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  • ericdano
    Oct 15, 11:59 PM
    Steve is smooth, and he gets the point.

    There is nothing more to ruin the moment, whether it be with a pretty girl, or with someone you are having a friendly convesation with, than to start fumbling with MENUS. The spontanity is lost once 2 people need to remove their Zunes from their pockets, go through a few menus, and then send a song over wireless. THEN listen to it. ALONE.

    Wireless will come on iPod when its good and ready. It isnt right now.

    motulist: you are right on cue. You just described what will be the real Zune experience.

    Actually, the whole thing kind of reminds me of the whole internet thing where we had that Push technology. What was that stupid application that Windows users ran?


    Anyhow, Zune is like that. You have to push it to someone. The better idea would be to have people be able to "open up" their Zunes (or iPods), and people could look around on their Zune (or iPod) and see what people are listening to around them. And if they like it, then grab it and let them play it for X amount of times or days. More of a PULL technology.

    Still, just sharing earbuds is more social, but if you had broadcasting on an iPod or Zune, that would make more sense, at least to me....

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  • MorphingDragon
    Nov 4, 11:32 AM
    I'm amazed that you investigated so heavily the CPU usage and yet STILL came to the wrong conclusion, that this is Apple's fault.

    For the record, you're completely wrong that FLASH works well on anything but Windows PCs.

    Did you not notice in those numbers that FLASH doesn't work well on ALL MACS ON ALL BROWSERS ??? And FLASH is the reason for crashes on both POWERPC and INTEL Macs, even brand new Macs, from what I'm reading in other threads here on MacRumors.

    So, how again is this Apple's fault that FLASH doesn't work on any recent Apple platform, iPhone, PowerPC, or INTEL?

    Because Adobe doesn't care and has written crappy software. It has nothing to do with Apple.
    Not much else crashes any of my Macs, so how is this Apple's fault?

    Can you imagine what would happen if Apple let the current version of FLASH on the iPhone and peoples' phones started crashing like their Apple Macs are now? It would be on FOX NEWS!
    Apple's making the right call here. The ball is in Adobe's court to get it right first on Macs.
    Then I'll insist Apple let FLASH on the iPhone, but not a day sooner.

    And I will bet dollars to doughnuts that your Android prediction turns out wrong too, FLASH or no FLASH.

    If FLASH is an epic fail on both INTEL and POWERPC Macs and with both Safari and Firefox on Macs, how the hell do you think it's going to do on the iPhone?

    This is NOT Apple's problem in my opinion. Adobe has just dropped the ball.
    If FLASH crashes on most people's Macs, how do you think it will fair on the iPhone, since it's mostly the same browser?

    Please people, think before you put your feet in your mouths.

    Its epic fail on WinMO and Windows and Linux.

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  • Sydde
    Apr 4, 02:02 PM
    Dogmatic belief in the nonexistence of God can be considered a religion.
    Then where is its tax exemption?

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  • asphalt-proof
    Sep 4, 09:34 AM
    That's HOT (figuratively and literally)!! I think the only way you could pull that off is with an external tuner, just like laptops have an external power supply.
    Does a TV tuner add THAT much heat? Plus, with 23" of real estate to play with I would think that they could find a way to keep the heat down

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  • RoboCop001
    Jan 11, 03:53 PM
    If it's not the iFly, it's the iFart.

    The feature is that it sounds like a farty Startup Chime sound.

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  • iJaz
    Oct 15, 03:00 PM
    Me sending a song to someone else who can play it 3 times, what a great community! :rolleyes:

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  • rusty2192
    Mar 5, 08:58 AM

    f/11 1/160 ISO100 22mm

    I really like this one. I love the use of b&w with its high contrast. My eye starts on the front left pillar, then is pulled to the right column along the shaft of light on the ground to the bright side of the right column, then the contrast pulls me to the dark side, which then pulls to the bright side of the back left pillar and eventually leads to the perfectly lit Washington Monument. Where were you standing? Lincoln Memorial? This is of course assuming that I am correct in guessing thats DC and not some other monument somewhere in the world.

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  • skellener
    May 4, 11:20 PM
    Next iPad to Offer 3D Display?

    No it won't.

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  • Philberttheduck
    Sep 4, 05:17 PM
    I don't believe this movie thing will be of great resolution. Chances are it'll be no worse than 480p. I mean, the TV shows iTunes sells aren't even HD (this is why I use an alternative source) and there's a huge difference between the HD version I get and iTunes'. I hope for the 10+ bucks they're charging us, the resolution gets to be 720p; 1080p would be ridiculous (bad or good).

    iPod nano is good but I would like for the full-screen iPod. I got my eyes set on the Meizu M6 Miniplayer. I'm just hoping they update the Meizu to 8GB, etc (chances are unlikely considering it's not even sold to North America) because that price and sturdiness (couple that with the beautiful 2.4inch screen) and you got a competitive Nano-Killer.


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  • Leaping Tortois
    May 5, 04:09 PM
    AMOLED technology is still in its refinement stage, but shows much better promise than 3D. But having taken a look at it on some of the samsung phones, then compared it to a retina display? Things like movies and photo's look very good. Text and web browsing may need improvement but everybody seems to jump onto the bandwagon if apple says jump.

    Biggest issue with 3D is the premium that they charge for all the crap. Here in Australia movies are already expensive ($18 for an adult, $15 for students, $11 for both on tight ass tuesday), but they put a big mark up on 3D ($21 for adults and $18 for students, no tight ass tuesdays). When you go to see a movie in 2D, that's been advertised in 3D, they'll show it on a small screen with average sound.

    Make no mistake, the ONLY reason movie companies are pushing this junk is for the mark up. They'll do the same for the content on a 3D iPad. Charge us more for something we don't really want, provide a less than quality 2D version to force us to do everything in 3D so that they can increase the depth of their back pocket.

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  • mcrain
    Apr 26, 03:35 PM
    Neither am I. This is not about any race, as in all black people in the world. This is about people who reside in London, England. Just because the crime statistics of a limited geographic area don't fit your world of political correctness, it doesn't mean they are incorrect. Again, you can compare charging decisions and convictions among the various races in a city like London, but there is no way to compare the propensity of a race to commit crimes. How do you know what those numbers are other than to look at who was charged and/or convicted of crimes?

    I rest my case. So, are you suggesting that I fit within this class of attourneys {sic}? And you rest your case? Brilliant. :rolleyes: Yes, I know that some places (e.g. Texas), black people are provided with retarded attourneys who show up intoxicated in court - if showing up at all.

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  • coder12
    Mar 28, 09:29 PM
    Sold out in 8 hours??? What on earth is this? A Hannah Montana concert? Dang it, I was gonna go too :cool:

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  • chr1s60
    Nov 3, 01:08 PM
    I am for and against flash on the iPhone. There are times when I will be away from a computer and need to view a site that happens to be flash based and it frustrates me when I attempt to view it on my iPhone. At the same time, there are a lot of annoying flash based ads and other garbage that I do not care for or want to see on my iPhone.

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  • LuvMacs
    Apr 17, 10:13 PM
    What part of the medical industry is adopting the iPad (besides a medical school trying to appear avant garde) and how? I'm a physician at one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the nation and I usually see more iPads at my local Starbucks than at work. So, please enlighten me. Use specific examples please.

    I'm actually typing this on my iPad 2 and find it being sold at a toy store as appropriate. I love it, but let's keep it real here.

    I am a Transplant Physician at a University Hospital. I, and several others at my Medical Center use the iPad to access our Electronic Medical Record at the patients bedside, take notes and access reference material.

    The most recent issue of the Mayo Alumni Newsletter focussed on that institution's implementation of mobile technology (specifically iPhones & iPads) in delivering more efficient patient care.

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  • YoNeX
    Oct 28, 11:57 AM
    Reset PRAM, apparently that broke CoreDuoTemp sensor because mine is reading 12�C, iStatPro is reading 12� C as well, but smcFanControl is reading 72� C. Week 27 MacBook by the way. So my suggestion is, if your MacBook has no issues or you are fine with how it is running right now, DO NOT UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE.

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  • milo
    Oct 16, 03:56 PM
    You know what, Steve never said Apple would NEVER do a video iPod. What he said was that video just didn't make sense at the time. For one thing, he said that there was practically zero demand from iPod users for video. Then he qualified his statement by saying that the situation might be different in the future, but the media being what it is, his comment was reduced to the overly simplistic (but easy to report), "APPLE WILL NEVER MAKE A VIDEO IPOD."

    He didn't really say that either.


    "You're always fighting things that are opposed to each other. As an example, take the PlayStation 3. It's a great game machine, but it's not such a great music player. There are many reasons for that, but the biggest reason is that it doesn't fit in your pocket, does it? Games need nice big screens. Music players need to fit in your pocket. So you have to pick one and optimize for it, and the second thing you do will certainly be suboptimal. Maybe you can do it, but it will be suboptimal.

    So you can do video on these devices if you want to, but the things that are suboptimal about it are the screen size and the battery life�things like that. The fundamental problem here is...Headphones are a miraculous thing. You put on a pair of headphones and you get the same experience as with a great pair of speakers. Well, there's no such thing as headphones for video. There's not something I can carry with me�something I can put on�that will give me the same experience that I get when I'm watching my 50-inch plasma display at home. And until somebody invents that, you're going to have these opposing constraints."

    Makes it sound like no video ipod, and yet he released one just a couple months later, even though the big constraints he listed hadn't been eliminated.

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  • nagromme
    Sep 12, 02:07 PM
    Google for "thread 500" and click the top match--always hilarious :)

    If the new nanos played games and videos (I know--really small) I'd HAVE to buy one. So I'm glad they don't :)

    The case combines the best of the Mini and Nano--all good.

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 12:28 AM
    initial backup over wifi (required) then future incremental (smaller) backups could be over 3G. the iPhone already tells you when an app is to large to update w/o wifi - it's already been training us about what we can and can't do w/o wifi.

    who determines what qualify as future incremental backups? What if I do my initial (required) backup over wifi, then add 5gb of photos? Don't think the wireless carriers are going to go for that.

    But that's besides the point... i was referring to apple giving everyone free cloud storage.

    As of January this year, over 160 million iDevices have been sold. Consider maybe an average of 20gb per device and apple is looking to give out 3.2 billion GB of cloud storage to it's customers. Something tells me this is not going to happen. You think they want to let everyone back up their 64gb iPod touches to the cloud. You think apple or att/verizon is going to be ok with people backing up their 32gb iPhones to the cloud? No way, not a chance...

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  • TUD
    Mar 25, 12:22 PM
    Hope it resolves the short battery life since updating to 4.3!

    Nov 8, 07:54 AM
    this is more of a facelift than a product change

    expect lots of these from apple now that they're Intel Powered.

    (which is no bad thing)

    Yeah I have no problem with it at all, I was going to buy a new macbook regardless because I wanted the previous model anyway. Just heard there was a cooler processor upgrade coming and well, it's here! Except now I have to change my mind and buy the middle priced one instead of the starting priced one because of the much better bargain, damn it.

    Mr. DG
    Oct 15, 03:50 PM
    I'm sure the iPod will have sharing capabilities eventually. But the technology isn't there for quick enough transfers yet. When it becomes a non-geek activity that's when it'll be in the iPod, i.e. when it's as easy as sending an SMS message. In fact, sharing seems like an activity more suited to phones than iPods at the moment.

    Mar 25, 02:18 PM
    Then how do you turn it off? If it's a feature I should have the option to change it back to how it was. It's pretty annoying and I'm surprised no one else is complaining about it

    It's an Apple feature, and Apple said yes (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/18/ipad-2-wife-says-no-but-apple-says-yes/), so you don't get an option :)

    As for those people with Verizon iPhone:
    I'm pretty sure Verizon got a copy of 4.3.1 and decided not to release it for their customers. It's usually up to the carrier to test and okay any OS on their network. Verizon has always been the slowest in doing so; it's probably a good thing because the OS on their phones are for the most part very solid.

    Aug 24, 07:56 PM
    When I go there, it says "These batteries were manufactured by LG Chem, Ltd. of South Korea." Is LG related to Sony? Or, is this a different older recall?
    I think that is the older recall mentioned above. I exchanged mine (free) when I bought my used PB several months ago.

    Mar 2, 04:16 PM
    making sure everything is good:)

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