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  • JoshRtek
    Aug 10, 01:32 PM
    Do Configure-To-Order Macs ship from overseas, or from within the United States? Or does it depend on what it chosen as one's configuration?

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  • mstur
    Jul 23, 04:19 AM
    Have you ever used a Palm ? Palm ebooks have been around for years, and could not save the Palm platform...
    I have bought several of these, stored them on a SD card, and: never got around to read them. It is simply not good to read on such a small screen ! When the first Voyager Hypercard ebooks came out, I used my Powerbook 100 to read "Jurassic Park" during a beach vacation (of course not on the beach, but in the evenings). I kept several of these Hypercard books in my Mac, and used to read them in my office when I had some spare time. I am also using my iPods for audible audiobooks. But even on my PAlm TX I never read more than necessary. It is annoying to have these short lines and to scroll all the time. This is definitely NOT a reading experience !!

    And: Steve Jobs never will NEVER implement anything in an iPod which has such a long and miserable history as ebooks...

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  • Mammoth
    Oct 15, 05:15 PM
    Yes, that is a very nerdy/geeky thing to do. "Zune"-ing music wirelessly is only something geeks can come up with, whereas Steve's suggestion of sharing earbuds is so much cooler and, dare I say it, sexually suggestive! ;)
    As much as I would like that feature for file transfer, it is too geeky and I'm sure it will be too cumbersome for your average consumer to use.

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  • chasemac
    Nov 28, 01:37 AM
    The Beatles don't need iTunes! They have Cirque Du Soleil .:rolleyes: Anyway, how are those LOVE CDs doing?:) Better on iTunes with some special extra tracks I would guess.:)

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 17, 02:49 AM
    Toys R Us...Apple is SERIOUS about positioning the iPad for gaming and entertainment...maybe even education. I can see an iPad waterproof enclosure in the near future.

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  • kresh
    Sep 4, 07:58 AM
    Are the new Nanos still going to come with the Samsung Chip? I hope so.

    It's a shame that these $65.00 chinese 1GB MP4 players with the Samsung chip have MP3 playback - Video - FM Radio - eBook Reader - Photo Viewer - Voice & FM Recorder, yet the Nano at three times the price does not! ( linky: http://www.uxcell.com/uxcell/retail/item/showItemLayout.php?action=showItem&id=mv0blk1024mp022 or http://www.uxcell.com/uxcell/retail/item/showItemLayout.php?action=showItem&id=mv0wht1024mp029 or http://www.uxcell.com/uxcell/retail/item/showItemLayout.php?action=showItem&id=mv0blk1024mp031 or http://www.uxcell.com/uxcell/retail/item/showItemLayout.php?action=showItem&id=mv0blk1024mp015 or http://www.uxcell.com/uxcell/retail/item/showItemLayout.php?action=showItem&id=mv0blk1024mp035 or http://www.uxcell.com/uxcell/retail/item/showItemLayout.php?action=showItem&id=mv0pur1024mp033 )

    The Nano with these features, plus iTMS, will withstand anything coming from Sandisk, MS, Creative, or the cheap Chinese imports.

    Bring them on! My kids just can't wait. (me too) :)

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  • NAG
    Apr 14, 10:23 AM
    My 2008 Dell 1525 (Cost $400 new) short of the EFI/BIOS difference, is spec'd identically (same CPU, GPU) to the 2008 13" Mac Book Pro and runs 10.6.6 and just fine.

    Battery life? Not saying it isn't worth it to you. Just saying, there are trade offs (which you are well aware of, most likely).

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  • dlewis23
    May 5, 08:50 AM
    Blow through your data cap with 650MB downloads for every point update? Not happening until Apple can deliver smaller downloads for updates.

    No, it would have to not count against your cap. If it did count 1 update would put people over who are on the 200 MB AT&T data plan.

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  • Arquelis
    Aug 3, 02:52 PM
    Well the mac pro will look just like the power mac G5

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  • Sydde
    Mar 11, 04:14 PM
    To those opposed to doing drastic cuts.....what do you plan to do to deal with the hundreds of millions affected if the country goes bankrupt?

    As for our military.....we are so massively superior to any other nation, it's not like we are going to be at risk even if we do massive cutbacks in military spending.

    Again, the military is inextricable from the economy. Not only are large sectors heavily dependent on military spending (like the town of 150,000 just west of me, that would utterly collapse if its two bases were closed), but a weaker military would risk tremendous losses in international commerce as foreign nations take back control of their own markets and resources absent the pressure of potential American military action.

    If you want to cut the military budget significantly, you had best have a really good plan in place to deal with the consequences. I think it is unlikely that our brand of "capitalism" would last long without a strong Pentagon.

    (Which could be a good thing, in the long run, but a treacherous bridge to cross.)

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  • NT1440
    Mar 15, 01:41 PM
    Has fivepoint even commented once on his own thread? :confused:

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  • pixelpp
    Sep 4, 08:01 AM
    If the movie store is announced on the 12th, I'm guessing the Aussie store will arrive some time in 2009 :) though maybe movies don't have as messed up distribution rights as music, but don't hold your breath.

    I am not holding my breath, (i only have a ~3 breath anyway), if they have to talk to all of our movie corps, I don't like there chances...

    But if there's anyone that can do it, Its Apple.
    Tamworth Baptist Church (http://www.tamworthbaptist.org.au/)

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  • Edge100
    Nov 27, 02:17 PM
    I agree and disagree.
    agree that the mono mixes are better. but leave the stereo ones alone. they can remaster them if they want... but I dont think the actual mixes should be messed with. I certainly dont trust Sir Paul to be sitting in front of the mixing console saying to George martin "hey, can we turn up the sap?" if all the beatles were alive, maybe. but I'd rather them release the albums with both Stereo and mono mixes on them. like Beach boys did with Pet sounds (and its still only 12.99)

    Sounds like a plan. Agreed, Paul shouldn't be left alone at the console! The result is: Let it Be...Naked.

    But remastering is critical. As is easy access to what was originally intended: mono.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 14, 01:27 PM
    That would be totally irrelevant.

    Except for Apple, they all build the same old PCs. Because they all build the same product, sales can move from one company to another company very, very quickly, as we can see from the enormous growth followed by a very quick fall of Acer. Apple has 9.3%, so the rest has 90.7%. It would be possible with these numbers to have nine companies selling more than Apple. If Apple doubles their share to 18.6%, you still could have four companies selling more than Apple.

    Right. My point is that Apple's market share is increasing to to increased sales in PC's rather than other companies' failures. As their percentage increases, the number of companies that could possibly simultaneously have greater market share decreases.

    Apple's position in this chart doesn't matter one bit; not even the market share really matters; the thing that matters is how many Macs are sold. If HP takes a few sales away from Toshiba, Apple comes third. But if Acer takes a few sales away from HP instead, Apple comes fifth. What does it matter? (BTW. The IDC report at macobserver shows Apple fourth, with Acer having lost a lot more and coming fifth, not third).

    As Apple's sales increase and the sum of the competitions' decrease, Apple's market share has to increase. They can take away from each other but if they are all losing sales then Apple has to go up.

    If Apple is selling tons of products, in a market with plenty of competitors, how can they be not competitive? 9.3% of buyers in the USA decided that for their money, a Mac is the best computer they can find.

    I see Apple slowly rising to a respectable 15% market share over the next few years. Again, the top market share will likely be below 30% so 15% is very good. 9% is very good. HP may increase market share for a while with decrease overall sales of other windows PC sellers but that won't last. If they break 30% it will be temporary.

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  • iDemiurge
    Apr 11, 08:59 AM
    Do I understand this correctly? You have to pay the same for an upgrade no matter if you have CS5, CS4, or even CS1? If you don't want to wait for CS6 you pay double?

    This thing should be gradual and reasonable. Heck, for CS5 owners an upgrade they didn't dare adding a full point to should be free. Talk about market power here... Sure those who need it and make money with it will pay for it. But it's so cheeky it tickles.

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  • Zadillo
    Aug 2, 07:40 PM
    Wait a second. They use a 3rd party wireless card, and he said in the end that "the flaw is not in the Apple operating system as we used 3rd party hardware". I'd say that's quite different from the impression I got from reading the macrumors headline here. A default MacBook using the built in Airport isn't vulnerable as far as I can tell.

    Yeah, I'm curious about that too. I have to admit, I didn't even know you could use a third party wireless card with a Mac. It does seem kind of misleading, cause I just can't imagine how many people are even out there with MacBooks that are using this third party wireless card.

    Is this at least a driver that is built into OS X anyway, or is it something you would also have to install along with the third party wireless card?

    It does seem pretty misleading to me, because I think the way this story is being presented is that Apple is basically shipping MacBooks that could be exploited right out of the box, and that doesn't sound like it's actually the case.


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  • ArchaicRevival
    Apr 17, 06:39 PM
    How. Many. Full. Stops. Do. They. Want. To. Cram. Into. One. Advert? Have they ever heard of the comma? It's this really useful little squiggle that can be used to separate items in a list.

    Oh don't even get me started on Best Buy advertising.

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  • MacinDoc
    Nov 1, 12:40 AM
    Switched to macs back in 2001 and while I love the OS I have had a continuous stream of hardware problems with all apple products I have bought:

    iBook G3: logic board died and replaced 3 times

    iMac G5: CPU got so hot the machine almost melted! So far I have had the logic board replaced 3 times.

    MacBook: Random shutdown syndrome, faulty mouse and track pad, palm rest discoloration. Currently in for repair again!

    iPod: hard disk and battery both died

    EDIT: and don't get me started about the abomination that is the so called mighty mouse. The thing barely lasted a week!

    Apple have really got to get there quality control sorted out. So what if the OS is great if the continual hardware faults mean you can't actually use the damn thing!

    One cheesed off mac user.
    Your experience is clearly not representative. My family and I have had 9 Macs, and no hardware problems ever. And large surveys, including those by PC Magazine and Consumer Reports, have shown that Apple desktops require significantly fewer repairs than any other brand out there.

    Either you are trolling, or you are the most unlucky Mac user I have ever heard of...

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  • thisisahughes
    Apr 2, 03:19 AM
    I would be slightly worried about jailbreaking an iPhone 5 then. Sony might claim ownership of the damn thing and sue you for doing so.

    you beat me to saying it.. +1.

    Mar 12, 06:39 PM
    I just ordered the new 2TB Western Digital, it says it is for PC only, as it is formatted for NTSF, but it'll work on my MPB, right? Even if I have to re-format it?

    Aug 29, 08:31 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Yesterday, Microsoft inadvertently released the pricing of its upcoming OS called Vista on their Canadian website. The prices were picked up by the NeoWin blog (http://www.neowin.net/index.php?act=view&id=34770) and are also neatly layed out at Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_vista#Editions).

    Vista Home Premium will retail for $239, with upgrades available for $159. Additional licenses will be available for discounts as well. Vista Home Premium edition has evolved from XP Professional, Media Center, and Tablet product lines, and probably is also the edition which can most closely be compared to Mac OS X.

    Many comparisons have been made between Vista and Mac OS X, and with many expecting Apple to continue its pricing tradition of $129 for Leopard (Mac OS 10.5), further comparisons can be made on price as well.

    All prices in USD

    Mar 12, 09:23 AM
    well for me is more like i dont want to pay nearly 2000 euros for a machine thats 9 months old and may be updated in a few weeks.. it may not but i rather wait and spend my money wiselly..at least thats my opinion

    Apr 15, 03:53 PM
    Not surprising really. Anyone I know who was 'curious' about switching changes their mind once they have bought into the eco system with an iDevice and get used to the combination of UI, solid build and design.

    I kind of went the other way 5 months ago, being a Mac user for the last 15 years as a student and then professionally in the graphic design field I decided to give one of these PCs a try..

    As I couldn't make up my mind whether to replace my iBook G3 with a Macbook/Macbook Pro/iPad, I decided to go for a cheap and cheerful HP G62 dual core laptop as a 'stop gap' solution for �350 just to see if PCs are as bad as some people make them out to be.

    I have to say my experience in the last 5 months has been ok-ish, yes it is mildly annoying that the constant update requests, long bootups, occasional crash happy nature (and fragile) of Windows 7 has made me think about chucking the laptop out of the window (no pun intended). The fan can get bloody loud and gets quite hot and battery life is poor. But I accept that you get what you pay for and I guess that encapsulates the experience of the average Windows user who is willing to pay a substandard price for a substandard user experience.

    As a result, my experience will not make me want to buy any PC products again. I've bought it just for browsing the web and syncing the iPod Touch to iTunes (which is doesn't seem to work aswell in Win7), somehow I can't run iTunes 10.2 which is another bloody annoying issue..

    I cannot wait to get the new SandyBridge iMac later this year and maybe iPad 3 next year so until then will put up with my substandard PC product to gather dust / or smash it with a hammer / simply get rid of on eBay.

    It will be Macs only for me going forward ;)

    I'm definately not a PC :D And Windows 7 sucks compared to OSX. Actually bag of sh_te is a better description!
    Sounds like you bought a bloatware infested loss leader.
    HP is famous for that.
    You also grossly overpaid.

    Buy a proper laptop (ThinkPad) and your experience will be significantly better.

    Aug 8, 10:09 AM
    I have to descent from the mass and say I was not impressed by the Keynote. What the hell is with Safari still having the brushed metal interface, as well as the finder, etc...

    I thought they were finally going to get rid of that and get some consistency in their GUI. :mad:

    Overall, I am much more interested in the developers. When is OS X going to be more than a different OS and get some key native applications? Apple continues to lead the show, as they should, but they should take a hint from Microsoft and promote their developers more. Like it or not, it's not Apple, but ultimately their developers that will grow the platform.

    Steve really should have pressed the developers to commit on stage to release dates...if that was possible. Microsoft should have been present to provide some information in regards to the next version of Office and its time frame for release.

    How can he press them for release times when they haven't even got their hands on the new Developer kit?

    Also its up to the developers i.e. Adobe et al to get the key native apps out the door. Apple is doing everything it can to help them. i.e. Xcode 2.x, hands on labs etc. Thats what WWDC is for.

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