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cell cycle mitosis

cell cycle mitosis. The eukaryotic cell cycle
  • The eukaryotic cell cycle

  • toxicbomber
    Jan 11, 05:20 PM
    I heard from an Apple employee that there is a clue in the slogan. Come on guys, keep speculating! :eek:

    cell cycle mitosis. The eukaryotic cell cycle.
  • The eukaryotic cell cycle.

  • gkarris
    Apr 17, 02:24 AM
    Oh boy, get up early Sunday morning to wait in line with scalpers... :eek:

    No thanks...


    cell cycle mitosis. in mitotic cell division,
  • in mitotic cell division,

  • law guy
    May 4, 09:46 PM
    man i wish 3D would just disappear...

    I have the same reaction to it.

    cell cycle mitosis. Cell Division: Mitosis and
  • Cell Division: Mitosis and

  • kernkraft
    Mar 12, 10:25 PM
    What a clever title for the thread!

    I hope it's not tomorrow, whatever day you read my lines on.

    I am stuck with a 13" MBP and a 15" 2.53 GHz unibody (first one, with the Express Card slot and faulty graphics card). I really, really want a 13-15" anti-glare screen and some serious battery. My current '7 hours' battery lasts less than three.

    And no more fan noise or high-pitched CPU-whine, please!

    cell cycle mitosis. Download image
  • Download image

  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 29, 05:04 PM
    The key point facilitating foreign intervention in Libya is the fact that one of the factions in this civil war invited us to participate, within certain limitations. This is not an invasion, nor is it unilateral action by any party. The entire affair is predicated on 1) The Libyan opposition's call for help and 2) A UN resolution sanctioning the use of force in Libya, with support froom the Arab league (and in this case NATO as well). The actions retain legitimacy so long as this broad coalition can be maintained. Obama has never suggested that the US should or would be involved except as part of a coalition.

    Finally, it is clear that Obama is flouting neither the constitution nor congress by these actions. Any claim to the contrary is either misinformed or disingenuous. That isn't to say I am enthusiastic about the affair, or that I complately agree with the president's war powers as they currently stand.

    But Republicans are trying hard to get maximum political mileage out of their criticisms, with the result that they are overstepping the mark.

    cell cycle mitosis. Cells exit the cell cycle and
  • Cells exit the cell cycle and

  • henk12321
    Oct 12, 09:29 AM
    http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3318/3236823454_ddca5900d9.jpg (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3318/3236823454_ddca5900d9_b.jpg)

    cell cycle mitosis. Cell cycle, mitosis and
  • Cell cycle, mitosis and

  • dejo
    Aug 3, 12:52 PM
    From the blog:
    "We're not picking specifically on Macs here, but if you watch those 'Get a Mac' commercials enough, it eventually makes you want to stab one of those users in the eye with a lit cigarette or something," Maynor said.
    With this kind of angst, why wouldn't they use the internal Airport card?

    cell cycle mitosis. of a cell cycle varies
  • of a cell cycle varies

  • jimN
    Nov 8, 07:38 AM
    How do they know these things? At any rate the stores are down. Exciting stuff but i bet this thread gets more negatives than positives.

    Happy to be made to eat my words!!

    cell cycle mitosis. Stages of mitosis in yeast.
  • Stages of mitosis in yeast.

  • tblrsa
    Mar 25, 05:51 PM
    Downloading this satanic update. ;)

    cell cycle mitosis. cell cycle 1. Cytokinesis
  • cell cycle 1. Cytokinesis

  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 11:35 AM
    for newer phones i heard Sprint is making people give up the SERO plan

    ahh yes, SERO, thanks knew it had a name haha...

    anyways, after searching the sprint site here is what i've found

    SERO rate plans are no longer available for new line activations, although existing customers are allowed to remain on these plans.

    SERO Basic rate plans are not compatible with most Smartphones. If you upgrade to a Smartphone on one of the following operating systems: Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry, Android, Web OS and the Instinct family of devices you will need to upgrade your plan to a SERO Premium rate plan. In addition 4G Smartphone activations will require an additional $10/line/mo. Premium Data add-on charge in addition to requiring the SERO Premium plan.

    So as far as I can tell, as long as you have it you can keep it, and you just need a SERO Premium plan (as opposed to Basic) if you want to have a smartphone and keep your SERO plan. It says you can upgrade though if you are on a SERO Basic to a SERO Premium.

    cell cycle mitosis. M, mitosis phase. Cell cycle
  • M, mitosis phase. Cell cycle

  • KP Nuts
    Nov 12, 03:35 PM
    Amazing, how many half-wits are out there!

    There is a larger issue in Hewitt's statement, which seems to totally go over some people's heads.

    And to the "Facebook sucks" crowd: may be so, but there are a lot more Facebook users, than iPhone users. So it's still important.

    And really, over the last few years, my otherwise beloved Apple has turned into the George W. Bush of PC companies. Look at their newly found moral stance, regarding applications. Or their strong-arm tactics. Or the picking of wars not likely to be in their own interest - like the ones with Google, and Adobe.

    Or, the fact, that the truly religious (and uninformed), blindly follow, no matter where.

    very well put. it's the human condition commercialised. if only apple could step back and see itself for what it has become aside from very rich.

    cell cycle mitosis. The eukaryotic cell cycle is
  • The eukaryotic cell cycle is

  • PrettyMan
    Oct 11, 04:14 PM
    Originally posted by etoiles

    what about high end compositing/film editing ? What about the high end graphics market in general ? 3D anyone ? Apple has been very aggressive buying various software companies and technologies in the field, when are they going to deliver a matching workstation ?

    Wait, please, wait...

    cell cycle mitosis. Mitosis (the M phase) is
  • Mitosis (the M phase) is

  • buffalo
    Sep 12, 06:16 PM
    Can someone give me some idea when the Apple Store Birmingham UK will get the new nano's in stock?

    You could always call the store and ask... Might be quicker and more accurate than waiting for someone else from MR to answer.

    Also some questions... (continued from my post on the previous page)

    Is there anyway to get the new earbuds? The original buds do not fit my (small) ears, and I would like to try something new. Right now I'm using some Sony (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=4503996&st=headphones&lp=10&type=product&cp=2&id=1051806136350) over-the-head headphones.

    Will there be a software update that will bring gapless playback and the other new features to the original nanos?

    Will the original nano dock work with the new nanos?

    cell cycle mitosis. Cell Cycle
  • Cell Cycle

  • BeachChair
    Apr 13, 02:41 AM
    In Brazil any import has about 80% in taxes. That is the way to industrialize the country and make people and companies build the products "in house".

    Building the iPad there would be a very good move since for the huge population and cheap professional labor.

    I'm curious if that is the reason for the Brazil plant. Brazil is famous for having insane prices on foreign technology. This could bring down prices for Brazilian customers. Maybe it'll only be making iPads for brazilians and whatever neighbor countries have good import/export deals with Brazil.

    cell cycle mitosis. context of the cell cycle,
  • context of the cell cycle,

  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 13, 09:48 PM
    In other words, what we saw tonight was nowhere near the final form of the application.

    This statement has me a bit puzzled. FCP is supposed to be out in around 2 months. Are they going to rush the rest into FCP in this amount of time, or get the basics in there, then drag onto multiple updates? Would be a shame to not have it fully ready for release. I'm a little skeptical if the rest will be ready by June. Nothing stinks worst than having a program that's touted a super program, to find out it wasn't ready for release. Just hope apple doesn't rush this one out the door. It looks to put the competition to shame if it can deliver.
    The build they showed was an old build, at least a few months old, and also keep in mind it is basically going to be a version 1 application. Sure there are some things stolen from other Apple apps but I would expect FCP X to have v1 problems just any new app would.


    cell cycle mitosis. Cell cycle block.
  • Cell cycle block.

  • Passante
    Aug 3, 02:27 PM

    Also see: http://www.sci-tech-today.com/story.xhtml?story_id=003000002WEF

    Well I'm back to being a smug Mac user :eek:

    cell cycle mitosis. Mitosis, Cell cycle control,
  • Mitosis, Cell cycle control,

  • gameface
    Mar 3, 09:31 AM

    cell cycle mitosis. The Cell Cycle, Mitosis,
  • The Cell Cycle, Mitosis,

  • Stridder44
    Aug 3, 05:06 PM
    Does this mean that people don't know what's good for them until its drummed into their heads for a while?

    Someone get this man a beer and a medal.

    cell cycle mitosis. Mitosis 2
  • Mitosis 2

  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 2, 06:30 PM
    ... that the Halo community has more than it's share of people who's manhood is defined by playing online from the relative safety of their bedroom.
    By nature of being one of the biggest games in the console space, it is also going to have one of the largest groups of people who are d-bags. And you can be "tired of my pat answer" all you want, but the fact is, by playing with only people I know, I don't have to deal with those d-bags. The tools are there, available for everyone to use. Add more nice players to your friends list, and set your voice settings to "Team Only" and move on. Not hard to do.

    Aug 2, 04:30 PM
    It's nice to know that they're trying to rid this problem.

    The wireless hack or the onslaught of windows switchers?


    Aug 3, 02:19 PM
    Man.. So many thing.

    Well, atleast if it's not at WWDC, those things are likely to appear soon.
    I'm Corssing my fingers, praying everynight that New designed MacBook Pro with Merom comes out.
    If that's all that comes out at WWDC, i'll be happy. I'll be happy if it's annouced and does not ship for a while too.

    Nov 27, 11:27 AM
    "Will you still need me,
    will you still feed me
    when I'm sixty-four?"

    Most people will probably be in the Heather Mills camp and give an enthusiastic, Hell, no!

    My admiration of The Beatles has faded over time, and I suspect that I am not alone. Nevertheless, I hope that Apple can work this deal out so that those who still care can get access to their favorite music on the best device out there.

    Aug 7, 11:31 PM
    Top Secret stuff? You mean like a movie download service? Or a Front Row PVR? iPhone software?

    I find it interesting that he didn't say anything about Front Row and how it would be improved. He didn't say anything about iChat and how it might evolve into a phone service with an integrated iPod/iPhone. In fact, everything they did show are pretty much improvements to existing technologies, except Time Machine (way cool). They didn't add HD-DVD/Blueray to the Mac Pros. I guess what I'm getting at are things that didn't show up are most likely software technologies that have an accompaning hardware device to go with it, and since those products aren't ready they can't spill the beans just yet.

    Mac World in January is going to be amazing!

    I'd say chances are very good we will see Steve give another keynote before the holidays roll around. This will be an event focusing on those "Top Secret" features. Afterall, they can't just release Leopard in early 2007 without showing off these features first. They just have to time it right so Microsoft doesn't "photocopy" it. :p

    By the way, I love Apple's random stabs at Microsoft and Windows Vista. I love it! :D

    Apr 18, 07:00 AM
    Truer words were never written. But that's been true for a long time. Long before the iPad ever existed. They're masters at the bait and switch. They excel at mediocrity in customer service. They've perfected the art of hiring blowhard sales people who will tell you with conviction things I know aren't true before I even walk into the store. They use marketing techniques that border on the illegal, and reek with sleaziness. They build mega-superstores filled with 89% junk, and small pockets of quality products that you have to mine to find. And they strive for the unwarranted up sell and add-on.

    Here's everything you need to know about Best Buy: When they were selling 6 foot HDMI cables for $70, claiming that it cost that much to produce them, I bought a 50 footer on-line for $75. And yes it's still working, five years later. Before anyone jumps on Monster for the overpricing, my on-line distributor told me at the time that he could buy the same Monster cable that BB was selling at $70 for $24. Still too much, for sure. But assuming that BB gets even better volume pricing than him, they were selling it for at least a 200% markup.

    Rant complete. I feel better now... :D

    So, why do you go there.

    Must have been there 4-5 times over the last 10 years. The place "feels" creepy. The sales personnel rarely knows what they are talking about and their pricing is usually too high.

    They feel like the old car dealer ships, where from the moment you come in the start licking their chops:-)

    Good thing we have online shopping!

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