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  • nirmal301
    03-26 11:03 PM

    Only pay for your H1 if you know employer or any of your friend has done H1 process from that employer and application was success.

    You will find many scams to take H1 fees and never return your money back.

    But try to find employer who is ready to file your case and in return can ask for some deposit money for security purpose and same will be return to you once you start working for him.

    Whether to pay or not ?
    It always depends upon individual..If you think $1500 - $2000 is not big amount for H1 then yes.. pay for it if you don't have any other option.

    I did the same thing.. I search for employer who can file my case but was not succeed in that so finally paid H1 fees $2000 :( ...But I guess it will be worth it.


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  • Beemar
    09-04 11:26 AM
    Hi, Continuing an old discussion, I have another issue. My I-485 receipt does not even have a column for PD, leave alone having a blank column. Now, is THAT normal?

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  • mdb1776
    06-23 06:13 PM
    Hello All,

    Need you guys expert advise on a problem that I have just found.

    I was on L1 since 2007 and in 2008 got my H1B visa done. Since I was in the US during september and october 2008, I changed my company who held my H1B as of 1st October,2008. I dont have an H1B stamp on my passport as I have not been out of the US.

    It was only yesterday that I realised I had a I-797B approval notice, which from what I read yesterday, means that I have a petition approved but without I-94.

    Now my L1 I-94 on my passport is valid till November 2010.

    Need your help to understand if I have an issue here for the fact that I have worked with my employer who holds my H1B for the past 9 months.

    If so what are the challenges that I have and the solutions for them.

    Also has anyone been in the same situation.

    Would greatly appretiate your help in this.

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  • willIWill
    10-29 05:30 PM
    I agree with you both on the points raised, but what particularly interested me was the stat below and also given that 'the labour market traditionally lags behind any wider economic recovery'.

    " However, the number of people still on jobless aid after an initial week of benefits slid by 148,000 to 5.8 million in the week ended October 17. It was the lowest reading since March, hinting at some stability in the job market."

    Bottomline is we are not in a L or U pattern( prolonged stagnation). Also given that the last quarter traditionally has a stronger retail growth due to the Holiday season, Whether it is a V or W shaped recovery is what remains to be seen.


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  • marco
    10-09 10:55 AM
    120 days

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  • div_bell_2003
    02-02 05:43 PM
    1) I got my first H-1 on 10/01/2006 ( I-29 date). When is the latest I should renew my H-1B visa

    Earliest date to apply for a renewal - 04/01/2009
    Latest date to apply for a renewal - 09/30/2009

    2) I was a July filer and my wife is already using EAD (business). Does it make sense to renew her H-4 as well

    No it does not unless she wants to fall back on her H4 status, in my case, the lawyers only extended my H1B, my wife's on AOS pending status.

    3) I was going to apply for AP for my wife? Will I loose my H-1 if I apply AP for myself too

    No, your AP has no connection to your H1B.



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  • M�rmUr3n
    04-19 07:41 PM
    That's a very cool effect, simple and interesting, nice job, but the price ,....mmm it needs something, don't you think?

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  • prasadn
    02-04 05:10 PM
    I have mis-placed my EAD. Normally I can just apply for another EAD. But, I will be travelling to India in Mid March on Advance Parole and I'm not sure if I'll get the EAD by then.

    My question is, will they ask for EAD upon re-entry.

    I am thinking of applying for EAD after coming back. Is there any special processing for applying for a lost EAD ?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Use the same application procedure as though applying for a new EAD, but make sure you check the box where it says "replacement of lost EAD". Also, write a cover letter explaining that you need a replacement EAD. I had to go thru this just a couple of months ago and USCIS reissued the EAD within a month.


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  • solaris27
    04-26 02:23 PM
    no problem

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  • PD_Dec2002
    07-06 06:06 PM
    This means if you filed 485 on July 2nd you should get a reject letter in the next 25 days unless they retrogress on this as well.

    Where did you get "25" days from? Also, wouldn't it depend whether you sent it to NSC or TSC?



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  • milind70
    07-26 03:26 PM
    Why do you need color visa copy?. Is it mandetory for AP? News for me.:confused:

    It is not mandatory but there have been instances USCIS have requested colour copy of visa .

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  • chanduv23
    11-14 10:19 AM
    Your 485 has to be reapplied and priority dates come into picture. You can change jobs but have to use H1b based on approved 140. You have to start the GC process all over again but you can retain the priority date because your 140 is already approved.

    Talk to a lawyer - to get a better understanding


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  • gc28262
    07-07 12:05 PM
    My EAD expires on 07/28/2010. My EAD renewal is currently pending (applied online on 5/18/2010 at NSC). My AP expires on 08/24/2010. I am planning to apply for AP renewal once I finish my move to new address.

    So, I really don't know which date to put. BTW, USCIS online application didn't mark that field as required.

    Put the latest date ( AP ) . May be you can indicate that you are on AOS.

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  • visausa
    08-09 08:48 PM

    I would like to know is it safe for person on H1b working at client place, to sponsor USA visitor visa for parents.

    Recently I heard it's difficult to renter a person with H1b visas into USA.

    Kindly guide me.



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  • mygc2006
    05-28 11:02 AM
    thanks Wandmaker!

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  • akhilmahajan
    06-20 10:42 AM
    I have subscribed to the group. Am awaiting approval. Please contact me: I am actively working on lobbying for the bills, am part of teamIV and would like to organize a musical get together to raise money. I play classical violin myself; so I can be one of the performers. Please approve my membership or contact me at


    Maryland/VA/DC Chapter leaders have bene requested to look into your request.
    I hope it will be taken care of at the earliest.
    Thanks a lot for all the support.

    GO IV GO.


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  • glus
    10-26 07:28 AM
    I think it can be. When starting the employment based GC process, one of the question asked was ... has any family member ever applied for your immigration petition in the past. Just an educated guess... check with an attorney

    This is not the purpose of this question you mentioned. This can't be done as is specifically not allowed in INA to transfer priority date from FB to EB. This is written into the INA 203(b)(1)(2)and (3). One can only transfer priority dates FB to FB and EB to EB but not otherwise.

    Best Wishes

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  • varshadas
    01-16 09:01 AM
    I will join as well.


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  • h1bee
    09-17 08:58 AM
    My H1B was cancelled at the US consulate under 221g and I 797 not returned to me. I work for a consulting company at a major client. I guess the cancellation occurred because of Neufield memo, as in my case the client supervises my work. The reason given in the white letter to me says:

    "your petitioner does not appear to be either willing or able to provide qualifying employment in the United States in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations"........"action on your case has been suspended and the I129 application will be returned to USCIS with the facts of your case presented at the time of interview".

    What are my options now? I work through a vendor (i.e mycompany->vendor->client). My vendor has agreed to file for H1B on my behalf. Can they file for a new H1 or does this cancellation mean that I cannot apply anymore?


    01-26 06:30 PM
    I am in the same situation. I am on my 8th year of H1 and this is for the first time I am have heard so much hoopla that has made me real nervous. My lawyer has advised me against taking any risk. I already have the tickets but I am planning to postpone, apply for EAD and only then go to India.

    Please note that this is only me and I might have a comletely different risk tolerance than you might have.

    I am planning to visit India during May 2011. I am working in multinational company as civil engineer (on H1-B). I have PhD from US uni. I am reading a lot about visa stamping probs these days. Please help me taking decision whether to take chance (& visit India) or not. will appreciate any advises especially from ppl with such recent experience. Thanks.

    08-27 12:08 AM
    Hi All ,

    I am currently on L1B visa valid till Mar 09.

    I can apply for renewal for the same in Sep 09 and wanted to check if there would be any issues as if i travel to india and return on the old petition in oct-nov 08 (in case the renewal is still pending).

    Will my return on the old petition cancel my L1 renewal petetion ?

    I am trying to get the L1 renewed as soon as possible so that i can file for EAD renewal for my spouse.

    Any views would be greatly appreciated.


    Not advisable to apply for L1 extension now. You should do it after you are back from India. That is because, they will also extend your I-94 when you apply for extension (i.e the L1 extension approval notice will list your current I-94 number).

    You would'nt want to end up in a state where you leave the country and return your current I-94 at the airport and CIS approves an extension on that I-94 (which you no longer have).

    When you return, you will have a different I-94 that will be valid till Mar 09 and you have to file for extension again with that I-94. Alternately, you may go out of the country to get a new visa stamp before Mar 09 and re-enter with that visa stamp and get a new I-94...

    convoluted, isnt it? Better to make that trip, come back, get a new I-94 and use that to extend your status.

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