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  • optimist578
    04-20 03:11 PM

    I have my I-140 application (regular) still pending with USCIS when I got laid off. I don't stand a chance of asking my ex-employer to file a premium processing I-140, who has already agreed not to revoke anything.

    Now I am looking for a new employer who will be willing to sponsor my H1B and GC. Has anybody experienced such a situation?

    I am on my 9th year of H1B with PD Mar 2003 (EB3).


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  • newtoh1
    03-23 06:37 PM
    I am planning to go India.Can I leave at JFK Newyork airport and return back at chicago POE?Will it be alright?

    I heard that there are some client verification letters are asking at POE these days?anybody really faced such situation?If yes, what exactly we have to provide?

    I am just scaring by the time I return back, I will have only 2 months of valid H1B visa.Will be it alright?

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  • revnet
    October 24th, 2004, 08:54 AM
    Does anybody have any experience using this camera in the studio? If so, what lighting equipment are you using. The manual only says to use Canon flashes or equivalent, which aren't going to cut it. I'm not that familiar with trigger voltage (250V) and don't want to fry the thing. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. What I'm looking for is a brand of lights that would work with E-TTL. Thanks

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  • LOL123
    07-29 03:35 PM
    When can we send this fax to expedite the service? Is there any days restriction? like only 60 days after you have applied for EAD? Is there any fee involved?


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  • krustycat
    01-09 04:50 PM
    Did you contact them?What did they say?Did you receive any EAD or AP because some people receive those even before getting receipt numbers???

    Yes, I contacted them several times. They only ask you to wait more.
    I also have sent two emails to DHS, CIS Ombudsman's office. They asked me to use a Form 7001.
    I sent the Form 7001 to CIS Ombudsman on Nov/07. I didn't even get a receipt confirmation from Ombudsman's office.
    I was able to open a service request after 5 months of waiting, on Dec/07. I'm still waiting for a reply about the SR.
    I faxed a letter to the service center.
    Nothing so far.
    It's seems like the package got lost (as well as my lawyer :p ).

    I just wanted to show you that there is more people in the same situation from July.
    Hang in there!

    Best of luck.

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  • signin241
    07-25 09:24 AM
    Thanks for the responses. I have all the documents in place and also the recent paystubs of my present employer.


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  • gcdreamer05
    09-22 04:05 PM
    I work in a private firm (<300 employees) and they have filed for PERM and is under audit. What would happen to my PERM if a bigger firm takes over my smaller company.

    My H1-B 6 yr limit will expire by January 2010. What are the risks to my immigration status if my company is acquired by a bigger firm?

    1. Will I have to re-file for PERM again with the new company?


    2. Can I continue under the already audited PERM in smaller company's name?

    As long as the successor company wants you to continue with them , you have no problem. You can ask your attorney to send details about acquisition if there is any RFE and you are safe.

    But you should really try to find out, if the future company would like to support your PERM, because that is more important - company support.

    All the best.

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  • nlssubbu
    03-22 01:34 PM
    Thanks guys for reading such a big article and taking time to know against whom we are really fighting for. I hope every one read this article and know the people behind the scene, their intentions, the power and clout they have.

    This may help all of us to be united to fight against such powers leaving all our diferences for a good cause, which is a herculian task.

    I only hope all members of IV stand united to achieve success.

    Good luck and all the best,



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  • ajju
    09-17 11:54 AM
    I was wondering what are the benefits of EAD to primary(H1B) applicant before 180 days, i understand that AC21 & it's benefits can be invoked after 180 days from receipt date.
    But is there any benefit of having EAD if 180 days from 485 receipt date are not over ?

    You can take a 2nd additional job if needed..
    Not much benefit if your current job is well paying and going well... Even though I applied for EAD, I am not planning to use it.. But just in case.. You never know WWW in US...

    And when you invoke AC21.. You must have EAD in hand...

    NB: WWW = Work Women Weather...

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  • kshitijnt
    01-22 03:37 PM
    Hi Ravi - My wife also got 221(g) while stamping in Mumbai. It looks like they are issuing it to all people with AP. Yesterday we entered US back using AP and did not inform the consulate. If the consulate clears 221(g), you can use it anytime upto next 1 yr. Since you have already paid them the money, why you want to say NO thanks so soon? You can enter US using AP and later inform the consulate or not inform them at all. does it make a difference? Who knows you might have to travel to India and may want to try your luck one more time.


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  • gc4me
    07-08 10:17 AM
    YOU ARE NOT CURRENT . June visa bulletin is over on 30th June. Starting from JULY all EB3 is unavailable.

    And I was in the same boat since last 3 months but not got my approval.
    No second thought for you other than renewing you EAD/AP.

    I'm from Bangldesh

    My PD is may 2006

    I already received my EAD, AP

    even last month the Mar 2006 was current. Any chance that my I485 will be approved in short time. My H1b is also expiring on October 2008. Should i renew it or just wait for my I485 approval....

    Please advice me gurus....

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  • jackhardy
    02-09 09:32 AM
    The next set of people who decide to write to the President should send him flowers as well. Also there is a DC based org called SAALT who wants to hear our stories + struggles and working to effect policy change on a national level.

    Tell Us Your Immigration Story (http://www.saalt.org/pages/Tell-Us-Your-Immigration-Story.html)

    Lets participate in this too.


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  • rajkraj
    11-06 02:04 AM
    Go to near by ASC, mostly they will do it.

    Mine also same postion, I got my FP appointment for 11/13 at chicago but I went to LA ASC on 10/25 surprisingly they didn't bothered about date ,time and place they taken my finger prints right away. So go to near ASC. best of luck.

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  • srikanth003
    02-28 09:47 AM
    An expert advice on this would be highly appreciated. Many thanks for your consideration.

    - My H1 (I-94) is expiring on 1st week of Jun-2011.
    - I am also actively looking to change my employer.

    In this case, I am not able to decide on the following,
    1. Can I go ahead and file H1 extension with my current employer 'A'?
    2. If I happen to get another employer 'B' for H1 transfer, what are the implications if 'A' had already initiated the extension process?

    I am very confused on whether to go ahead with my H1 extension. Any quick answer would be highly appreciated, as I am taking my decision (on applying for extension) based on this.



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  • mariner5555
    05-27 04:02 PM
    Hi All

    I did paper based filing through lawyer on may 5 with check $340 has been encashed and I waited now 2 weeks but still there is no receipt notice in mail.
    SO i called my bank and ask them whether there any receipt number on the back of check but agent told me that there are no 13 digit number just bank stamp and there is only one 9 digit number that he has given me but on the case status thats a invalid number

    Please help as I am worried that if evry thing is fine or should I e-file as well as my licence is also expiring next month now how should get a reciept number

    Thanks in Advance...
    if you efile ..you will end up paying $340 again. when is yr EAD expiring and why did you wait so long ?? if you think the lawyer filled everything correctly then I would say wait for a week (consult yr lawyer too) !!

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-02 10:53 AM


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  • rajeshalex
    07-31 01:09 PM
    Hi All,

    My labor says
    1) College Degree Required: Masters or equivalent *
    2) Major Field of Study :Engineering/Math/MIS
    3)Other Special Requirements:
    * Will accept Bachelors + 5 years of exp in lieu of Masters
    * Computer Science or related field.

    I have done Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from India ( 4 year)
    1 Do I need to do an education evaluation for this
    2 Do I need to do a course by course or degree evaluation
    3 Can someone recommend the cheapest/low cost ones

    Thank You all

    Rajesh Alex

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  • ValleyCoolie
    02-22 08:28 PM
    This is going to be interesting.. Finally someone speeking about legal immigration..

    The description says its about people getting their citizenship in time to vote. I doubt if they would talk about EB, backlogs, and the plight of honest-tax-paying H1B people.


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  • meridiani.planum
    07-23 05:34 AM
    Now that Aug is coming up, please post all the 485 LUDs that you have been seeing after 07/18/2008. This will help us getting the pattern, in case USCIS shall auto order the Card production.

    no one is auto-ordering card production (whatever that means).

    lets stick with vdlrao's thread to track Augusts approvals please. no need for another thread for teh same topic.

    09-13 01:21 PM
    I don't see a reason why premium processing will lead to rejection. Certainly that is not the case with H-1B. Infact 2-3 years back H-1B premium processing had 0.5% higher approval rate than regular H-1B.

    03-06 01:16 PM
    A unique situation -
    I am getting ready to apply for my wife's AOS (ROW). She has never used a last name on any legal documents, example birth certificate, passport.
    Her H4 visa was processed with "FNU" - family name unknown .. Do I need a last name for filing her I-485? Can she get a GC with only her first name on it?
    Or will they process it with FNU as last name...
    Should i go to her embassy (Indonesia) and get her passport changed to my last name before applying for her 485? In that event, her H4 visa,passport and birth certificate will not match her passport..

    Any thoughts on my situation?

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