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  • trapperjohn117
    Oct 26, 06:32 PM
    ok im going in! hopefully my blackbook will emerge unscathed.

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  • quagmire
    Mar 29, 02:28 PM
    Only because the US were supplying the British and not supplying the Germans.

    Like I said, I know that. But, if I am remembering correctly they were supposed to let the men get off the ship before the U-Boats would sink them. The Germans failed to do that.

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  • megapopular
    Nov 12, 01:12 PM
    Couldn't all Facebook apps also be approved by default, and only be given access to a user's personal information by explicit consent of that user?

    Like the world has done such a bang up job of being trustworthy, lol. Apple has to do what they believe they have to do to survive and thrive. They haven't done it by the conventional/popular ways of thinking. I never said that Apple is perfect or that their approval process is just right. But it is what it is. People aren't all trustworthy, that's probably a reason why they clamp down (whether right or wrong in certain instances) on app approval.

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  • gturban
    Apr 11, 03:42 AM
    The best thing about this release is that now they will probably come out with a release for cs5 fixing all the bugs! They normally save the "golden master" till just after they released the next version...

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 12, 04:35 PM
    Am Encoding H.264 Baseline Profile 640x480 To Test Old 5G Compatability. Takes much longer. Will report success or failure when it's done in another 40 minutes - about 3:15pm Pacific.

    iPod 1.2 update software made no mention of this newer H.264 maximum dimension feature. If it works it means a whole new paradigm for Video iPods. The 320x240 pixel restriction for H.264 to date made it a highly unattractive codec to use. Now it's a whole new ballgame if it works. HDTV May be encoded 640x360 max in H.264 for a much better encode. Crossing my fingers this will work. Please pray with me now. ;)

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  • hulugu
    Aug 19, 12:26 AM
    The macbook was hacked in 60 seconds. Why it was hacked or whoose software was responsible is irrelevant. The macbook was HACKED, PERIOD!.
    End of story.

    :eek: :mad:

    That the MacBook was hacked using a third-party card and third-party drivers isn't irrelevant, it's the whole point. :rolleyes:

    There's an important difference between standard configuration and this set-up which makes it so much easier for the MacBook to be hacked. Your cheerleading aside, no Mac is hack-proof, but there's a big difference between breaking a lock and opening it because someone left the keys in the door.

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  • VirtualRain
    Mar 1, 11:39 AM
    Kayak's on the Seymour River


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  • Tommyg117
    Aug 2, 09:25 PM
    bad news. I better tell my girlfriend. How many macbooks does this affect? All of them?

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  • MacFly123
    Nov 3, 04:18 PM
    Frankly, the vast majority of users, and developers, and content providers, DO NOT care what you personally want, no matter how much you roll your eyes.

    Flash is on virtually every computer on Earth, and pretty soon it will be on virtually every smart phone as well. Except the iPhone, of course.

    Flash works very well, for the vast majority of users. The fact that Apple has not expended the minimum effort required to get Flash working more efficiently in OS X, is mostly problem for only those relatively few of us, who prefer to use Mac OS.

    (In my testing on OS 10.6.1, Safari is by far the worst of all browsers at handling Flash: it pushes the CPU to 77%, while Firefox and Camino stay at less than 49%. Safari is also by far the worst on Windows 7, where on the same video it runs to almost 30% of CPU, while IE8 is at 1%, and Firefox and Chrome are at 4%.

    The vast majority of users enjoy what Flash provides.

    And, Flash does things which would be impossible, or very hard, or prohibitively expensive, to do with other currently available technologies, and deploy them for all browsers and systems.

    So, I repeat: the rest of the world DOES NOT care, that you, and a handful of weird backroom guys, have an irrational hatred of Flash. Move on.

    The bottom line is, if Apple doesn't get Flash on the iPhone, it will quickly lose market share to Android. It's a HUGE missing feature, bigger than cut/paste and turn-by turn navigation and mms rolled together, and you can bet it will be advertised as such.

    Agree to disagree!

    However, it is not just me. Anyone that knows the history of the web and the technologies behind it including flash does not like Flash, and knows that it is an inefficient and unnecessary piece of crap. The fact that one of, if not the most powerful tech company on earth agrees might make you think twice! :rolleyes:

    What do you think Apple stands to gain from this? They are pushing OPEN STANDARDS! And if Flash is such a gaping hole in the iPhone why would such a huge powerful company let a flagship product wilt when there is nothing to gain from it for them? Think about it, that is how crappy Flash is!

    Personally I am happy that there is a company out there like Apple that will do whatever it takes to push progress and top of the line technology in ways that no other company has the balls to do! I am glad that they are determined to weed out inferior technology in the name of progress! They even obsolete their own products at the hight of them being the most popular gadgets on earth, and WHY?... Because they thought of something cooler. You know any other company with the balls to do that? No, they would just milk the product as long as they possibly can, and then serve a minor update that isn't too cost prohibitive.

    Ya, I'll stick with Apple's M.O. Thanks! :p

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  • wildmac
    Nov 6, 11:07 PM
    All I want is a real graphics card.

    All I want is the bugs fixed. :D ...and a faster processor, and the graphics card, and the updated Airport, and better cooling, and... :rolleyes:

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  • evilgEEk
    Sep 4, 02:50 PM
    I love the idea of a movie section on the iTMS, but without a next gen iPod Video to go with it, I don't think it will do well. I say this because I just have a feeling Apple will offer the movies at current resolutions, which is awful for movies.

    If they offer the movies at least at DVD quality with true surround, I'm on board.

    But I still want an iPhone. ;)

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  • goosnarrggh
    Nov 8, 09:37 AM
    But does the 1GB use one memory slot or two?

    As long as the MacBook continues to use integrated graphics, you will never see Apple shipping them with single-memory-stick configurations. Unlike the MacBook Pro, using mismatched memory sticks in a MacBook's slots actually results in a potentially painful performance hit.

    That's because, if the memory inserted in all slots are perfectly matched, the memory manager can handle multiple requests at once: one access for each memory slot. The GMA950's memory is ideally all grouped together on one memory stick. This way, one stick will never be tied up servicing the GMA950, so the CPUs will always have exclusive access to it. Only the single "shared" stick ever needs to be deal with possible contention from multiple masters.

    If you only have one memory stick, then the CPUs and the GPU will always need to fight each other for their turn at accessing memory.

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  • aristobrat
    Oct 27, 07:45 PM
    Good: Notebook is only 30� C
    Bad: Fan blasting @ 6KRPM (really unnecessary, can't even use this in class without disturbing the rest of the people in there)
    Your fans always blast at 6Krpm? That doesn't sound right. Have you tried resetting the PRAM?

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 28, 08:30 PM
    Are we under the assumption that the Lion upgrade will be $29?

    I haven't been around for a release past Snow Leopard so I'm not sure what to expect.

    Past upgrades have been very reasonable. Unlike Microsoft that depends on the price to help pay for development, Apple's hardware helps subsidize the OS development. So, it's assumed it will be a very reasonable upgrade price.

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  • cmwhitley
    Mar 29, 12:48 PM
    You're right. How insensitive of them to not base their business decisions on your upgrade cycle. No, wait. That's ridiculous. Never mind.

    If the reports are to be believed, if they were to release iPhone 5 in June it wouldn't have LTE. You'd just be getting a slightly upgraded version of the 4. Wouldn't you rather wait another 4 months and get something much more future-proof?

    As I said, they have the right to release their products when they want. I'm not suggesting that they release new updates based on my upgrade schedule. BUT, it's still not cool with ME, because of the way my upgrade schedule is falling. I get it; that's MY problem, not Apple's. But it's still a problem.

    The point is that I'm gonna need a new phone soon. I'd like for that phone to be an iPhone--I love the product. But I can't see putting up with an already frustratingly slow piece of equipment for another six months in the HOPE of getting something more future-proof; especially when I have the option of purchasing something else now that is already more future-proof than the iPhone 4.

    Has anyone explained WHY a June iPhone couldn't have 4G capability, when Android phones like the Atrix already do?

    BTW, I'm not trying to be snarky; I just had my hopes up for a summer iPhone release (since Apple has released a new model every summer since the original). I'm just a little disappointed. Bad timing, I guess.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 08:23 AM
    I assume you mean headless tower since all the iMacs and the MAC Mini are desktops......... Oh wait, isn't the MAC Pro a headless tower?

    Mac, not MAC. They're different things.

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  • Postal
    Oct 12, 03:28 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Apple cares (at least to the degree that they want you to have enough reasons to buy), and I think the issue is mainly with Motorola.

    However, I don't think any of us could honestly say whether it's because Motorola can't, or simply won't, put out the speeds and volumes that Apple would like. The G4 is indeed clock-limited (the higher the number of pipelines, the harder it is to speed them up); at the same time, they've gradually been disinterested in the CPU market. Their financial situation hasn't helped either.

    It's difficult for me to blame IBM; yes, for the longest time they've been reluctant to include vector multimedia extensions (i.e. VMX, or something eerily similiar to Altivec) in a desktop-oriented PPC, but there hasn't been much doubt as to their capabilities for manufacturing. They said last year that they could get the G3 (in the 750FX version) up to 1 GHz, and they presumably didn't simply because it would have killed incentives to get the Powerbook. A lot of the speculation about the flat-panel iMac in late 2001 was that the iMac would have a 1 GHz G3 processor.

    Now that IBM seems to be including VMX in their desktop Power4 variant, I wouldn't be surprised if IBM gladly stepped in and gave the lineup a good kickstart.

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  • kallisti
    Mar 9, 08:58 PM
    I seem to be fixated on messy photos of bare trees this week. 8s exposure on a cloudy night.


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  • bluedevil14
    Oct 15, 06:16 PM
    oh steve jobs you make giggle so
    but hes right, it is unbelievably nerdy to try and pick up chicks by beaming music over

    Aug 8, 05:52 AM
    I think you can control when the data gets backed up, and it would be good if you could delete versions after a certain time. They must have the scenarios worked out, otherwise for my 40GB iBook HD and 80GB LaCie external drive, I'd need about a TB * to be able to go back in time for the year of changes.

    *This wasn't a true estimate, just an exagerrated guess...

    Aug 24, 03:02 PM
    Well then I hope they change it and recall more. Because even though my serial # doesnt match, my computer still burns up AND I'm only getting 2.5 hrs on a full charge.

    Aug 29, 10:31 AM
    Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_nr_i_16/002-8029411-1096001?ie=UTF8&keywords=Vista&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AVista%2Ci%3Asoftware&page=1) has Vista available for Preorder at the above-mentioned prices
    There's only 13 versions to choose from!:eek:

    Oct 15, 04:01 PM
    There's been a debate for years over the differences in users between Mac & PC. One postulation is that Mac people are more savvy and personable, and will do something like walk over to a girl and offer up an ear bud, while the PC person would be too socially awkward to do that. Hence the difference in Jobs' idea of "sharing" vs. Bill Gates' version. One is social, the other mechanical.

    Whether it's a true stereotype is up for grabs, but I can't help thinking that Billy hates Steve for being the "cool kid" even after becoming the richest person in the world.

    Haha, that's the best part. And it's so true! Walk your ass over to that girl and sit next to her and share your music with her. Screw this "beaming it over" nonsense.

    Sep 6, 10:27 AM
    well, I've ordered my 24" iMac.

    Stock-standard, 2-4 days shipping. Well, stock-standard barring the 2 x 1GB Corsair sticks I've already bought to go in it... :P

    My first mac :)

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