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  • optimist578
    01-02 11:11 AM
    What is the reason specified by applicants who have their Labor approved but I-140 pending, to extend their H-1 visa beyond the 6-yr limit ?

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  • msp1976
    05-19 04:34 PM
    Any thoughs folks???

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  • Nagireddi
    09-02 09:37 PM
    Any updates or idea on what happened on August 31st senate judiciary meeting on SKIL bill? PLease let us know IV members.

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  • thomachan72
    03-28 01:51 PM
    Portions of DREAM bill introduced in both houses say that children of ilegal immigrants will be allowed pathway to citizenship if;
    Have arrived here at the age of 15 or under;
    Have lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years;
    Graduate from high school;
    Serve in the military or attend college for at least two years; and
    Have good moral character.

    Now our children (children of legal immigrants)? do they qualify under any of these that are cited above? Infact yes, they do under all of these. If they can introduce bills to consider the children of undocumented / ilegal immigrants, why is there no pathway for citizenship for the children of legal immigrants? Ofcourse they fall under our petitions, but they should be given priority over the others, particularly since their parents pay the most tax/social security etc etc.


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  • doggy
    10-26 01:40 AM
    I'm just curious. How will the driver read "No right turn on red"? There is no sign for that.

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  • logiclife
    03-28 06:26 PM
    I read dailykos.com, a liberal blog site, often. Recently, there has been a spate of postings there that are anti H-1B and anti high tech immigration. One example, from today, is: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/3/28/82450/4208. I have been posting comments as cacophonix.

    dailykos.com is the most powerful and most popular liberal blog. Opinion that gets set there is influential with Democratic legislators. There is significant support there for high-tech immigration, but I think the tide could easily turn.

    I need help from fellow IVers in refuting such ridiculous diaries as the one above. Please register and follow developments there, and please post responses when these issues come up.

    I can't stress this enough: dailykos has a strict trolling/abuse policy. If you lose your cool and start abusing, you will get banned in a flash. So please be courteous.

    You have indeed done an amazing job in totally making that diary hopeless.

    Kudos to you for doing that and many thanks for defending this community on that site.


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  • franklin
    02-12 05:52 PM
    No, experience from current company does not count.

    If you have a masters, and the job requires one, it doesn't matter how much experience you have.

    From Department of State (http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/types/types_1323.html)

    There are two subgroups within this category:

    Professionals holding an advanced degree (beyond a baccalaureate degree), or a baccalaureate degree and at least five years progressive experience in the profession; and

    Persons with exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business. Exceptional ability means having a degree of expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered within the field.

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  • Rb_newsletter
    09-08 10:22 PM
    I see some words 'brightest', and 'high-skilled'. Who is classified as 'brightest' and 'high-skilled'?
    Can EB immigrants expect something out of CIR?

    Senator Charles E. Schumer (http://schumer.senate.gov/new_website/record.cfm?id=314990)

    6. We must encourage the world�s best and brightest individuals to come to the United States and create the new technologies and businesses that will employ countless American workers, but must discourage businesses from using our immigration laws as a means to obtain temporary and less-expensive foreign labor to replace capable American workers; and finally
    Sixth, we need to recognize the important contribution that high-skilled immigrants have already made, and must continue to make, toward revitalizing and reinventing the American economy.

    No immigration system would be worthwhile if it is unable to attract the best and brightest minds of the world to come to the United States and create jobs for Americans�as has been the case for Yahoo, Google, Intel, E-Bay, and countless other companies.

    That being said, any reformed immigration system must be successful in encouraging the next Albert Einstein to emigrate permanently to the United States while, at the same time, discouraging underpaid, temporary workers from taking jobs that could and should be filled by qualified American workers.


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  • jonty_11
    11-09 02:55 PM
    Normally u get a recipt notice withing 2 weeks or submitting H1 application. Check to see if waht u have is a just receipt notice or a I-797 (H1B Doc).

    Last I knew I94 shud be at the bottom of the I-797

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  • BharatPremi
    12-05 04:17 PM
    he's moving exactly where we need him :-)
    good desicion!.!

    Yes, indeed...I hope I may be able to work out results (Ofcourse desired ones!!!) what we want...:)


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  • redcard
    09-01 08:57 AM
    I am in the process of changing job. The new employer is saying that I can start working with them from the very next day, after they file H1B transfer application. ie I don't have to wait for the receipt. Is this true? They are asking me to give 2 weeks notice immediately so that by the time they file H1B, 2 weeks will get over, and I can start there immediately.
    Please reply its kind of urgent for me.


    Yes,, that's true. You dont need to wait for the USCIS Receipt.. the Fedex delivery receipt is enough for you start working...but it is considered safer to wait for a week before you start working.. because USCIS would have banked the check by then for the fees and that usually the check would have the receipt no on the back.. but again you dont have to wait for this..the fedex ack is enough to start work

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  • nogc_noproblem
    07-19 04:01 AM
    I am in the same situation like you, thanks for the details.

    Just wanted to share our 7th year H-1B extension stamping in Chennai on July 15th. Since my I-140 was approved, the I-797 petition was approved for 3 years. My family (wife and daughter) attended the interview along with me. The procedure for H-1B extension/renewal is much easier in Chennai compared to first time stampers. There is a separate counter for renewals and the interview procedure is quite simple. After the initial screening of documents, we went to a separate renewal counter which did not have any queue.

    The VO just asked some questions about my nature of the job and how long I have been with my company. FYI, my company is a major reputed IT Foreign MNC. My family was not asked any questions. We did not have any PIMS delays and I got the passport couriered the very next day itself. The petition was approved a month before the stamping. Overall it is a much streamlined process for H-1B visa extensions/renewals.

    Thanks MP70


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  • msvnkk
    03-03 10:14 AM
    Hi I have a question in regard renewal of my expired passport can anyone help me in this regard please.
    my question is if my permanenet address in india is changed. can we keep new permanent address in india. and do we need to submit any documents in regard of new address if so what might be

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  • qplearn
    12-12 02:53 PM
    Hi all,

    This forum is full of smart people. So I want to throw my situation out there to get some advice from all of you. I am into 7th year of my H1 with by labor with PD of Sep 2002. At the rate things are moving, I am running out of patience here.

    Things took an interesting turn last week, when a mid sized Software co. is willing to outsource me some of their work. Given the size of the opportunity, I will need to go to India to setup a team of 5 to 6 ppl. The co. is pretty eager and willing to offer some of the finanical guarantees I have asked for.

    So my question is, should I take this opportunity and say good bye to GC? Or I should be patient as there may be a need to be in US to grow my outsourcing biz, in case it jump starts well. What would you do if you were presented this opportunity and you had the enterpreurial spirits to pull it off.

    I would be eager to see what people say here.

    Guess the smart people here are going to say: go back and reduce the queue. Just kidding:)


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  • aksaharan
    08-07 08:18 PM
    > Immigrants from ROW (Rest Of World) seem to be immune from it
    Certainly not true for EB3

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  • number30
    10-26 12:14 PM

    I am currently working on EAD and my Priority date is May 2007. I was wondering if I get a job in a US company which allows me to stay in india and work for them on regular employment under inter office transfer, Can i still work on EAD and be aligible for my GC?

    Will there be any limit on how long can I work from out side of US, if I can?

    is there any other legal formality i should fulfill in order to work for US company from out side of US and continue with my GC Process?

    Any help is appriciated,



    Where will they pay your Salary? If they are paying you in India You do not need EAD Usually if you are working out side US you do not need any kind of authorization from US. You need to get the authoization from country where you will be working.

    Your GC process can continue here. For Re-entry purpose keep your AP current or H1 status current with the employer. So that you can back once your green card is approved.


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  • up_guy
    01-07 09:01 PM
    Memphis TN..
    Please add me in local chapter

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  • redgreen
    01-07 01:37 PM
    USCIS has clearly mentioned that UI benefits are not considered a public charge.
    There are several threads in IV also on this topic.

    eb3retro clearly mentioned that he/she is not interested in the 'debate of whether UB can be claimed while in AOS state', but still many without even checking anything anywhere just going on doubting, worrying, suggesting nonsense, etc.
    [even though eb3retro knows that getting ui benefits is not a problem for gc application, it is surprising that s/he doesn't know where to find better information on ui benefits! atleast IV is not the best place to look for it! when people lose their job, are they not supposed to get these information by mail from the employer? atleast that is the law in most states.]

    Anyway many people ask even things like what is the fee for this/that application, etc? And people even argue on that when anybody can get these information very clearly from USCIS website. It looks like many people don't even read basic instructions.

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  • chandupatla
    02-25 10:22 AM
    Thanks for sending the information..and one more thing is there any road test?

    11-11 10:32 AM
    thanks chakdepatte !...where do u mail all the docs...?? I read somewhere about a lock box and NOT directly to service center.?

    01-08 12:49 PM
    your wish is my command Master, what can I do for you?

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