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  • ya3
    04-09 07:06 AM
    ROFL! LOVE the IE+ads stamps :thumb::D
    FF and TB one's look slick, too ;)

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  • immigrationvoiceuser
    09-08 12:15 AM
    We just got the FP notice and need to get it done in a city more 100 miles away. Will most of the FP office open on Saturday?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • vinzak
    10-05 09:42 PM
    So a question that's worth pondering. If I am on 485/EAD without H1b, does this mean I have the right to work but not the right to stay in the US?
    The EAD card only gives us the right to work (as said on the card, cannot be used for entry), and my 485 has been pending for more that 240 days.

    Is there any explicit stipulation for the 485 that allows me to be in the US as long as it is not denied?

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  • Yeldarb
    11-14 11:44 PM
    Your work is very impressive, I've been looking for someone to design layouts for clients (as I'm not very good with graphics) -- I'll keep you in mind next time I need someone.


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  • aquagirl
    09-07 09:29 AM
    I don't intend to get a second H-1.. The second job that I want to do is just 3-5hrs a week and dont want any sponsorship for it.

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  • mrajatish
    06-25 06:46 PM
    does that mean no hope left ? what r the other options ? isn't this whole process is for future employment and if i am licensed now than whats the problem in future employment i don't understand that part "future employment". i am on h1 now and if i will get my residency than i will be working at that position and i am licensed now. then why does the old date matters.

    is it true guys ??

    Because the LC is for a particular qualiication that needs to have happenned at that time - would it be ok if they calculate a new LC salary by adding the inflation?


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  • qplearn
    09-13 12:15 PM
    My Indian passport is going to expire very soon and my visa has also expired.
    I have applied for extension for 3 years.

    Will I face any problems in getting new passport from Indian Embassy?
    Has anybody done that before?

    I am sorry if this is not right place to write about it...

    you can get your passport renewed by sending it to the Indian Embassy in the US immediately. I don't know about your visa. Talk to your lawyer. But why did you let your visa expire? That I am sure you know IS ILLEGAL.

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  • ashwinr
    10-07 11:44 AM
    I paper filed my EAD at NSC last month. RD was 23rd Sept & ND was 2nd Oct.

    Looks like yours is a longer delay. Not sure what can be done here. Please keep checking to see if check's are cleared.


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  • kasanski33
    05-03 07:15 PM
    Thanks guys that helps a lot.

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  • dg_247
    05-19 05:37 PM
    Thanks for quick reply.

    As of now, my friend is getting trained by local institutes in other IT realted field and searching for job. If things go well he might get a project in a month or so.

    Q.Till he gets a project what risk does he have to his status?
    Q.If he gets a project will everything be ok?

    Pls advise

    Thank you.


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  • needhelp!
    09-07 12:29 PM
    OK, I give up. the embed doesn't seem to be working.
    Here are the you tube links:


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  • kalyan
    06-23 12:50 PM
    Those who are on h1 cannot do that as IV is not employer for H1b.

    Who are on EAD and above line can do it.

    Its my thought.


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  • mzdial
    July 23rd, 2004, 12:46 AM
    I'm not familar with those adapters, but I've read of limited success.. Ranging from focus problems to using them completely as manual focus.

    Assess what those lenses are worth now. That EF 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 is worth $100 or so, new. To be honest, I don't think I would even mount it on a DSLR as the focal range isn't great and it's slow. The Sigma 100-300mm f/4.5-6.7 is worth $125. The same with this Sigma, it's a slow lens. So we are only talking about $225 in lenses, none are really worth trying to convert in my opinion.

    Perhaps selling them on Ebay is in order. Buy the D70 with the 18-70 kit lens and your results are going to be much better than trying to use the converted 28-80. You will have focal range overlap anyways, another reason to just avoid trying with this lens.

    Nikon sells a similar consumer 70-300mm f/4-5.6 that is faster and would work with the camera for $125. So if you could sell your two lenses and get $125, you would have the kit lens and this low-end zoom and be in much better shape than converting.

    Thanks for joining our community.. Hope this helps!

    -- Matt

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  • tarone
    11-28 05:22 PM

    There is wrong priority date on my Labor Certification approval. They
    put 2001 instead of 2002 .
    It looks they apparently mixed date with some other candidate who have
    similar name as mine. They lost his case and put his priority date on mine.

    Now can somebody tell me what are my options?
    I can not file if the priority date is correct on LCA. But If I apply
    for 1-485 using this wrong date, it may be risky because if they find
    the correct date it may be problem.

    Therefore, I don;t want to take any risk, I just want to apply for
    I-140 but should I contact LABOR OFFICE to fix the date and then submit
    the application for I-140. Unfortunately Labor Office is not replied
    yet on my request to fix this issue.

    Any Advice.


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  • askreddy
    06-24 10:24 PM

    After changing the address on sunday, there were soft luds for 2 days on all pending 485.

    Is this same with all address change.Last time it took 3 weeks to get the letter.

    Any experiences?


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  • rvr_jcop
    02-17 09:50 PM
    I want to do H1 transfer . But I do not have pay stub of Jan and Feb 2009 . Right now I got a project which will be starting from March 1 to 31 March . But before that I want To Transfer my H1 . Doses H1 Transfer need recent Pay Stubs ?

    Doesnt matter how many threads you create to ask the same question, but I am afraid the response you will get will ramain the same. "You do need pay stubs". Hope this helps.


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  • s416504
    09-23 09:40 AM
    I mean stay on L1A (7 Year) with existing company. Apply green card through company B OR any other (For applying grren card, you don't need to be employee of that firm). Switch job as soon as you get I140 (premium process) approved from B company. If everything goes well, One year is enough to get I140 approval through premium process.

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  • h1techSlave
    09-24 03:55 PM
    No more visa until Oct 1st. So what is the big deal?

    No More Visa Numbers Until October 1, 2010 - Department of State
    The Department of State issued a letter to Section 245 Adjudications indicating that as of September 16, 2010, visas for FY2010 were no longer available for all family cases and for certain employment based cases (EB-2, EB-3, other workers, EB-4, and certain religious workers). FY2011 numbers will be available on October 1, 2010.

    Source: US Immigration Law Blog - by Ashwin Sharma, Esq.: No More Visa Numbers Until October 1, 2010 - Department of State (http://ashwinsharma.com/2010/09/24/no-more-visa-numbers-until-october-1-2010--department-of-state.aspx)

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  • sanju
    09-05 01:25 PM
    I am sorry if this has been asked 100 times before and would appreciate if someone can provide a linky.

    Is it okie to have gap between AP renewals or is it a problem?


    It is ok to have gap between AP renewals even when you are using EAD as work authorization. You are ok if did not apply for AP during the entire I-485 wait time, even if you are using EAD or used AC21 to change employer. You need valid AP only on the day you leave US, period of stay outside of US and the date you enter back into US when waiting for I-485 approval. In the same manner, you need not even apply for EAD if you do not plan to use EAD card or the gaps between EAD period is also ok as long as you are not using EAD as your work authorization, and you have other work authorization like valid H1/J1.

    EAD & AP are just like Add-ons to your computer. They are not mandatory, but you definately want them at the time you want to use them.

    Hope this answers your question.

    07-17 09:16 PM
    My lawyer sent out the LC Substitution/140/485/EAD on July 2nd and said that all these can be filed concurrently and he wanted to take advantage of the dates being current.

    I read in several forums that it's necessary to have the LC substitution stage completed before filing for 140/485. Is this true?

    Is it possible that there are more chances of LC substitution denial? If so, what are my options?


    PS: This is a genuine LC substitution case!

    03-01 10:16 AM
    A friend of mine has asked me to join in starting an IT training business in a densely populated Indian business area (California). The thought process is that there may be many people who have been laid off and may be wanting to learn new technologies. There are no gotchas of luring students for H1/GC etc. The primary reason is that we are experts in Microsoft technologies and we just want to impart training in this domain. However, in these hard economic times few friends have asked us to rethink about this proposition. There are 1 or 2 training institutes around, but we feel we have edge over others in few ways. And we are not eying for a big market share.

    Further to it, we want to launch other products once the training is established.we were just looking for a platform. We feel the training will give us that platform.

    Unlike other training organizations who propose free training and then H1/GC etc, we just intend to impart training and that's it no strings attached.

    Plain simple if you could give a honest opinion on this business proposition that would be great. Proposing this topic to analyze argue and know the others perspective.

    This is just to solicit feedback and analyze a startup option and please do not jump guns on saying that this is going to be a bodyshopping company then will recruit H1 etc.

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