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  • NYC Russ
    Apr 12, 12:45 PM

    Really? So I guess the 920,000 people working at FoxConn are just standing around goofing off?


    FoxConn has a net income of about 2.2 billion. Their gross revenues are about $59 billion. If each worker cost them just an extra $2,500 per year ($210 per month) they would be out of business and have to shut their doors.

    And everyone here knows damn well that Chinese workers get paid much less than US workers, in other words doing FoxConn in a country with higher labor costs would mean that everything would cost a CRAP LOAD more money or it wouldn't get built to begin with.
    Uh, yes really. I deal with manufacturers professionally. Unless something is labor intensive and low value added (like clothing,) the only reason to manufacture in China is for the currency exchange rates and lax environmental laws.

    Why do you think Haier, a Chinese company, is profitably manufacturing in South Carolina?

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  • Philgr
    Sep 4, 10:06 AM
    Whats a guess on price for a fully loaded 23' Imac ?

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  • Sydde
    Mar 10, 07:20 PM
    Check out the link I posted. You can actually design the budget yourself, it is pretty neat.

    Cool, I will have to check it out when I am using a computer instead of this iDropper.

    Oh, and 5P, you really should try to put out your hair.

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 12:28 AM
    initial backup over wifi (required) then future incremental (smaller) backups could be over 3G. the iPhone already tells you when an app is to large to update w/o wifi - it's already been training us about what we can and can't do w/o wifi.

    who determines what qualify as future incremental backups? What if I do my initial (required) backup over wifi, then add 5gb of photos? Don't think the wireless carriers are going to go for that.

    But that's besides the point... i was referring to apple giving everyone free cloud storage.

    As of January this year, over 160 million iDevices have been sold. Consider maybe an average of 20gb per device and apple is looking to give out 3.2 billion GB of cloud storage to it's customers. Something tells me this is not going to happen. You think they want to let everyone back up their 64gb iPod touches to the cloud. You think apple or att/verizon is going to be ok with people backing up their 32gb iPhones to the cloud? No way, not a chance...

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  • bwintx
    Sep 22, 02:12 PM
    Wal-Mart is a massive contributor to officeholders in both major U.S. political parties, but especially those in the Republican Party -- so anyone who seriously thinks the company will be given pause by the probable illegality of its proposed actions is dreaming.

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  • jackc
    Nov 3, 02:50 AM
    No question, Jobs gave a good answer there. But let's face it, if it was Apple that was talking about wireless and Microsoft said you should just share earbuds, you know what the reaction would be.

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  • bommai
    Sep 6, 09:19 AM
    Wow! That's great value. Although it looks like the edu-iMac (no bluetooth or superdrive or remote). But at least it's available for those without more money to spend.

    As for the spread between 24" and MacPro . . . good that they're reducing the gap. Give people more options!

    If you like the low end iMac but would like a Remote, you can add do it BTO for an additional $29.00. So, it looks like the infrared receiver is on the machine, they are just not bundling the remote.

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  • nilsemil
    May 5, 03:56 AM
    3d wont happen on ipad

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  • brepublican
    Sep 12, 05:05 PM
    Question for everyone.
    I was playing with itunes 7, and I realized that if i hit the yellow minimize button (with scale effect set) it minimizes into the dock like normal, but when i try to bring it back from the dock it does nothing for a second and then it just appears. I don't know if the way i wrote that makes sense, but give it a try and see if it works for you.
    :confused: Do you mean the Genie effect? I havent updated yet, but I sure hope that that works just fine!

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  • firewood
    Apr 2, 12:56 AM
    Android Phone Specs are out pacing the Iphone. An 8 Megapixel camera, bigger screen and more memory will keep me buying.

    The competition hasn't learned that a huge portion of actual customers don't buy cell phones based on these kinds of hardware specs. And there's not enough money (bottom-line profit) in catering to those fewer customers who do care.

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  • oil lamps at the Lucky

  • bluetorch18
    Aug 2, 04:41 PM
    So what happens when the owner of the MacBook closes the computer?

    That'll show the bastards...:mad:

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  • ender1122333
    May 5, 01:19 PM
    Can anyone think of ways that 3D on an ipad could actually be useful or benefit the user experience and interface, other than being a cool (or potentially annoying) effect for games and movies?
    Usually apple doesn't use a technology in one of its devices if it doesn't *do* something to improve the device... I'm blanking on this one.

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  • chrono1081
    Apr 2, 05:12 AM
    Apple always does that, yet people still buy the next ver of their hardware. If people stopped buying into their games of incremental fragmented releases, Apple would quit doing it.

    Please show me a company that doesn't do that. You know that there is a lot more technology out there then what is on the market right?

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  • nydoofus
    Aug 24, 01:16 PM
    is anyone else having a problem validating thier battery? mine falls within the 6c rance and its saying its not eligible

    Mine is in the range as well and won't validate. I think we crashed their server

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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 19, 02:33 PM
    They will release the ipod classic with the new intel ssd for just $1999

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  • liorbk
    Mar 14, 06:20 PM
    I went to a best buy around Boston and asked for an MBP, kinda hoping they'd tell me it's out of stock for now.
    The sales person told me they just got in a truckload of the current MBPs on Friday, and they have in stock whatever I want.
    He told me in his experience with best buy inventories, he thinks it will take about two more months until the next refresh.

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 4, 10:31 AM
    ThinkSecret is generally dead on when it comes to things like this. So, it'd be great if they released an updated 23" iMac. I just got a 5G iPod 30GB in July and am happy with it so I don't need a new 'pod. And yes, I just got a new MacBook 2 weeks ago, but for future purchases, a 23" iMac would be neat.

    They were until they got sued

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  • draghelm
    Sep 6, 09:20 AM
    No one else noticed that the 17" "strippers" are shipping within 24 hours, with the rest within 1-2 days. That puts Apple only day or two behind the PC manufacturers shipping Meroms?

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 14, 12:03 PM
    I'm not trying to pee in Apple's Cheerios at all...but i do wonder at what point will they reach a plateau in sales growth. That said, I don't think they're close to it yet...China is becoming a great new market for them...

    Right after dell drops off the face of the world. Dam crappy computers.

    Nov 28, 01:51 PM
    Just can't wait... :rolleyes: :D :D

    Jan 11, 04:22 PM
    Looks wider to me. Image isn't stretched either, look at the font.

    Most likely a trick of perspective.

    Aug 2, 09:57 PM
    How can a completely B.S. story like this make it on the front page? :confused:

    Can someone explain that to me? :mad:

    Apr 15, 08:40 AM
    I like your 'games' point but not so sure about your other claims.
    Did you mean that Windows buyers ARE more techno-savvy?
    Or that Techno-Savvy types tend to avoid Macs?

    The average buyer today is less tech-savvy. 10 years ago, soccer moms and hipsters didn't own laptops. Those who actually had email accounts or myspace pages would use the family desktop computer or a machine in a computer lab.
    Today, your grandmother has a facebook page and a yahoo/hotmail/gmail account and probably has her own laptop.

    Higher Prices for Better Machines.
    Fantastic designs are not cheap. And Apple never skimps on Components
    Quality Windows PCs cost about the Same as Macs but don't have iLife.

    Actually, Apple does skimp on components. They charge more for the same hardware that PC manufacturers use, and Macs are never at the bleeding edge of hardware tech (probably because their profit margins would disappear due to price pressures)[/quote]

    You think a Mom or kid wouldn't think the Mac OS is more attractive and easier to use?

    You say "People telling them Macs are good" but are not clear why they do tell them that. Are Macs really good or is "All marketing"?

    More attractive? Maybe not anymore... Windows 7 has made pretty big strides in terms of UI. There isn't much wrong with Mac as a computing platform, but lets be honest here.... Mac's strength as a computing platform is *not* what is propping up their sales. PC's still do it cheaper and just as easily (if not easier) for 90% of the tasks a typical user undertakes.

    What does that mean? Is it just another word for 'Trendy'?
    How did Macs get to be cool or trendy?
    I always defined cool as 'being comfortable being yourself'

    Are you serious? Maybe you're new here? Apple fans are 2 steps shy of being brainwashed cult members and its no secret to anyone that Apple's hype/marketing department is probably the strongest weapon in their arsenal. They are very adept at pushing their products.

    Finally, why does every switcher I meet have the same expression on their face. They all look relieved, like we have just pulled them into the life boat.

    Cool may get you to buy something but it can't make you LOVE something.
    So why do Mac users LOVE their machines so much?
    If you own one I don't really have to explain.

    Really? I'd tell you about the pained expressions on one switcher's face I know after asking me (again) to salvage whatever data I could off of the 3rd hard drive that her macbook ate, but it is beside the point.

    Are macs decent computers? Yes. Are people buying them en mass because it is 'cool'? Definitely.

    Nov 13, 08:05 AM
    Good developers dislike regulation, but in the case of apps, I think its needed. Without regulation, I can just go and make some crap app (that wouldn't work) put a $0.99 price and hope for 20-40 fools a month to accidently buy it. Repeat this step probably 100s of times with clueless "developers" who don't know what they are doing. Regulation at least guarantees the app works, although the functionality and usefulness of the app is up for judgement by the end user.

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