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  • mccldwll
    Mar 28, 05:37 PM
    They sent the cover right away, 5 weeks earley, it was on the same order, that way they could charge the card for the sale earley!:confused:

    If you can't afford a $40 cover on your card for a few weeks you really shouldn't be trying to afford an iPad. Again, aapl.....doesn't......charge....the......card....until......the......specific......item...
    .....ships. But nice try.

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  • grassland
    Mar 2, 04:16 PM
    making sure everything is good:)

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  • Lau
    Sep 14, 03:17 PM
    Most branches of John Lewis are scheduled to have them by the weekend. They actually state Saturday, but knowing our supply chain, more likely Monday.

    Never say never.

    Ooh, fab, thanks, I'll check it out next week. Scotsys said it would be a week or so, but I couldn't find anyone to ask in John Lewis.

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  • mex4eric
    Mar 25, 01:06 PM
    This has been a problem ever since the App Store appeared to; on the Mac one is told to re-download a 4GB application for a few piddly updates in much the same way one is forced to re-download the whole operating system. I do wonder what their rational actually is - when they recompile the whole operating system they're unable to create a piecemeal patch (difference between the new version and old version)? That when they update one thing there is an ABI change that requires the whole thing to be re-installed?

    Maybe they haven't written the "Optimizing" app that links all the little pieces of the OS together. Maybe it is too much trouble for such a small device.

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  • And1ss
    Apr 12, 12:20 PM
    Don't worry.

    If the Chinese economy keeps growing at the same rate over the next decade they will be setting up manufacturing plants in the USA to take advantage of the cheap American labour. ;)

    Doubt it, American labor unions will never allow that. haha. Plus, China won't have problems finding labor in the country.

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  • Westside guy
    Aug 2, 11:12 PM
    Some of you should consider getting a smug-ectomy - this looks like a proof of concept more than anything else. Depending on exactly where the point of vulnerability is (which is not totally clear, perhaps intentionally) down the road this could have implications for built-in airport cards as well.

    A couple years ago a security researcher discovered an Internet Explorer exploit that took advantage of a jpeg vulnerability. For this exploit to work, a user had to drag the image from the browser and onto their desktop, so many people blew it off - I mean, who would be stupid enough to do that? Well, after a bit more time other hackers (please don't bother "correcting" that) figured out how to take advantage of this exploit with some specially crafted script that could leverage the vulnerability without actual user interaction required.

    I would agree that, at this moment, it's not a problem most Mac users need to worry about. But blowing it off completely is sophomoric at best.

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  • dhlvrsn
    Sep 22, 02:47 PM
    Not one mention of the STUDIOS in this thread? Ever think that maybe they leaked/exagerated this news to take the attention off of themselves?

    Oh no, big bad Wal-Mart won't let us do it...

    No arguement what Wal-Mart is doing should be illegal. There is so much that goes against many laws that they somehow weasel their way around it's frightening. That said they aren't the only one nor are the ultimate problem in video distribution.

    The studios are stepping over dollars to save pennies. They've put a stangle hold on content claiming to protect the artists... Look at iTunes. Even some of the most ardent opponents have now let their music be distributed that way. In the mean time they only hurt themselves.

    I can't imagine that too many studios will sit back and watch Disney dominate the iTunes scene. No matter what Wal-Mart says. There is a perfectly good market for HD growing that I don't see online downloads taking over any time soon. Even with DSL I can't imagine waiting for 50GB to download...

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  • gauchogolfer
    Aug 3, 12:46 PM
    OK, so their inital aim was implicitly to get in-the-face of smug Mac users. And then Apple "leans" on them, so they go all nicey-nice and 'decide' to a USB wifi card instead? Doesn't this seem slightly odd to anyone else?

    It certainly strikes me as being a bit off, as well. I didn't think about it until you mentioned it, though. Seems like a pretty abrupt about-face.

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  • fluidedge
    Jan 11, 04:21 PM
    Don't we post the 'tagline' every year?

    Does anyone have the list of the slogans for the last few years and how they related to any product releases?? I believe this is a deliberate red herring by Apple. Pigs might be in the air - flying?

    Either that or its something small(ish) like new Airport Express iTunes streaming thing. Maybe trying to make 2008 the year that everyone does away with CDs and downloads all their music and streams it around the house.

    What about an Apple Radio of some sort? Able to play DAB radio and stream your iTunes.

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  • B.winkle
    Nov 23, 10:17 PM
    Yeppers. The Beatles were a great musical group. Innovative. They changed the music of the times. They began as pop and morphed into serious musicians with unique sounds. The White album was a landmark album. I wonder what the analysis will be in one hundred years? Bach=like? Probably....

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  • Chris Bangle
    Sep 5, 11:10 AM
    Man I'm so sick of this crap..

    WHAT media event ??

    Anybody got a link to an ACTUAL invitation?



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  • DJMastaWes
    Aug 3, 02:19 PM
    Man.. So many thing.

    Well, atleast if it's not at WWDC, those things are likely to appear soon.
    I'm Corssing my fingers, praying everynight that New designed MacBook Pro with Merom comes out.
    If that's all that comes out at WWDC, i'll be happy. I'll be happy if it's annouced and does not ship for a while too.

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  • reynavictor
    Apr 12, 12:26 PM
    This is long overdue for Foxconn. What if a natural disaster happened (heaven forbid) in Shenzhen?

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  • henrystar
    Apr 13, 03:34 PM
    I am NOT into "talkies" - I think they are called "movies" now? But what excites me, especially as an AAPL investor (mostly at $4/share) is the vision of iSteve and his team. Where the hell would we be if we only had that other fellow...yes, I'm pleased that fellow donates for world health, God bless him....

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 6, 08:15 AM
    May I be the first to say: Where's our desktop?
    *next* Tuesday ;)

    Merom in the iMacIntel does leave a space in the lineup for the Conroe Mini-Tower.

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  • elook
    Aug 24, 01:49 PM
    Can anyone verify which serials are the right ones? The press release and the Apple site differed (before it died). I'm in the press release range, not the Apple range. :confused:

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  • fireman32
    Oct 15, 06:57 PM
    Just got my new desk and got it pretty much set-up. I am going to get the wireless keyboard and mouse this weekend from the apple store. Sorry for the poor quality my camera broke and I am using my phone. Let me know what you think.

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  • mashinhead
    Sep 12, 04:59 PM
    i like iTunes 7 but have 2 questions

    First i bought some music off itunes which i notices is the Clean version of the album. i didn't mean to buy these its just the clean vs explicity signs are too subtle. Can i get these changed.

    And second, What about the shows i already bought, can they be converted to the higher res. cos that would suck otherwise.

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  • JelmerHT
    Oct 21, 04:28 PM
    http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads3/4cc0af9159461/4cc0af9158c96-DSC_3093.thumb.jpg (http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads3/4cc0af9159461/4cc0af9158c96-DSC_3093.JPG)

    What you see is :
    Dell 2309W screen, lovely thing!
    MBP 15" 2.4ghz i5, 8gb, Anti-glare hi res screen
    Keyboard, magic trackpad and magic mouse

    Sep 4, 01:23 PM
    My predictions:

    September 12th
    New iPod nanos and iMacs, price drop on 5G iPods

    October 23rd
    New 6G Video iPods and Movie Service

    Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 11, 09:36 AM
    Please don't tell me that anyone that actually needs the CS apps can't plunk down $450-$1000 for the EDU version, but will shell out $3000 for an overpriced Mac Pro?

    Students pay either less (edu-discount-not just in the U.S.) for their Mac, buy a refurbished model or buy a used Mac from the previous owner. In the best case, this reduces the price of a previous generation Mac to one third or even to 25 percent of the original price.

    And who says, students are rich? You, or what!? *lol*

    Sun Baked
    Nov 23, 03:07 PM
    In 40 years let's see how Justin Beiber and Lady Bla Bla are selling. Rock on Beatles!

    Thos two might get a mention in 40 years for a musical edition of Trivial Pursuit if that is still being updated.

    Still nice to see that the Beatles can top the charts.

    May 5, 09:16 AM
    Why so many negatives, I love 3D stuff when it's done correctly. Lots of fun in my opinion. Though I really doubt Apple would put a 3D screen on the iPad.

    Nov 8, 09:06 AM
    Good, now everyone can shut the hell up and stop bitching about the processor. But still, you all should've just bought the machine a while ago rather than wait until now.

    And I swear, if there is any talk about Santa Rosa and when it's going to be in the MacBooks, I'll break some shins.

    yeah, I should've stop bitching and bought it two weeks ago and missed out. :rolleyes:

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