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  • stephsh
    01-18 06:20 AM
    Im using Asp.net.

    The button text consists of data I have imported from an SQL database through a web client. I assume I should then replace the html character codes in the SQL database with these unicode identifiers? Would that still work with ASP.NET-C#?

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  • elephant
    06-18 05:25 PM

    I am going to apply for i-485,
    i have birth certificate which is taken in 2005 but I was born in 1974
    some of my friends are saying...as you are born in 1974 and as your
    birth certificate was taken in yr 2005, it might cause problems (ins poseses query)
    to get the green card.
    Is it right?
    They are saying me to get Affidivits + non availability certificate now.
    will it be a problem if I put my birth certificate....while applying for 485


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  • surabhi
    06-18 09:44 AM

    I have valid AP until Oct 16, 2008. I am going out of country between 1st Aug - 31 Aug.

    I read that upon return, I will be paroled for validity with 1 year from that date.. i.e 31 Aug, 2009.

    Does that mean I will not need AP renewal until 31 Aug, 2009 and I can re-enter US until that date without having to renew AP.?

    Thanks in advance

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  • anai
    06-14 09:46 AM
    It is absolutely feasible to do this on your own. After all you are well educated by definition of your H1B visa. The only thing you need from your employer is the letter of employment and you will need a public notary to notarize the affidavit of support.

    The rest you can put together yourself. Just filed for my husband and myself at the beginning of May, fingerprints done on June 4th. Going well so far.

    We would still need the I-140 application copy (if pending) or approval notice, right? Pl let me know.


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  • greensignal
    01-04 02:17 AM
    I have a curious situation. I have filed EB3-485 as a secondary applicant to my wife. I am currently in a job where I can't file a green card ( this is my 5th year of H1b). My understanding is one can't have a seventh year extension for H1b unless his I-140 is approved.

    Should I consider changing the job and filing another GC by myself. I know I can continue renewing EAD but I still want to keep my H1b


    Just apply for labor and once the labor is approved apply for I140 (Apply in premium if USCIS starts accepting premium by the time your labor is approved). If premium is not started by the time your labor is approved then apply I140 in regular and wait for premium to start. you can change your I140 Application to premium even though you filed it in regular processing originally.

    Who knows you might get the I140 approval in regular processing also before your 6 years is complete.

    just do what you can

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  • Dhundhun
    01-09 08:12 PM
    This link should be removed. I doubt, any member has voting rights.


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  • tabletpc
    03-27 03:54 PM
    No stages ..only worries and surprises...!!!!

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  • loudoggs
    08-10 12:07 PM
    If company B is sponsoring your GC, they have to prove that the salary they will offer you after getting your GC, is equal or above the prevailing wage. As long as they are able to do that you should be okay. You just have to go and work for Company B once you get your GC.

    I don't think it matters what you are making right now. This is my understanding.

    I currently work in a big IT consulting firm (company A) thru H1. My uncle owns a very small (less than 100 ppl) consulting shop (company B). I want to join his company, but i dont want to transfer my h1 since B is small and there is lot more job stability in company A. So B is willing to sponsor future employment GC for me.

    I will be joining company B in the same job desc as im working in company A. As it looks right now, I might have to take a small cut in salary to join company B, however im sure that salary difference will be a lot more once it gets to the 485 stages.

    What do you think are the risks as compared to having a GC sponsored through a company where u already hold a H1? I understand that my intention to join might become an issue because of the salary issue, but wouldn't that be the case even if i filed for Company A, since company A would file a LC based on current wage and by the time of 485, I will be making a lot more.


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  • Warsaw_Berlin_Prague
    09-07 09:46 PM
    HI DAN19, don't worry your parcel will go to lower weldon str. I lived in Burlington VT for couple of years and williston is part of Burlington town and St. Albans is 3 exits from Burlington. Williston could be sorting station for FedEx. and last scan sweep.

    My attorney send me an email stating that my sister's H1 transfer was filed to WILLISTON, VT. Do they normally send to that address or is it somewhere else?

    I thought it was Saint Albans,VT

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  • bluekayal
    05-18 04:14 PM
    Ellen Krengel at Palo Alto?


    I am looking for someone in San Jose, Fremont, Milpitas, ..nearby areas. Sorry for not being specific last time.


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  • purmuc
    03-01 01:19 PM
    I was in united states for 5 years and 2 months on H1-B visa. I did not apply for green card during my stay and had to return to India in Aug'2008 due to personal reasons. I want to find out if I am eligible for applyng H1 in this year's quota through same employer with whom I had earlier H1.

    Here is my situation -
    1. My H1-B petition is valid till 12th July 2009. My passport is not stamped to reflect this date.
    2. I came back to India for good on 31st August 2008.
    3. If I go back to US before 12th July, I will only get extension for remaining 10 months (as I was in us for 5 years and 2 months). But I want to go for couple of years, so have to go on new visa after completion of 1 year in India.

    So I want to check if I am eligible for filing H1-B in this year's quota through same employer ?

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  • pappu
    11-20 12:05 PM
    I am currently working for a company at Chicago,IL on OPT (Optional Practical Training) period which is of one year. I have graduated as Electical Engineer from NJIT,NJ this year and is authorized to work during the OPT. Unfortunately the OPT is ending on 11th February, 2007.

    I applied for H1B through the same company at Chicago but missed it as the CAP was closed by 28th August, 2006. Hence, I am currently working on the OPT work authorization.

    I am aware that I will be out of status after February 11th at the end of my OPT tenure. I am planning to re-apply for H1 with the same company again well in time next year. As I will be out of status until I get my H1B application accepted and approved possibly by October'07, what are the best options available for me to legally stay here in USA with a valid status during the period until October 2007. Time is short and I needed to work out some thing quick.

    I shall be grateful to any one who could send in your valuable advise.
    message by pappu: pls use descriptive title when you start a new thread.


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  • rajmalhotra
    02-08 04:23 PM

    I am in process of finding H-1B sponsoring companies for my brother who is in India currently.

    Is there anyway I can research a company.
    - How many employees does it have
    - How many h-1bs has that company filed in previous years (2006 & 2007)
    - How many LCs (For greencard) has that company filed
    - Financial condition of the company.

    I had come accross a link earlier on IV forum which had prior h-1b info but can't find that thread now.

    Any help is appreciated.


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  • Tommy_S
    05-20 01:40 AM
    Added a pink thing.
    Looks a bit rough\agressive\bright on the blue bg. But hey, nice stamp. ;)

    P.S. I wonder, who did the Kf's theme.. j/k. :P


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  • fide_champ
    02-19 09:26 PM
    I know the quota of h1b for 2007 applications start april 1st but is it possible to mail to INS before , or should the applications be postmarked april1st ?

    Going by the trend, you have to make sure that the application reaches USCIS by April 2nd. April 1st is a holiday.

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  • dog123
    01-11 04:41 PM


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  • huma
    10-07 08:35 AM
    I am working under CPT from a university. I am not planning to continue school if i get h1b. My last day to register for classes is Oct 10th. My h1b case in USCIS website days it is received and pending. I filed for premium processing on Sept 23rd, application reached to USCIS on 24th. It will be 15 calender days on Oct 9th. In this case can i work without registering at school after OCT 10th?

    I will really appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • PD_Dec2002
    08-27 03:10 PM
    I (and my spouse as dependent) applied for I-485, AP, and EAD on July 17, 07 and am yet to get the receipt notice. My (and my spouse's) H-1 expires on 12/31/07 and I plan to travel out of the US between November 8 and December 24.

    In case, the I-485 receipt notice does not come before we leave, would we be considered as having abandoned the PR application? Any idea how long it might take for the receipt notice to come for people in my shoes?

    All your answers in the "Travel out of country and re-entry during/after 485 filing" forum: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=76


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  • psnycgirl
    03-08 03:43 PM
    Both my husband and I have been using our AP for traveling for the last few years and he uses his EAD for his job. So trying to say that we don't use our H visas but his employers renew them anyway when its time to renew.
    Our H visas are about to expire this week and the lawyers sent in the extension paperwork to INS in December. Somehow we never really followed up and recently realized that somehow my husband's H1 application either never reached there or got misplaced since they only sent my H4 receipt even though both were fedexed in the same envelope. His employers are going to file again.
    Now we are planning to travel next month. So here are my questions:
    1. Can we travel with our applications pending?
    2. If INS considers our applications abandoned if we travel, does it make a difference, especially because we don't use our H status for either work or travel?
    3. The lawyers are suggesting expedited/premium processing for my husband. How long does it tae these days (Vermont center) and can my H4 be filed along too even though one is pending since December (and I think it will remain pending forever because it has no corresponding H1 so how will they approve the H4)?


    J Mancilla de la Cruz
    11-16 10:40 AM
    Hello! I am a new member in Iowa--Des Moines. I work for a company called Proteus, Inc. and we help migrant and immigrants in areas of health, education, job placement, etc. I have also joined for personal reasons- my husband and I are "in the process." Through this chapter I hope to establish great ties and increase my understanding of immigration issues.
    Have a great day all!

    03-11 05:51 PM
    :D bit late
    Mourning is also over..

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