would fsck it up somehow.

    And, since iPhones overheat, CPU usage at 100% for any length of time could cause the battery to explode!

    Don't just blame Adobe...blame apple too. It's a code/OS issue. It's works perfectly on PCs.

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  • daneoni
    Sep 6, 09:51 AM
    As much as im not a fan of the iMacs, the price/performance value is impressive. The 24" on an iMac is a little impractical for me...on a standard display yes ...on an iMac no. If i were to buy one (which i'm tempted to) i'd get the 20" model and max it out. Still i prefer the MacPro. Maybe the family will get one for the new desk in the living area as a central system. Good job Apple, while i knew you'd pick meroms i was hoping you'd go with Conroe especially with a 24" version. Oh well.....

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  • skunk
    Apr 12, 01:49 PM
    For example, Skunk if very consistent in his proposition that the Bible is a revisionist book written by man with a specific human agenda in mind. In many discussions I've seen him post comments about the polytheistic history of the Canaanite people. That's one of his key points and he will continue to say so as he feels it is an important piece of evidence for his view.Would you argue that the Canaanites were not polytheistic?
    Would you argue that the Hebrews were not Canaanites themselves?
    Would you argue that the true polytheistic beliefs of contemporary Canaanites were not described in the Old Testament?
    Would you argue that Israelite and Judaean leaders did not name their sons after El, chief god of the Canaanites?
    Would you argue that the prophets were not continually bemoaning the polytheism of their people?
    Would you argue that the "War in Heaven" was not the point at which the polytheism of Israel and Judah was transformed into monotheism, when El defeated the other gods and cast them out of heaven?
    Would you argue that the angels were not the defeated lesser gods of the pantheon, retaining their memories of godhood in their -el suffixes?
    Would you argue that Satan is not the same as Baal/Beelzebub?

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 13, 03:41 PM
    If it's shipping in June, even June 30, how can it not be near final form? I mean when a developer tells me s/w is "nowhere near final form" I'm thinking early beta at best. But 2.5 months from release (assume June 30) shouldn't it be in the bug testing phases and everything else locked up?

    It really sounds like this may be only on the App-store. If so, knock a month off your imagined timeline since they don't have to burn disks, print those huge books, and package them all up.

    So this is more like '3.5 months out' by the old way of thinking of things.

    Also, the way I read this it seems like they're using a version from February at these demos. (Which makes sense that they wouldn't show off the absolute current version. Someone's probably been working on this presentation for awhile.) So what they showed really could be a version that has literally 4 or 5 more months of work going into it.

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  • furi0usbee
    May 5, 02:26 PM
    And it will be called:

    iPad 3D.

    You heard it here first folks.

    No, I actually heard it first from the guy a few spots above you...

    "iPad 3 - iPad 3D

    I could really see that, with the iPhone 3G (it was actually the 3rd phone) and had 3G."

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  • sarge
    Apr 11, 09:37 AM
    Don't worry about it. The guys who can't afford to pay for it and pirate it are usually the folks who just want to "hoard" it rather than use it. If they had any talent to begin with, they'd be making enough money with the tool where the cost of it would be meaningless anyway. ;)

    I can't count the number of people I've met whose livelihoods are made as graphic artists or photographers and are using pirated software. Hard for me to see any justification in that...

    Oct 25, 03:13 PM
    Hackintosh housed insed a powermac G5 enclosure + Apple LED 27" + 15" late 2009 macbook pro.

    Mind giving us a look inside the PMG5 case? ;)

    I've wanted to do a mod like that for awhile, but those cases will easily run $100 for something with scuffs, or $175 for a case without, and I just can't justify spending so much on a case.

    Mar 8, 12:16 PM
    and yet another from this weekend's visit to Loreto ...


    Nov 7, 10:42 AM
    The MacBook doesn't need a Core 2 Duo processor. Apple needs to leave a gap between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

    There's still quite a big difference between the MB and the MBP even if they both have C2D processors.
    CPU speed isn't the only thing to care about you know.

    Mar 21, 02:49 PM
    That's awesome! :D

    Oct 26, 05:47 PM
    I applied the firmware w/o issue... Looks to be running well and my temps are staying more even as I continue to use it.

    43.2 C right now

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