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  • jsb
    01-08 09:58 AM
    My Case:
    Company A applied for GC citing future employment.
    Got the EAD.
    Currently I am in the pay roll of Company B(sister concern of A) in H1.
    What are the things I have to do if I have to work in EAD? Can I use AC21 and move on? Do I have to work for Company A atleast for sometime?

    If A sponsored you for your future employment, and still stands to it, there is no AC21. You can continue to work for B on EAD, and join A when you get your GC. If in the meantime, you can find another job offer same/simllar to what A offerred, and prefer to work that one you can join that company as per AC21 provisions

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  • snathan
    06-09 10:13 PM

    I have a friend that has a BS in Computer Engineering, and a MS in Electrical Engineering.
    Can you guys give me sample job description that will qualify for EB2. He has 3 years of experience but that was acquired before obtaining the degrees.

    Company is really flexible with job description.

    Thanks in advance.

    Are you the mouth piece for your friend...?

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  • GCwaitforever
    06-09 05:28 PM
    We are neither immigration lawyers nor USCIS officials. They are the only ones competant answer to such questions. Anyways, the bill mentions nothing about having "experience" in your field .. what is required is to be working in the US for the 3 years preceeding your I-485. Everything else is immaterial.
    But now is not the time to be dreaming and counting unhatched chickens IMO.

    It should be before the immigrant petition is filed. So before I-140 is applied.

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  • vnsriv
    08-27 02:52 PM

    I saw three LUDs on 485 applications after FP. Last as latest as August 23rd. No recent LUD on EAD or AP yet.

    What should I expect?

    Patience my dear friend. I haven't seen any second LUD on I-485 since FP date.


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  • The7zen
    02-06 11:08 AM
    You are welcome. One more thing if its only B1 he cannot come in as B2 (Tourist Visa). Hope this helps. Cheers, Rayoflight

    Thanks again Rayoflight...
    just got this info from him, he has
    Visa: R
    Type/Class: B1/B2 ....looks like he should be fine.


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  • krish2006
    04-19 11:51 AM
    Is it possible to extend H4 status after using EAD for a person whose I-485 pending in derivative status.

    I read Cronin Memo reg. dual intent "Revision of March 14, 2000 Dual Intent Memorandum"
    It seems to discuss reg. using AP to enter the country and maintaining H status.

    Not sure if anyone here has done the extension of H4 after using EAD.

    Cronin memo:

    Cronin Memo (5-16-00) | Carl Shusterman (http://shusterman.com/h1blvisasmemoworkingadvanceparole.html)

    Appreciate any comments reg. this,


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  • krishmunn
    08-10 08:54 AM
    First, there is nothing called "sponsoring a visitor visa". You cannot sponsor . Every visitor need to qualify on his/her own.
    If you mean sending an invite letter and copy of your H1 to show they are visiting you , it is fine.

    If you mean sending I-134 -- Affidavit of Support -- the Affidavit has no legal value. If the visitors do not have enough liquid cash, they can say that you will fund the trip (and you can send your bank statements to prove). Anybody else (like your siblings in home country) can also fund the trip. If they have cash, best is to show that as source of their trip.

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  • number30
    05-15 10:51 AM
    Are they also getting new I-94 every time...:confused:

    I forgot that. they Do not need new I-94 every time. But I remember We were asked to put all Entry to Canada on I485 papers . I use to go Toranto Every week at that time.


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  • Pallavi79
    01-13 01:41 AM
    She can get easily.
    I would like to bring my grandma but worried about her health insurance.

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  • nrmehta
    08-27 02:12 PM
    I (and my spouse as dependent) applied for I-485, AP, and EAD on July 17, 07 and am yet to get the receipt notice. My (and my spouse's) H-1 expires on 12/31/07 and I plan to travel out of the US between November 8 and December 24.

    In case, the I-485 receipt notice does not come before we leave, would we be considered as having abandoned the PR application? Any idea how long it might take for the receipt notice to come for people in my shoes?


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  • tiinap
    03-24 01:40 PM
    "Is it usual for big employers to already have H1 visas to sponser you on".. All I know is that employers cannot have blank visas for hiring whom they want. They have to file a new application for a specific employee, so they have to start from scratch.

    If your F1 covers you for 2.5 years, then there's some hope that immigration laws will change during this time. Because right now it's a nightmare. If nothing changes in the laws and cap number stays at ~65,000, then you will have to win a lottery to get an H1. We'll see on April 1, but most likely there is also a lottery for Master's degree holders.

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  • Anders �stberg
    February 2nd, 2005, 03:51 PM
    Nice textures but I don't quite like the left side... I think those yellow lines would maybe make a nice diagonal, starting from the upper left and then splitting either side of the lower right corner.

    EDIT: Hope you don't mind, had to make a quick test, a little like this, but I'd like more of the yellow line at the upper left...


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  • venky08
    06-13 11:00 PM
    As usual to complicate decision making.... :mad:

    Today PD (aug 2006 / EB3) is now current :) and I have my I 140 approved.

    I also have another job offer which looks great. :confused: But they will start GC only after 3-4 months!

    Should I just stick on to my current job and ride it out for 6 months to get EAD?

    When does one get EAD 3 months after filing 485 or after 6?
    Also if the dates retrogress, will 485 get approved? or Should the date remain current till 485 gets approved?

    A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush...rest is upto you...

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  • macrosky
    07-08 07:12 PM
    My H1b application was delivered to USCIS on July 1st. I just find FLC data center has updated new 2008-2009 prevailing wage database which is also effective on July 1st. If based on the previous 2007-2008 database, my salary is above the prevailing wage, but if based on the new one, my salary is a little below that one.
    Which database whill USCIS choose to use on my case?


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  • redds777
    03-24 08:41 PM

    Hello Everyone

    I have sent a message to president Obama requesting his help by issuing executive order either to increase per country cap temporarily atleast till the EB backlogs gets over for india and china


    Issue executive order to allow visa re-capture to utilize wasted immigrant visas

    i am waiting for the reply . i am not sure if i will be heard .

    I had sent similar message to my senators requesting them to support the visa recapture bill . i got a call today from his asistant . He said they understand the issue and the senator is supporting the CIR this year . i told him that wont help the skilled immigrants, he said that the provisions with relief for legal skilled immigrants will be added into that CIR and passed .

    when i asked him why not do a piece meal approach and pass smaller bills like visa re-capture etc.. his reply was that the anti immigrant groups will basicall y kill the bill . so he said that it is better to wait for CIR hopefully this year.

    I said thank you for response and hungup the phone.

    so bottom line is i guess we have to wait for CIR and if any good will comeout from that for EB categories.

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  • djmaddy
    07-30 03:59 AM
    this one is very cool

    Thanks a lot Dom, it took some time for me to find transparent layered maps of water to work with. Initially this was drawn with the orange falling down, but an even splash wasn't what i had in mind. So I had random splash, mostly one directional and then spinned the image to have gravity work as well-once again thanks


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  • rdx0
    01-11 04:12 AM
    I probabably know the answer of this question but would still like to confirm, just to be sure:

    - First I-797B Valid from Jan 2004 to Sep 2006 <- Note: wasn't for 3 years
    - First Visa valid from Jul 2004 to Sep 2006
    - 1st US Entry Date from Aug 2005 till present date
    (been to india in Dec 2007 for 1 month for visa stamping)
    - First i-94 valid from Aug 2005 to Sep 2006

    -Extended I-797A from Sep 2006 to Jan 2009 <-Note: not extended for 3 yrs
    -2nd Visa/I-94 valid from Dec 2007 to Jan 2009

    My questions?

    1. Can my H1B Visa be extended again? This will be my 2nd extension.

    2. Till what Date can be extended?
    a. Jan 2010 (6 yrs from 1st I-797)
    b. Jul 2010 ( 6 yrs from 1st visa stamping)
    c. Aug 2011 (6 yrs from 1st US entry)

    Thanks a lot !

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  • dbevis
    September 14th, 2004, 11:48 AM
    It's news to me. Injection molded connectors are easy to produce while maintaining tight tolerances, so I'm skeptical of that warning.

    Many people have had pictures lost even with "good" cards, so that claim sounds more like a scare tactic.

    Personally, I think I'll continue to go with SanDisk Extreme, as they have really good warranty (lifetime guarantee). I'm also concerned with knowing I have honest specs so I"m getting the data rates claimed for the product.


    http://itavisen.no/art/1304403.html?PHPSESSID=6f659d505057356c057c50b88ed ea679 reports that the Norwegian Nikon distributor Interfoto held a press conference today warning people against using "cheap" memory cards from vendors not on Nikon's approved list.

    According to Interfoto the cheap memory cards doesn't fit too well physically and can damage the camera. Their service department report pins that are either broken or even forced into the camera itself.

    In addition there has been problems with pictures disappearing when "the card crash".

    Interfoto recommends Sandisk and Lexar, as well as Microdrives from IBM/Hitachi. (Interfoto is the Norwegian Lexar distributor btw)

    Has anyone else heard something similar?

    EAD or H1b [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : EAD or H1b

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-03 11:40 AM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced that it has posted a revised Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Form I-485. In addition to a revised form, there are new filing locations. The changes are part of an overall effort to transition the intake of USCIS benefit forms from Service Centers to Lockbox facilities. Centralizing form and fee intake allows USCIS to provide the public more efficient and effective initial processing of applications and fees.

    Beginning February 25, 2010, most applicants must submit Form I-485 to a USCIS Lockbox facility, depending on the eligibility category under which they are filing, as provided in the form instructions. USCIS Service Centers will forward all Form I-485 applications to the appropriate Lockbox facility until March 29, 2010. USCIS will accept previous versions of Form I-485 until March 29, 2010. After March 29, 2010, USCIS will only accept the Form I-485 dated �12/03/09.�Any previous versions of the the form that are submitted will be rejected. After the transitional period, the Service Centers will return any incorrectly filed Form I-485 with instructions to send the application to the correct location.

    At this time, applicants should not concurrently file Form I-485 with an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (Form I-140) at a USCIS Lockbox facility. Refer to the Form I-140 filing Instructions for information on how to file forms concurrently.

    When filing Form I-485 at a Lockbox facility, you may elect to receive an email and/or text message notifying you that USCIS has accepted your application. To receive notification, you must complete an E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (Form G-1145), and attach it to the first page of your application.

    For more information on USCIS programs, visit (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis) or call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/03/revised_form_i485_application.html)

    12-08 07:56 PM
    I suggest dont change till you get your GC.

    If you end in Name verification loop you will be furthur retrogressed on top of this retrogression.

    07-19 10:30 AM
    Can anyone please give me the Employer offer letter format that includes the Job responsibilities for AC21?

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