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  • bluekayal
    05-14 04:47 AM
    google "follow to join"

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  • chantu
    02-04 11:20 AM
    Yes, I invited my parents and my wife invited her parents while we are in AOS status. Currently I am on AOS/H1B and my wife works on EAD. For her parents, we showed my wife as sponsor in I134. Both my parents and my wife's parents got the visa. They went separately.

    I'd like to know if any of you invited your parents while on AOS. Last time I invited my in-laws I had H1-B et al....now we are on AOS and my wife is sponsoring her parents. We are on AOS. I do not have a job currently so I can't get an EVL and my wife has and she is inviting and the I-134 is also from her...we have EADs valid till late 2010....she had her F1 valid till Oct 2009 but she is working on dependent EAD.

    So do you think there could be any potential problem.....Last time I had sponsored my in-laws but they were questioned a lot at the embassy....so now my wife will be sponsoring ...I hope there are no potential problems.

    Path 2 USA do not mention anything special for EADs/AOS et al....



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  • a_yaja
    07-27 10:17 AM
    Since I did not know how to write my name in my native alphabet, I askd my wife to write it for me. Is this an issue? Is there any requirement that one must write the name in native alphabet in one's own handwriting?

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  • bluez25
    07-26 02:44 PM
    Guys ... please help. I am trying to get PCC from my local police station and they are giving me hell time here... and I am running out of time. The local police station guys are saying that they will only give a letter in white paper (No letter head) and they are insisting that it will not be used. What shall I do and I have to submit my documents by tuesday by latest.....

    Questions for friends around

    1.. is the letter given by the local police station with out the letter head will e accepted in the Consulate?
    2.. If not can we get a PCC from the commisioner office?

    Please give me some directions.


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  • looneytunezez
    04-16 01:09 PM
    Per The California State Supreme Court, non-compete clauses in employment contracts are not enforceable in California, except under certain conditions.

    so it all depends on your state.

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  • pointlesswait
    07-17 07:14 PM
    almost 120 days...

    All PERMS are being processed at Atlanta! hence the pile up!

    My friend applied for PERM on April 1st and got approved yesterday.
    Just wanted to let the people know who have their perm pending, so they can calculate processing dates.

    thank you


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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    02-12 01:12 PM
    Great article! Surely, it must have gotten John Miller atleast thinking what is going on in the US! What he has called a faster process in the US takes atleast 8-10 years since arrival in the US!
    I am going to e-mail him, and would like others to do so too! Let us tell them the truth!

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  • gcnirvana
    02-01 06:28 PM
    Done. Thanks for sharing.


    Please take a moment to fill in the below survey from Barack Obama's website. I'm 100% sure that the results of the survey will reach the President. No sign-up necessary to complete the survey. To select 'Immigration Reform' as your number one priority, choose 'Other' and type in 'Immigration Reform'. You can see that Immigration reform is not one of the top priorities of the administration at the moment.

    Here is the Link:
    Organizing for America | BarackObama.com | OFA Survey (http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/OFASurvey/)



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  • abracadabra
    06-02 04:46 PM
    E-Filing Support <e-filing.support@dhs.gov> send email, you should get it very fast

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  • HumJumboHathuJumbo
    08-19 12:27 AM
    Does your welcome letter/approval say anything about ADIT process?. thanks


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  • psaxena
    09-01 10:42 AM
    was it EB2 or EB3

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  • wandmaker
    11-16 11:29 AM
    Please Help since I dont know what to do as I was expecting the EAD card to start a new job.

    Wait for 30 days from the EAD mailing date and open a SR with USCIS and take infopass appointment. Discuss the issue with CSR & IO. They will tell you exactly what you need to do.


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  • brij523
    02-20 08:50 PM
    Please don't miss the tomorrow teleconference.


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  • texanguy
    08-12 02:29 PM
    Has there been any updates on the combined EAD + AP document? After the disappointing Sept 2010 VB, this atleast will lessen the pain...

    1) Combine EAD and AP into one document and issue for 3 years.

    USCIS is in the process of developing a combination work authorization (EAD) and Advance Parole (AP) card. An announcement regarding this combination card will be made later this year.


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  • gaz
    04-23 09:33 AM
    why not just a tracker? its something that will be needed until the gc is approved - and is a recurring question. the tracker could also provide stats about current approval rate etc.

    I think we need to start one more thread to get responses from people who's H1b extension is being denied in last two months and what were the reasons behind it. This will help to get a clear picture of whats happening.

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  • rahulpaper
    01-09 08:38 PM
    Effective June 2007, any agreement relating to recovering immigration fees from employees, or asking them to work for specific period after getting GC, are illegal. You can find details on the following link.


    Thats interesting...will this new law cover agreement signed before 2007?


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  • gc_peshwa
    09-13 10:52 PM
    Realistically I feel we (i.e. High Skilled Immigrant community) what the Jews went through during WWII at the hands of the Nazis.
    Cornered from ALL sides.
    Discriminated against (due to our skills and since we are willing to work like dogs, good deal for US employers)
    About to be driven out of this country. (H1 expires shortly and no sign of EAD or GC)
    And finally about to be MASSACRED. (at the hands of the Obama's of this world)

    US is no longer attractive to top immigrant talent that actually made USA what it is today.

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  • krucie
    03-16 02:42 PM
    Done. Can you answer the question now?

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  • MLS
    06-19 12:37 PM
    I dont know exactly what is the issue here, but I have filed for EAD extentions 3 times in last three years and it was a very straight forward and easy process. We filed the extentions about 2 months before the expiration and got EADs and APs done in about a month.

    I wanted to start this thread so we could get together a plan of action for victims of undue processing delays for EAD/AP. This is a very serious and upcoming issue and we would all be well served to pool ideas.
    Here is what I have so far. Some ideas based on my experience and some on searching the web.

    1) Apply for your EAD atleast 120 days ahead of the expiry of the current one(USCIS now reccomends 6mths ahead!) Yes you may lose time if they approve it early but atleast, you have the peace of mind and it gives you 30 days breathing space in case of RFE or to get an interim EAD.

    2) Check for a LUD at or slightly after 80 days pending. Contact your lawyer at about this time for suggestions.

    3) Schedule an infopass appointment for day 91. Ask for the interim EAD.
    You can also call the regional service center if you wish.

    4) Contact your congressman's office at about this time and ask for their assistance in expediting this request.

    5) Fedex an application for an interim EAD the same day. Include a copy of your current EAD copy, your pending 485 on which the interim benefits are based and a copy of attendance at any recently done biometrics.

    6) Consider talking with your employer to take a few days off while sorting this out.

    If anyone has any additions to this checklist of items or suggestions/modifications. Let me know.

    06-14 11:13 PM
    Think based on G-28 form, receipts for 485 will go to ur atty.

    03-31 10:49 AM
    Any word on this issue? Is somebody from core going to create a forum where they can post delayed updates?

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