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  • theMan
    01-11 03:30 PM
    desitechie has already provided a sound answer. That said, EAD/H1 shouldn't be much of a difference for normal situations. Yes, you will lose the ability to reenter the US when traveling internationally without going through secondary inspection, but that additional time is negligible in the big scheme of things.
    As for AC21, my take is don't bother unless you get an RFE. No harm in sending in upfront either.
    Your entry status will be AOS, when you use AP.
    Good luck for your new job.

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  • map_boiler
    06-28 10:57 PM
    I was a student on f1 and had applied and used my OPT period. The OPT card has A#. I am applying I-485 with I-140 pending and have I-140 reciept

    Should I use the OPT A# everywhere on the application?
    NO. Just mark it as "None". USCIS will assign you a new A# when you file I-485. In my case my OPT A# and A# assigned with approved I-140 are different. In your case, since your I-140 is pending, they have not yet assigned you a number. You should receive one with your I-485 receipt or with your I-140 approval (which ever is received earlier).

    I do not have any other documentation related to my OPT except the expired OPT/EAD card. IS this suffiecnt documentation?
    You should provide front and back copies of the expired OPT EAD card. Also check with your attorney regarding any other documentation required. I've submitted copies of the expired OPT EAD and form I-765 I filed to obtain my OPT EAD (not sure if my attorney will use this when he files my I-765, though).

    There is question on the I-765 which ask IF i had applied for EAD before. WOuld the answer to this be yes I have used OPT before? If yes what is the location of the USCIS office where I applied. I have no clue about this

    I answered yes. The USCIS service center will depend on the state in which your school is located...and to which you mailed the I-765 for OPT EAD.

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  • hpandey
    10-26 10:51 AM
    Non - English speaking or not isn't it the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to drive following the rules of the Road. Why make a U-turn where it is not allowed. Why turn when it is written NO turn on Red. Is it the fault of the sign that you cannot read English.

    US is an English speaking nation although people from all parts of the word live here. We have to abide by the common language which is English and not Spanish. The DMV cannot post sign in hundreds of languages that different people speak.

    If the driver violated the law he must be given a ticket unless it is his first offence when a warning would be sufficient. Rules are meant to be followed.

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  • georchen
    08-02 07:08 AM
    Hello Core Members ,

    We are seeing that some applications are being returned by USCIS mail room people , for improper fees and missing forms . This looks to be a very bit issue for people who have filed the cases , during July . Its possible that the filers may have made any mistake or this can be a mistake of Mail room People too due to huge volume of applications they have received . During Normal process every one had a fair chance of applying again with in the current month or many times even the preceding months. This is definitely not the case this time. If some case is rejected after Aug 17, they will not be able to file I 485 for Years . Can any of the core members suggest a way to contact the USCIS or DHS people and get some relief from this , and allow to re file the I 485 .


    make sure that uscis does not play a tric to us after aug 17th.


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  • akkakarla
    09-06 06:46 PM
    Lou Dobbs is criticizing against the STRIVE act and saying that doubling the Employment based immigration will flood the market and will effect the middle class in america.

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  • Green.Tech
    03-12 05:56 PM
    If you are looking for career change PT MBA is not a good option,you can do PT MBA if you are typically further along in career, often on track for advancement to senior management and you need to balance heavy course load in addition to work and family. I'll be graduating this May from Wharton (Executive MBA) I'm already started getting lucrative offers from consulting firms but unfortuately my I-140 is still pending

    So, will the new jobs "change" your job description to render AC-21 ineffective (similar or same category job etc.)?


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  • waitin_toolong
    08-10 12:40 PM
    no you do not need to register in USA. Indian registration is recognized

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  • shadowbuddy
    03-17 12:56 AM
    I am sorry to hear that they lost your papers. The same thing happened to me when we were filing our 485 papers in '05. This was just before the EB -2 retrogression....we had to mail in all papers including medicals before sept 30th.

    My lawyer sent all the papers but USCIS had a huge volume of applications come in before the pending retrogression and they lost my papers. We had the delivery confirmation, but they wouldnt accept the 485 papers, they only accepted the I-140 papers and I had to wait until the July fiasco to apply for AOS.

    I would suggest that you fight and get them to accept the papers, in hindsight I feel I should've fought a little harder and pushed my attornies a little more to get justice. Oh well hindsight is always 20-20!


    Thanks, we are really going to give it a go. I'll fight as long and as hard as I have to. It sad to think that someone else could make a simple mistake that could result in my wife and I having to leave the country. We love it here. It's our home.

    I will keep you all posted as to how it goes over the next couple of weeks.


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  • neoklaus
    10-22 01:02 PM
    If you filed G 28 then both you and Lawyer will receive the copy of RFE. In case you have not filed G 28 only you will receive the RFE copy. USCIS does not care who answers the RFE as long as it is satisfied with the response.

    Not exactly correct. From my own experience. I filed G28 with lawer, only he has got RFE on my I 485, and even worse thing happened: his assistant send only partial answer on that RFE ( the medical) and "simply" missed that RFE asked about EVL (letter from employer) and never informed me on that. When uscis send RFE 2nd time ( asking to send all requested information together) only then lawyer contacted me and asked about EVL.
    Both times I didn' get RFEs, moreover the lawyers assistant pretended that she couldn't find a Copy of 1st RFE. ( times between 1st and 2nd RFE was 7 days).

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  • ramreddy
    12-26 07:51 AM
    Just out of curiosity how is it that you got an approval in Sep 09 with your priority date? I too am keen to know , assuming your PD is 08-05 as indicated above


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  • gcdreamer05
    11-19 02:06 PM
    This processing dates is just an act or rather a scam. USCIS and DOS will do what they like. I personally know a lot of people who applied there 485 a month after I did during July 2007 and whose priority date was 6 to 7 months behind me and they got there green card in August 2008 and I did not, I am sure a lot of you are in the same position. Whats the point in looking at these processing dates when there is no order or proper manner in which USCIS processes them, it is worse than a fish market. If we are lucky the monthly bulletin dates might move again (I doubt it), even if it moves you just dont know how far it might move, it might be 1 month or even to 2007. USCIS will then issue GC to 2007 and make a fool of 2004 and 2005 folks. I guess we have no choice but to bear this brutality. I for one have stopped looking at processing dates and even monthly bulletin. On top of it we have Obama\Durbin in control of washington, not sure what sort of nightmarish "immigration reform" they are cooking. I am at a low point, for the first time I am fearing I might have to leave US (or might be kicked out of US by Obama \Durbin "Immigration reform") after comming here and staying legally for 10 years and obeying all the laws.

    Hi pitha, i understand your frustration but one thing in which the processing dates helps is like in my case, if my h1b extension is pending for 60 days i can call them only if their processing dates says less than 2 months, otherwise these guys wont even answer the call saying call back after checking processing dates.

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  • harivenkat
    05-05 02:23 PM
    You can own the company while being on H1b, You will need to partner with a CPA and get immigration attorney involved.

    Check this :

    MurthyDotCom : Start-Up Companies (http://www.murthy.com/startup.html)
    I am on H1B, Can i register company and employ an american citizen as the CEO and run a resturant... - Topic Powered by Infopop (http://murthyforum.atinfopop.com/4/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1024039761&f=5374040662&m=1761062081)


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  • rmutyala
    07-13 01:15 AM
    in hindsight, should have added that, and also a none-of-the-above. But hey its late and I am sleepy :)
    and 'All of the Above' too ;)

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  • whiteStallion
    03-04 07:44 PM
    Congratulations ! Its party time! :D


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  • bestia
    07-16 10:30 PM
    Due to un-availability of revised bulletin, if NSC approves i485 and issues AP and EAD, they cannot cancel it..as they have not used any visa # at this time ? Am I correct ?

    If they will incorrectly approve I-485 they CAN and WILL revoke it and they have done that. I personally know people who got their GCs revoked because of USCIS mistakes (not EB though), although they didn't get in much trouble. I don't remember the web-site where I read the story. The person had his 485 approved while he wasn't current. The lawyer suggested to inform USCIS about mistaken approval, USCIS revoked the GC and when the person became current they approved his 485 again.

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  • talduk
    March 24th, 2005, 04:04 AM
    Thank so much for your reply. However, this was my first attempt with the camera so I used new batteries (six). Nontheless, I will try to change it.


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    08-14 11:20 PM
    I feel that getting the EAD will give us more flexibility to survive in this economic condition as well as eligibility for spouse to work.

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  • rdx0
    01-09 06:57 PM

    I am in a unique situation, any advise/help would be appreciated.

    My H1 Visa and I-94 are expiring on Jan 20, 2009. It can be extended till Apr 2011 as I have been in US only for 3 Yrs and 8 Months. My current employer is not extending my Visa, so I am going to get it extended through another company, say COMPANY ABC (a Staffing company basically).

    However, I don't want to be with Company ABC because I am soon going to get a job with a direct client, CLIENT XYZ, but that won't happen until Jan 25th or so.

    So my question is, if I apply for extension through COMPANY ABC for now, just so that I don't go 'out of status' on Jan 20th, will CLIENT XYZ be able to apply for my extension on Jan 25th, while my application with Company ABC is still pending? Or they (CLIENT XYZ) will have to wait until my first application (With COMPANY ABC) is processed?

    Basically, just want to know if a Company ABC has filed for H1 Transfer and I-94 extension before the expiry date, can another Company XYZ file for an extension/transfer after the expiry while the application from company ABC is still being processed?

    Any help is appreciated. I have posted this query on couple of other posts but no one seems to know the answer! no one replied yet

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  • anandrajesh
    03-30 09:32 PM
    No Bro. I told them when i came to US in 2000 the salary was 1/20 or 1/25 of what I can make in US. So US was an attractive option. Now the salaries in India are close to 10 lacs per annum, it turns out to be 1/4 or 1/5 of what i make here. With less taxes, less cost of living and facilities in india good enough i guess i live a happier life in India than here.

    SO i was presenting him my point that moving back to India may turn out to be a wonderful decision than getting stuck here. If every highly qualified immigrant take this decision and leave, US will be at loss. I did manage to convince him that losing us is a bad thing for US economy. That is how he managed to portray my story in a good way.

    01-27 11:43 PM
    Are you from Rest of the world or India/china?

    Rest of the World.

    06-29 10:08 AM
    I am putting an extra freshly painted mailbox with a big bold name in red color and a message-- 'Put my greencard here' for the postman. :)

    Lets see how many years it will take for him to finally grant me my wish.

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