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  • ash0210
    12-17 09:40 PM
    Can any senior Guy/Guru confirm this...

    "USCIS have suspended the AC21 act" is it so? And when USCIS suspended AC21?

    If u look at the distribution for the fiscal year 2005, EB-2 did not use much of the surplus AC21 numbers. So why is EB2 retrogressed for India and China now. As somebody indicated in other threads, the USCIS may have suspended the AC21 act.

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  • chapsi29
    09-15 10:51 AM

    My wife got her H1B approved last year and her start date was 10/01/07. She started working towards the end of Nov. She did not get any paychecks for 2007 before Dec 31st and started getting paid only in 2008. So she did not receive a W2 for 2007. I am about to file my tax for 2007 (had filed an extension) and would like to know the following.

    1: I assume this should not impact me from filing a joint return. Am I right ?

    2: Would I qualify for the stimulus check for $1200 since both of us were employed in 2007 ? Since she did not get a W2, I was not sure if I would get only $600.

    3: Both of us have filed for I-485 and our applications are pending approval. Would there be any problem with her I-485 in the future (like any query) since in 2007, her status was converted to H1B (from H4) and she did not get a W2 ? I am being told USCIS does a complete background check on the applicant with respect to each status he/she has had.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • tempy
    09-22 09:09 AM
    Thanks, yes our last names were different.
    I told the postman.
    Its been more than 2 weeks and I didnt get any response from USCIS after updating the address.It still shows initial review.

    Does anyone know how long it would take for the USCIS to resend the card?

    I'm in a similar situation and I opened an SR today. Did you see any movement?


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  • WeldonSprings
    05-01 09:22 PM

    When did you apply the card. Was it NSC or TSC and did you e-file.


    They are just mistaking his EAD card for PR card. My EAD was approved on April 27 and the status says
    "Card production ordered/Oath Document sent".

    It is just misleadig for a lot of people they can misread it as the PR card.


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  • siddar
    11-09 04:38 PM
    So hypothetically:
    person has approved 140 from comp-A but moves to comp-B
    A revokes the H-visa and 140.
    The person can still extend for 3 years, through B using the approved 140 (from A).
    This can continue till the day the persons PD becomes current?

    It makes sence because once the 140 is approved and 485 is not yet applied for, there is essentially "no application pending" for this person on which they can issue and RFE, right?

    However, when he tries to extend using the older (comp-A) 140, cant the CIS issue and RFE for evidence from comp A that they still intend to hire this person in future??

    If the company cancels the I-140, that means the company is not supporting your GC, plain and simple. I-140 should be in good standing and approvable for extending the H1b status.

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  • dhenuva123
    01-10 06:48 PM

    Did you get your extension? Please let me know, after how many days u got u'r extention.....am also in same situation .My H1-B extension was filed on sept 1st,requesting for additional 3 years (after the 1st 6 yrs) to VSC on regular basis. My labor and I-140 were also approved. The case has been pending since then.

    Thanks much.


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  • msp1976
    12-22 02:02 PM
    What happens in someone is not at the address and he does not receive any communication regarding the jury duty.

    Well...If the judge happens to get enough jurors at the time he/she might not issue an arrest warrant ....If the judge issues the arrest warrant and the local police cannot find you, the warrant just sits there....There is a national database for outstanding warrants...When someone gets caught doing something else, they look up for the outstanding warrants..Then I guess they would hand you over to the police where there is an outstanding warrant for you. Otherwise the warrant just sits there..You would need to explain to the judge that you are not eligible for jury duty and explain the situation and the judge might expunge the record.....You would spend some hard earned money doing that...

    The whole thing might degenerate into 'My Cousin Vinny'.

    You should always forward your mail...Don't get caught doing something stupid either...That is a good advice for always.....
    I don't think that the immigration people look into the outstanding warrants...

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  • Sri_
    11-09 06:48 PM
    My check was cashed on 08/31. Based on the receipt numbers on the back of the check, online status shows that receipts were mailed on 08/31, but I haven't received till date. On 10/01, I called customer service and made them create service request. No progress so far. I am planning to call sometime next week and find the status of the service request.

    Is anyone in the similar situation of not receiving the receipts even after check has cashed way back.



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  • ganesha
    08-04 03:26 PM
    Someone gave me red for this post...i dont understant why???

    That somebody wants to shatter our hopes and have us live in despair:mad:

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  • sapking
    12-15 07:52 PM
    The following is from murthy.com site.

    Question: Good evening, Murthiji. Do you think professional degree holders, like Chartered Accountants / Company Secretaries, may be deemed as equivalent to master�s degree holders for green card purposes under EB2?

    Answer: Generally, CAs are not considered to be master"s degree holders. In fact, many of them do not even equate to a bachelor"s degree since, in India, the bachelor"s is only a 3-year program instead of a 4-year program. Also, the CAs do not attend proper coursework like with degrees here, so it can be a problem if one has no other education besides the BA or BCom with the CA license. Sep-12-2005.



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  • dan19
    08-28 03:16 PM
    PD: Sept 2002

    I guess you filed EB3. I was in same situation with BS and MS in Industrial engineering. my I-140 got approved a year ago without any problem. I am waiting for visa number ROW Oct2003. What is your PD?

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  • mailsunnydeol
    08-05 01:07 PM
    Did you had to go for an interview or another fingerprinting before you got the welcome email ?
    Neither an interview nor fingerprinting.


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  • crazy_apple
    04-26 01:48 PM
    Hello, since this is a thread on Canadian PR - I wanted to know if anyone had been through a similar situation.

    I got my Canadian PR about a year ago. I went thru the landing process and obtained the PR cards from Toronto about a year back. After that I returned to the US - I work on a H1B here. I have not been to Canada since I got my PR. I need to go to Vancover to get my H1B stamping done. I intend to be in Canada for no more than 2/3 working days and return to the US.

    My questions are:

    - Will the Canadian immigration officers ask why I am making the trip to Canada?
    - Can they revoke the PR status if they deem that I am making the trip solely to get the US stamping done?
    - Do I need to apply for a travel permit, even though I have the plastic PR cards?

    Your input will be appreciated.

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  • stemcell
    02-26 01:21 PM
    Guys, Sorry for my ignorance but
    I was checking vfs-usa.co.in website and in "Immigrant Visas for East & West " section, its written

    An immigrant visa allows the person receiving it to live and work indefinitely in the United States. Immigrant visas are issued based on approved I-129F, I-130, I-140, I-360, or I-600 petitions that establish a family- or employment-based relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary.

    I have my I140 approved through a american company and my h1b is getting expired in june 09.

    According to above wordings, I can get a visa to live and work indefinitely,based on my approved I140. I have never heard about it.

    Might be some one can explain what is exactly means.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

    https://www.vfs-usa.co.in/ApplnForms/CalendarDatesFrame.aspx?param=+Vv1l5af10Fj9LRisYRG lOas6VuVWZj874VfIUoa8/i/nDTCOq948rhTtLbfrAqki7SQQWSNLLD/GVTVwV9esxn7sbFyXKFBIf+0MhxDK3lO9SX9/icHZuOj59V0yrWmbfsA8p25o30TIxXH2iKk9vG7LmdlwDBGv8D MV/ZPB+VjmunVn3/J5jOdBHdnIQXmWzpfrp/QRvDdsax0+vpHY8y9UxMiJXWBkQgbatE9DwFZgut4/12t7UswvdMDdKj9uk1Aj8HjxeTpMC8IoZ2LHA==

    Having an approved I-140 does not mean you can 'indefinetely' work and live here automatically.
    It is ONE of the steps to clear on the road to legal immigration.

    Please consult your lawyer and he should direct you as to what to do next.......


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  • GC_1000Watt
    02-18 09:34 PM
    If I'm not mistaken, the 485 processing times for TSC are much shorter compared to NSC. My case is at the VSC which is still doing 06 applications. Is there a particular reason behind this or is it just the sheer number of applications that VSC receives?

    I was just looking at your PD (Jan 08 - Eb2 - India) and was wondering how were you able to apply your I-485. Any political source? :D

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  • kaylamarie
    01-28 12:12 PM
    Can any one please reply... 70 views and no replies


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  • paskal
    12-14 12:41 AM
    Hi all,

    Between this thread and the main chapter thread, we have now accumulated a handful of members, looks like we are all set to be an active chapter!
    couple of things:

    1. IV IL chapter has invited us to their conference call, please check the thread called "Members in MN" under the IV agenda forum, if anyone can participate and report back here it would be great.

    2. Conference Call: Anyone have dates or times in mind? btw pappu, question for you: does iv have a way of facilitating these calls?

    Looking forward to hearing from you all, together we will surely achieve our objectives...


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  • EndlessWait
    04-18 10:08 AM
    would rather go back to home country...with dollar sliding and india booming..

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  • psaxena
    03-03 03:17 PM
    May be later will have the PD for the namecheck and FBI Name check bulletin. Then will all discuss to propose a new bill to reform FBI Name check retrogression(ofcourse at the same time fighting about caste/Race/Color/blah blah)

    IV admin please make a section for the entry of the FBI NC PD also.:D:confused:

    08-23 10:31 AM
    Guess we call it official - No one pending prior to Oct 1st 2003 EB2 as far as this site goes

    06-02 08:25 AM
    Hi atlgc,
    I don't know the email id of NSC center, please google it and you should find it.


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