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  • Gandalf77
    Sep 4, 07:49 AM
    I work for one of Apple's biggest distributors, we will receive the new products this week ready for shipment next week....so I would say the 12th is about right.
    We worked out that there is probably going to be a new nano, as we had to order new, very small, product labels. The rest we will know this week, our product file is updated well in advance but the description is only added at the last moment.

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  • ascii42
    Apr 2, 04:12 PM
    Doesn't most of the internet use flash?
    Yeah, mostly for ads though. Use a flash blocker on your browser and see.

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  • roadbloc
    Sep 8, 04:01 PM
    halo = quake rip off.

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  • Lennholm
    Apr 2, 06:25 PM
    Nintendo makes products for 6 year old girls.

    Yeah, just as Apple makes products for non-techies that can't think for themselves, right?

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  • quagmire
    Mar 11, 02:28 PM

    we don't spend 700 billion on troops. Cut the useless technology programs, give all the remaining money to troops and their needed supplies and equipment.

    Someone posted earlier that we spend $158 billion on the troops. A few are cutting it down to around the $100 billion range. So we don't have enough to pay our troops and not enough to keep our weapons modern.......

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  • NT1440
    Apr 26, 02:06 AM
    I'll agree some of the comment's weren't in the best taste. But take a step back and look at some of the numbers they're really are some worrying disparities between black communities and other communities in the US (and apparently Britain as well).


    Almost 80% of black women give birth outside of wedlock. Which is roughly twice the average rate and 3 times the rate of white women. And a dis-proportionate number of crimes are committed by black men.

    I'm NOT trying to claim that there aren't successful well educated black people out there. Obviously there are lots of them (including our current president) but your being delusional if you cannot recognize there are some very serious problems in the black community.

    One obviously needs to consider factors like poverty, lack of education etc. And even today there are certainly lingering problematic ripples from slavery and segregation.

    But there are cultural issues which members of the black community are going to have to confront.

    --> Entertainment Role Models - There is a massive shortage of visible role models in the black community. Don't get me wrong I love rap and hip hop but it is abundantly clear that much of this music glorifies woefully poor behavior.

    --> Language (you might be able to lump this in with education) I would never hire someone who can't speak passable English but never the less this ridiculous cultural lingo persists and propagates.

    There are plenty of other problems to consider, but its seriously important that we start discussing this ****. Because the issues definitely aren't going go away if we close our ears and scream LALALALA !!

    Of course these things need to be discussed openly and dealt with. The undertones of racism and stereotyping needs to be kept out of the process, however, as to make sure any real reforms are made.

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  • zerofour
    Mar 29, 07:40 AM
    Does anybody else see the 9.6 inside the apple?
    Sept. 6th?

    Whatever it means, it's interesting.

    You mean towards the rear of the image? I can see what you mean to some extent. Do you reckon it's intentional?

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  • IntelliUser
    Apr 4, 03:46 PM
    Umm..no. Sorry.

    Uhm, yeah. Saying "this is not true and that's it" is no different than "this is true and that's it."

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 6, 08:45 AM
    Besides, no more Intel Core Solo in Mac Mini.
    $599 - $579 Academic (3.5% off) Big Whoop.
    1.66GHz Intel Core Duo processor
    2MB L2 Cache
    667MHz Frontside Bus
    512MB memory (667MHz DDR2 SDRAM)
    60GB Serial ATA hard drive�
    Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
    Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0
    Apple Remote

    Core 2 Duo will follow after their supply of Core 2 Duo can keep up with other model's needs first - my guess is by Thanksgiving. :) So that report of fulfillment of an order for a Core Solo with a Core Duo was not a screw up mistake on Apple's end. He was just the first to get one.

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  • fierywater
    Mar 11, 02:51 PM
    Lol @ the hoax.

    That said, I wish there were rumors about the white MacBook. I mean, there's been updates this soon before. The current model isn't too bad, though. :)

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 3, 12:43 PM
    Your wife said 'no'?

    You know, this is a question that I've been wanting to ask for a long time, and this is not directed only at you, but to all responses similar to yours I've seen on such topics. It's an honest question I have, because it just blows my mind:

    What the hell kind of relationship do you people have with your spouses?? I mean, seriously??! You need their explicit PERMISSION to buy something you want, with your money, and it gets to their point of people BEGGING their wives to let them buy something, only to be turned down?! How the hell do you get yourself into this kind of dynamic? The only plausible reason that a wife may be against it is if you guys are so short on cash, that $500 will break the account and drive you into poverty? And if this is the case, then you people should have a bit more responsibility than to beg your wives to let you buy something that you clearly can't afford. If you CAN afford it, and it is your $$, then why the hell do you even need to ask your wife in the 1st place, and what right does she have to refuse you? Do your wives make all the money? An iPad isn't a car or a house that needs to be a consensual and debated purchase. Your wife shouldn't have the ability (nor the desire) to stop you from buying one.

    This is honestly something that Id like an answer to. Some of you seem to have a 'child/parent' relationship, instead of husband/wife. If she's the breadwinner of the house, and you mooch of her, fine I'd understand. But if you bring in the $$? Sounds like a disturbing and cold relationship. Why does she get to dominate you and dictate your decisions, void of any debate or discussion?

    When you're married, it's a partnership, and it's no longer a case of "your money" and "her money", but a case of "OUR" money. Once responsibilities are out the way, then personal purchases can be looked at, but unless you're in a job where you have a LOT of disposable income far in excess of what's required to pay the mortgage and many bills, then yes it's only right you make sure you have the money to go out and buy a gadget which, most of the time, only you will use.

    I'm fortunate that my wife enjoys using technology, but I still wouldn't go out on payday and just buy a new gadget without at least letting her know I was doing it, and if I spend money on something, it's only fair she does the same ... which means for whatever you spend, you need to double it and again it's only after looking at bills and responsibilities that you can do so.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Mar 29, 09:06 AM
    I'm eligible for an upgrade in September, so... :D

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  • berkleeboy210
    Sep 4, 09:48 AM
    Didn't they do this last year too?

    In september they had an event for the itunes phone, and nanos. then in october they had another event for the 5g ipod and the imac?

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  • mscriv
    Apr 7, 07:07 PM
    This is not true. There is no specific assertion in the Old Testament of any triune nature of god.

    I could type up a bunch of stuff, but this website (http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/triunity.html) does a good job of covering all the bases regarding our difference of opinion on this matter. Here's two quick excerpts:

    Jews say that the Shema (pronounced Shmah), "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord"1 contradicts the Christian doctrine that Jesus is God. In addition, there are a number of other verses that proclaim that God is one (see God is One). However, the triunity of God is taught throughout the Old Testament, including the Shema! How can a statement of oneness imply plurality? The word translated "one" from the Hebrew is echad, which demonstrates compound unity of oneness.


    Some of the verses above include all members of the triunity (Isaiah 42:1, Isaiah 48:16, and Isaiah 61:1). Therefore, the Old Testament does reveal the Christian concept of the Godhead, with God being one God, consisting of three persons.

    Remember what I said in the beginning. Complete understanding of the old testament comes through knowledge gained by the revelation of the new testament. They really can't be separated in terms of understanding the whole of God's message and work throughout history. Additionally, for the average person (who cannot read Hebrew and is not familiar with Jewish history and doctrine) it could be difficult to see the trinity in the old testament. That's why I suggest to people that they invest in a study Bible, possibly a Bible Encyclopedia, and some commentaries. These additional tools can help bring out the contextual clues provided by the original languages, the historical context, and the skill of cross referencing within the Bible.

    Of course not any interpretation is valid; however, the Bible is very complex and contradicts itself in places. There is no set interpretation that can said to be right, rather a spectrum that can be justified. "Clear" is not a word I would use.

    Again, we'll just have to agree to disagree. The Bible does not contradict itself in it's overall message of God's revelation of himself and plan for restoring the relationship with man that was destroyed by sin. Sure there are differences of application and interpretation regarding secondary matters (food laws, sexuality, alcohol, etc. etc.) and that is why we have different denominations within the Christian faith. However, the primary matter of who God is, how he dealt with the problem of sin, and how he we are to treat one another is clear and without contradiction. That is why I feel confident in telling you that Westboro is "off the mark" because they are not following Christ's example with how they treat their fellow man and how they represent God to others.

    I realize that, to you, what I'm about to say might be viewed as an issue of semantics or "word manipulation", but to a genuine follower of Christ there is no such thing as "my interpretation". I believe what God says in his word and if I am confused about something I look to other parts of scripture to help me get at the correct interpretation of what is confusing me. You see it doesn't matter what I think or what I wish it would say, I come to the Bible with no preconceived notions and let it stand on it's own.

    This is obviously where we part ways. For me the Bible is the product of man. Nothing more.

    I understand. In most, if not all, of these discussions the eventual impasse that arises is centered on the issue of faith. Some choose to believe, some don't. Some are open to putting God to the test, some are not.

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  • NoNothing
    Mar 28, 11:58 PM
    Or just expand it to 2-3 weeks and repeat the event so all can come who want to. I am sure Apple wouldn't mind making a few million more off the event

    They bring in about 7.5 million. Sounds like a lot, right? Let's look at it.

    Figure about 1000 employees supporting it. Remember there will be offsite support as well. Average cost is about $150,000/year. For 1 week. There goes 2.8 million.

    Now, these things do not prep overnight. In fact, employees are already starting the planning on the sessions. My guess is you will have another 2000 employes prepping for 40-80 hours over the next 10 weeks. There goes another.. we will say.. what... 4.5 million. We are 7.3 and we still don't have the Moscone center rented for a week. Lost productivity. Work interruption...

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  • shadowfax
    Aug 2, 05:36 PM
    Well, which is it?

    There aren't enough Macs and Mac users out there to count as anything, or they're all smug and worthy of a slap in the face?

    People can't have it both ways. Actually, I would say it's the easiest thing in the world to have it both ways in this case, because the scenarios you describe aren't mutually exclusive. Remember, the hacker world is not monolithic. While the majority of hackers may consider mac users a waste of time, it only takes one with some time on her hands and a beef against (smug) Mac zealots to write a virus for OS X, and that's that. I can tell you as someone who works with hackers (half of my buddies are at BlackHat this week) that OS X is NOT inherently secure, and that there are plenty of vulnerabilities that surface on it that are well-known in the "hacker" community long before they are made "public," and also long before they are also repaired by Apple.

    OS X is definitely inherently more secure than Windows, but the near-complete lack of viruses/use of other exploits for them is definitely not because they are ironclad in terms of security. That should be abundantly clear from a cursitory reading of the kbase article on the latest security update. Many of those fixes were to rootkit holes! As in, god-sized sized security holes...

    I'm not trying to rant or anything, but I've definitely realized in the last few months of my internship that OS X is not nearly as secure as I'd previously assumed, and also that there are a growing number of hackers that are pissed off--or at least find it amusingly laughable-- that Apple and followers are so brazenly smug about security. I hate Symantec just as much as the rest of you for their shameless plugs of their USELESS mac software, but that doesn't mean that OS X is anywhere near impenetrable, especially if you use simple word passwords--and you bet your butt the average mac user does this, if he even sets a password at all.

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  • Hellscream2005
    Apr 13, 05:15 PM
    Funny how they claim it's supposed to be nowhere near final software, yet it's releasing in a month and a half. I would think this is on bug ironing stage right?

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  • bobert1985
    Aug 4, 10:18 AM
    Here's another link about Blu-Ray and other stuff.



    Fakity fake fake fake.

    He can take a screen capture of a widget in the dock (I could photoshop that in seconds) yet when it comes down to iChat all he can say is "The interface is different, I can't explain why it just is?" No screen caps? Riiiiiiight.


    My sentiments exactly.

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 12, 02:31 PM
    While many people are looking for Apple to integrate a radio tuner into the iPod it isn't going to happen.And some of us are eternally grateful for that... :)

    Get the accessory for extra functions... :rolleyes:

    Aug 3, 08:21 PM
    The moral of the story is that to hack OS X you have to focus your effort on the closed-source software that's in there.

    Everybody thinks Macs are safe because Darwin is open source, tried and tested. But we forget about all the closed-source software that is running with elevated privileges.

    Or the hardware exploits... Been down hill since Intel... X86 hardware exploits likely on the way

    Oct 12, 10:31 AM
    Click for larger. iPhone 4 now has also a dock.




    Aug 3, 03:15 PM
    What I don't understand though is if WWDC is going to promo a load of new products why have a banner that is going to be completely out of date? :confused:

    Indeed. That PM might be fairly pass� by the end of the Stevenote.

    Mar 18, 03:37 PM
    The iPod Classic needs to retire. But they need to bring the Click Wheel back to the iPod Nano.

    Mar 21, 01:53 PM
    Absolutely priceless! I think this is Top 10 material on my favorite MacRumors articles ever list. :D

    Excellent move, Apple. This will be one of those stories thrown around when people talk tech for quite a while.

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