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  • PresidentO
    02-03 01:50 AM
    Are you serious? I must be a super expert on taxes because I have always done it on paper using a calculator for the last 14 years and counting. Just spend an hour reading the instructions and you're done. Have a question, call the IRS. Unlike other government agencies (cough.. USCIS cough..) the agents at the other end of the line are actually helpful and responsive.

    Well, Not every one is as patient as you are in reading the instructions and if needed a friendly manual or dialing 800 829 1040. The feeling is mutual about the IRS helpline folks.
    The OP seemed very confused and thats why I suggested not to fill in on paper by hand.

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  • baleraosreedhar
    02-06 12:36 PM
    One problem is as the new company is big desi firm they are not giving me copies of Approved labour and I140, i just have the I140 number.So can you please let me know is it possible to port my PD without I140 document by just quoting the I140 number.


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  • pawelw
    07-05 12:42 PM
    Thanks for your replies.
    Do you know what is a common practice of USCIS in case they don't find our reply to such RFE good enough? Do they follow up with another RFE or just deny I140? I'm trying to figure out how much time will I have to pack my stuff if things go really bad :).

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  • veni001
    07-09 01:52 PM
    Whay are you asking this question??:confused:

    what are the complications of applying to eb2 if there is only 3 year degree bachelor degree? Have a masters degree from Singapore - will that be enough to qualify?


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  • Rune
    June 20th, 2004, 10:29 AM
    I think the point of focus in the shot of the guy in the boxing stance needs to be his face.

    I'm trying to remember a similar pose by Bruce Lee and where the focus was. Isn't the fist where the action is? (but yeah, I too expected the face to be in focus)

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  • lorebarba27
    07-30 04:04 AM
    According to new regulations only jobs on Job Zone Five can apply for EB2???

    If this is true only 15-1011.00 - Computer and Information Scientists, Research can apply under EB2 category for ITJobs.

    Please advise,


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  • drak70
    11-01 12:27 AM
    Hi all,

    My wife has MSc in Comp and has work experience of 2 yrs as a programmer in India. She came last year on F2 and applied for H1 this year but She didn't get selected in the lottery. Someone told her that she can apply for jobs in universities and they do H1 (no cap).
    Can someone tell us that this is true? and also suggest us where else can she try looking for jobs? Are all the Not-for-Profit organizations same in terms of doing H1 (no cap)?

    I appreciate any suggestions and thanks in advance.
    yes of course
    All US universities and Hospitals are non-cap
    the pay is less but jobs is more stable and the university will file the visa paperwork(no lawyers fees)

    changing to cap-subject requires a regular oct-dependent h1b visa again

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  • sts_seeker
    06-14 05:35 PM
    Hi All,
    My previous I-140 was denied due to the ability to pay issue since company was in loss and Idid not get prevailing wage since PD.I have appealed it hoping I can extend my h1 beyond 6th year.Is it true?

    Also, Now we have pre approved labor with lower in same company where I can satisfy by showing W-2 to prove the ability to pay. Now If I am planning to apply another I-140 with labor sub,

    would it matter to the new I-140 appllication if the previous I-140 was denied and is being currently appealed? Because in the I-140 form there is a question ,
    "Has any Immigrant visa petition been filed by or on this person?"
    Should I say "YES", Right? and also give the detail of previous filing????

    Also How does USCIS verify the W2?BY contacting the IRS or ?
    Please suggest?


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  • bestin
    10-05 03:19 PM

    Dear All,
    I got a labor substitution and filed for my I-140 and I-485 concurrently. Today was the last day to send the documents and some paperwork was missing for my wife! I missed sending the package!

    Now how should i proceed?? My wife is on H1-B currently. Any ideas??

    My priority date is 25 jan 05 - eb2.

    Probably the current post is by his wife.probably she divorced him for being careless in sending her papers:D

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  • Blog Feeds
    02-08 09:10 AM
    A rather alarming report, detailed in the Los Angeles Times (http://immigrationvoice.org/www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-customs-audit-20101228,0,2191445.story), shows that new travel restrictions requiring passports for American citizens to reenter the country are not being enforced.

    These are American citizens, so perhaps we should not get too excited about the report, but it still makes you wonder about travel enforcement in general. Here are excerpts from the article:

    Despite new travel requirements, more than 2.3 million Americans reentering the country by land or sea from Mexico or Canada failed to produce a passport, birth certificate or other secure document to establish identity and nationality, a government review has found.

    Most people, including about 500,000 in California, were allowed to pass through ports of entry without the approved documents or without being sent to a secondary inspection post for a more in-depth examination, according to the report by the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security.

    Many travelers were allowed to pass after undergoing extensive questioning and producing at least a driver's license, the report found. Overall, 96% of travelers arriving at the 39 busiest land ports were in compliance with the new law, which took effect in June 2009.

    The procedure for processing those without the required documents needs to be more precise and implemented across the board, the report said.

    The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, approved by Congress last year, requires U.S. travelers reentering the country from Mexico or Canada to present documents, such as a passport or birth certificate, to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

    Out of more than 1 million people, including U.S. and foreign citizens, who legally enter the United States each day, about three-fourths arrive by land from Mexico or Canada, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/6rWEgNGk304/)


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  • andycool
    07-02 10:36 AM
    Hi All,

    I got my COS from H4 to F1 approved in first semester itself (Fed-2010), now my questions is I don�t have plans for going to India in next couple of years so after completing my masters can I apply for OPT without having the F1 Visa stamping OR should I have to get F1 Visa stamping in India in order to get the OPT after my masters.

    You can get OPT after completion of your masters program you don't need visa for OPT .


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  • buehler
    07-18 09:19 AM
    The company will have to sponsor the H1 in full. Not enough to just give you an employment verification letter.

    Also as per the rules, you cannot pay for the H1. Only the company can pay for it.


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  • baburob2
    09-29 07:53 PM
    no you don't have to worry. however when you travel and come back in, it is needed. i believe it might be needed when you try to apply for a visa(extension/change of status etc) in US.

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  • Ann Ruben
    04-16 09:15 AM
    Unfortunately the rules of the PERM process are pretty rigid. It is unlikely that you would succeed in getting the denial reversed and the appeal process could take a year or more. Unless you are beyond your 5th year of H-1 status, your best course is to start the process again.


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  • resident
    04-14 01:35 PM

    I have previously contacted an attorney from NY which has been very successful with O-1 visa applications. He has helped two people I know and apparently has a 100% success rate (I suppose that could come from only choosing cases he's sure will go through). This attorney has reviewed my CV and stated I certainly qualify for the O-1 visa. This guy is also very expensive.

    My employer is willing to pay for all visa expenses, as long as it's through their own law firm (which charges about $5000 less than the NY guy). So my question is: as long as the CV is strong, is it possible an attorney could screw up the application, by not preparing it very well? Basically, I am trying to decided whether I should suggest to my employer eating up the cost difference so that I can work with the guy from NY.

    Any advice welcome.


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  • rpat1968
    11-05 02:38 PM
    How long is it taking now a days to get AP approval. I am from TX and e-filed on 2nd Oct (ND 4th OCT 2010) and want to know when I can expect the approval.

    my spouse AP was approved last friday also from NSC and we recd the document just yesterday.


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  • sbabunle
    08-22 06:58 PM

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  • chalamurariusa
    05-14 09:53 AM
    You can file for your childs GC with yours before he turns 21.

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-16 04:50 PM
    Immigration Law from Houston Immigration Lawyer - Annie Banerjee Has Just Posted the Following:

    There are only 65,000 visas given for regular H-1Bs and 20,000 for holders of US Master's Degree. As of July 09, only 24,800 regular petitions were filed and 10,600 US Master's petition were filed. The reason for this slow filing is two fold.

    Heading into a deeper recession, the economy is definitely a factor. Unlike what most people think, Companies would rather hire US workers, and not pay the $2320/- filing fees plus attorney's fees.

    However there are some professions which have a shortage in the US. That is true of computer professionals. But the computer professional market has been bruised by a poorly conceived and legally impermissible memo that CIS promulgated on January 08, 2010. The CIS is their infinite wisdom deemed that professionals need to be "controlled" directly by the petitioning company.

    The IT business typically have contracts that go through tiers--- from the petitioning company to the end user. The CIS thinks that this creates "job shop" a four letter word to them.

    The Jan 08 memo is startling in how unconstitutional it is---- how it totally disregards the rule of law. The class action lawsuit against it will hopefully see the end of the memo. Meanwhile software companies are outsourcing their business elsewhere.

    However if there is a contract using an intermediary, control can be shown if another employee of the same H-1B employer works for the end user and actually supervises the H-1B beneficiary.

    For instance if Company A, the H-1B employer has a contract with Company F and Company F has a contract with the end user, Company Bigshot. If Company A has employee X who works for Big Shot too, who supervises employee Y, who is the beneficiary, then control can be established under the January 08 memo. Of course all companies have to provide a ton of document to prove the case.

    For more information contact Houston Immigration Lawyer (http://www.visatous.com) or Houston Immigration Attorney (http://www.visatous.com), Annie Banerjeehttps://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/8629098317507537197-5047952532017099820?l=usimmigrationmatters.blogspo t.com

    More... (http://usimmigrationmatters.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-how-to-show-control-under-jan-08.html)

    02-13 01:47 PM
    My husband recently changed jobs and has not updated the transfer in his H1 visa yet. I need to travel to India. Can i travel with the existing H4 with his new I-797 and salary stubs? Or do we have to updated the visas before we can travel?


    Yes you can travel with latest approval notice and pay stubs although they most likely won't even ask for it. You do not need new visa before travelling back to US.

    08-12 02:02 PM
    First, the letter you got is probably a standard local office interview letter, so that it assumes a marriage-based interview rather than employment-based. This happens often.

    You should have an AC21 letter with you for the interview, to show that you continue to be eligible to adjust status.

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