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  • rsayed
    01-29 04:14 PM
    I was in a similar situation back in 2000. The difference (in my case) was I entered 2 weeks later than the date mentioned on my I-20.

    I took the chance and applied for re-instatement - at that time, I think it cost me $175.

    I got my application approved in 28 days...!

    Good Luck 'n don't be skeptical. Just apply to be re-instated and you will be fine!!!


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  • NH123
    01-13 12:49 PM
    EMC Corporation

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  • saimrathi
    08-07 03:52 PM
    EB -2 India..

    congrats. was it EB2 or EB3?

    All the best with I-140 (and hopefully a concurrent I-485 depending on how dates move in July :) )

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  • abhi_jais
    01-09 02:31 PM
    Dear All,

    I saw your website & thought may be you guys can help me solving my query about H1 transfer. I am holding a H1B valid till 2009. A month back a new company had filed a H1 transfer & I started working for them. Now I have 2 paystubs from this new company & I am getting a very good offer from another company & I would like to go for this offer. So my question is on the basis of these two recent paystubs can I get my visa transferred to the 3rd company while another visa transfer is in progress?


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  • fiestagirl
    05-28 06:00 AM
    I have searched the internet on this and had no luck.. i'm 20 weeks pregnant and Canadian married to a USC. I went for my medical today and had all of my backup for vaccinations / immunity but the immigration doctor wants me to get a tetanus shot. All information on the web says this is "safe" during pregnancy, however I am completely opposed to having a vaccination while pregnant or breast-feeding due to potential issues vaccinations can cause (eg: autism in children). While this is not readily "accepted" by the medical community, it is how I feel. Some very high profile people have talked about vaccinations and the dangers they can cause but the medical community seems to reject their logic (not enough studies.. who knows).

    I don't feel that I should be subjected to this when I'm so opposed to it - I know I can apply for a "moral objection" but I can't find any information as to whether USCIS actually acknowledges these objections.

    Has anyone out there been in a similar situation or know of how I can get an exemption from this during my pregnancy / breast-feeding stage?

    Thanks everyone!

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  • amitkhare77
    03-03 08:53 PM
    wow - you look really scared. I dont see anything wrong sending them an email. as long as you write correct passport number, VFS receipt number, you should be good. you not doing any crime by asking. they wont care if it is written in english or local language just because your mom can't speak english.
    again - I see nothing wrong calling them/sending an email. after all it's your monthr's passport. as per rule they should get back to you in specified time.

    The above is my personal opinion, make your own judgement.


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  • nk2006
    06-10 01:31 PM
    Link: http://www.dhs.gov/xnews/releases/pr_1213101513448.shtm

    That's great news - IV's efforts are paying off now. Not sure if they give two years for all EAD's applications (either renewal or new) that are currently pending. Now I wish my application will get a bit delayed in processing :)

    Anyway its a good news that they are starting it from June end.

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  • desi_scorpion
    07-30 01:40 PM
    she can change jobs without any problem as long she stays in h1b status....my wife is also in the same process


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  • stemcell
    12-26 01:45 PM
    Does the bill have provisions to increase residency positions ? I heard few months back about hard lobbying to increase the match positions by 15000 to accomodate new patients because of the mandate. Any idea?


    Havent seen any increase in residency positions.
    I dont think the bill addresses the 'real' issues that are plaguing health care in this country.

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  • moonrah
    10-16 09:51 AM
    I received A#. You can contact your lawyer and ask them. I haven't filed yet.


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  • gtg506p
    10-26 01:14 PM
    Yea. Thats true. I will think about it. It is possible to receive receipt in one week under normal circumstances. When I had applied for 140 (Regurlar Processing) in May before the fiasco I received receipt in 3 days.

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  • DDash
    02-12 12:26 PM
    Thanks for the link GC_ASP.

    Health insurance is a daunting concern, esp. in times like this. One suggestion is to think about High deductible HSA plan. This plan will work best for People who are healthy and have no health issues, but want to cover for the unexpected emergencies.

    For example, I opted for 0/1500 plan through Kaiser Permenante. This plan will allow you to roll over the extra $s into next year and from next year to the next, etc. You will build an account (and I think can invest the money to grow it further). You can use the funds from the account that you built over the years to pay for future expenses. But the catch is, they will pay for your claims only after you spend the first 1500/Yr. Basically, this is an option to control how you want to spend for your medical expense.

    Like I said its good for healthy adults. For children this may not work, because they might need more medical care than healthy adults.


    Go to www.ehealthinsurance.com ,


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  • sweet_jungle
    09-30 02:20 AM
    With GC process bound to take long, staying at the same place to avoid changing address may be a big challenge.
    Has anybody considered using PO box for address on I-485? My lawyer did not allow me to use PO box during July 2 filing.
    Will it be possible to go online and change to PO box address for I-485?
    Does INS has any issues in sending GC to po box address?

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  • phillyag
    07-17 07:22 PM
    I am totally lost on what to do.
    I read in the other post that if PD become current in the bulleting then Iwill be in trouble if I have not filed for spouse. I am lost with this !!


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  • transpass
    08-08 06:44 PM
    I and my family have to travel to India urgently due to medical urgency. Our only AP document was taken last year and this year the renewal is not yet done. We are using our EAD status and H1 is expired and no longer available.

    Is there a way I can get an emergency appt and a AP travel document. if yes, what do I need to do to get that.

    If this question has been answered earlier, can someone point to the right source.

    Thanks in advance.

    Check with the lawyer first...I don't think you can apply for AP while you are outside U.S. I know for sure, Reentry permit will be denied if you apply from outside U.S. I am not sure if it's the same for AP. Incidentally, you use the same 131 form for both...

    So check with a lawyer before you act based on the advice from the forum, even if it means shelling some money...That money will be well spent...

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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-25 11:14 PM
    nice, i like the green one best

    i second that


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  • kavas
    03-31 10:12 AM
    why do u think so rajesh..most the senators R and D are speaking of their own immigrant experiences andsupporting illegals.
    even if the bill passes ,we r not getting much relief if in eb3.we should be trying for a amendment to remove country cap or file i-485.time is slipping from our hand s though and only lobbyist can do anything at this point

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  • santa123
    10-16 08:49 AM
    I am on the same boat; Any luck with the FOIA request without the Alien number?
    My I140 is approved, yet to apply for my I485 and I do not have a alien number. So how do i complete my FOIA without the Alien number? Pls let me know.

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  • Anders �stberg
    April 8th, 2004, 07:16 AM
    Cloning sometimes leaves weird patterns. I've had luck putting a loose selection around the cloned area with a big feathered edge, then applying a gaussian blur. It helps "clean up" my new background. The trick is to have a seemless blend between the cloned and the original untouched areas.

    That's a good tip, I'll try that.

    Something else I've done is to use several clone stamps with the opacity of the stamp set quite low. What this does is sort of blend in noise to soften up the edges of the clone patterns.

    10-16 08:10 PM
    Here's the situation
    EAD valid till sept. 2009,
    797 valid till Dec. 2010
    MBA program finishes end 2011
    Has anyone been in the same situation where applying for a private student loan has been denied since the 797/EAD expires before the course is complete.
    Working full time right now. What are the options?

    06-24 12:41 PM
    Hello all,

    I have my EAD and waiting on my 485 to get approved sometime this year (hopefully).

    I'm obvoiusly working full-time for my current employer and I just got an opportunity to do some translation services (teaching) after hours for about 80hrs in the next couple of months.

    Is it ok for me to teach or do the rules of H1B (work up to 40hrs a week) still apply?

    Thank you.

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