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  • WeShallOvercome
    11-13 04:55 PM
    USCIS has accepted my application and we received the receipts today. Thanks to USCIS. They are being lenient.

    That is GREAT!

    I can understand what you have gone through and it must be a big relief for you !

    Can you tell us when did you resubmit your application and what fee did they accept..old or new. A friend of mine resubmitted his application a few days ago with new fee... his original app was rejected earlier because his attorney sent thre wrong fee amount...(neither new nor old..)

    Good luck and enjoy the feleing now

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  • prince_waiting
    08-30 09:49 PM
    You cant file H1 on your own. You need ur employers signature on it and ur employer has to file the petition. Even if you beat all that it is still very very risky to file on your own.

    I am not filing on my own, I am trying to just do the paper work on my own and try to save unnecessary attorney fees. Of course my employer is going to sign the forms.

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  • shx
    09-29 04:55 PM
    Thanks everyone for all the responses!

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  • arc
    10-25 03:57 PM

    Did anyone go to San Jose ASC at Charcot drive for their Biometrics?

    I would appriciate if you can share your experience, in trems of, what time of the day did you go, was it crowded, how long did you wait, are the kids allowed inside, ease of the bio metrics process, have you been there before your actual appointment date, if yes what time of the day did you go and how soon were you done.

    Also if your LUD changed after the appointment and did you call the FBI number to verify whether the prints were right?



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  • wandmaker
    02-18 02:33 PM
    One has to pay taxes on worldwide income if filing taxes as US resident. He/she can deduct foreign taxes paid as credit. It does not matter if income is taxed or not in the foreign country.

    It is a key point to know, thanks for posting

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  • Bogdan
    10-22 01:15 PM
    I signed a I-9 form in 2005. At that time, I indeed was on a marriage based EAD because I had an I-485 pending, which later I withdrew and went for H1B. Since then, nobody talked to me about changing the I-9 (I should have thought about it though). However, I provided them with a H1B copy when it was issued.

    Since HR mentioned that my EAD expired and they needed a new one, it is clear that they were not refering to the old EAD (marriage based I-485), since that one expired in 2006. So somehow the lawyers, to whom I gave a copy of the EAD last year (they requested it), forwarded the EAD to HR.

    Of course HR can change my status in their records now (by renewing the I-9?), but I am worried about the damage is done already and my H1B is invalidated. I don't know how I can find that out.

    However, as I said, I did not sign any I-9 to confirm the H1B status, neither I did for the EAD (employment based I-485 pending). Given this circumstance, do I need to re-validate my H1B? I guess HR should have asked me to complete a new I-9 for the H1B. I am thinking USCIS colects the I-9's periodically so that they know how I worked, am I correct?


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  • myimmiv
    12-17 02:58 PM
    Its Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Virginia
    Thanks. I was thinking it is Denver International Airport (DIA) for which I am looking for responses from members, since my wife will enter at DIA.

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  • Ramba
    07-06 01:23 PM
    Do you guys forget they recaptured used around 100,000 in FY2005.

    They recaptured 130,000 (unused from FY 1999 and 2000) thro AC21 act and used all of them by 2005.

    Therefore from 2001 to 2006 available# for recapture is 101,000, excluding AC21 reacpture.


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  • sdrblr
    02-02 10:16 PM
    Don't worry about it. Infact I had 3 different numbers..one for EAD on F1, 140 and 485.

    The 485 and EAD (GC based) had the same number. When ever I had to apply for AP or EAD (did only once as I always had H1), I used the one on 485 receipt as this is what I have on my GC.

    I was under the impression that I will have only one A#... apparently I was wrong :)..many people said go take an infopass, get it consolidated etc.. I think this will mess up things than clearing it going by their efficiency.

    Forget about the one on 140....always use what they gave you on 485 receipt... leave the consolidation part to them.

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  • guitarzen
    09-13 01:01 PM
    You're going to destroy us all! Giving people a program that makes web designing a lot easier is bad news for us web designers.

    The thing is...it doesn't design the web page. It is only a visual representation or layout program to help the client get ideas for what they might like. Once they get that...it still needs to be designed and the information added.


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  • gcnirvana
    04-20 11:29 AM
    I am not sure about the voting schedule but the immigration bill will be debated in the Senate during the last two weeks of May.

    I read this in USA Today:
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has set aside the last two weeks of May for debate on an immigration bill; House Democrats hope to act before the August recess.

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  • pappu
    11-21 12:27 PM
    Bush just pardoned a Turkey - that Turkey could be a GC Holder very fast !!;) - I understand that it is headed to Baltimore - can the Balitmore chapter use it as a mascot ? !!!

    No There is already a backlog of such amnesty turkeys from past years. They are all stuck in name checks.:D:D


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  • sdudeja
    01-30 06:00 PM
    I am not sure. But the FP notice was mailed on 23 dec and the other document on Jan 12.

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  • Steelers
    04-22 10:19 AM
    My H1b and my wifes H4 extensions were filed on 2/10 and approved on 4/1.

    Depends on your job, company etc. I work in non-IT, big company and have been working there since 3 years.

    Good luck.


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  • Didiusthegreat
    04-29 12:27 PM
    As I said already, Ironikart or Cybergold, one of them will be the winner... The things they've made are really cool. My computer would crash surely, when I would try to make such a things...

    However my vote goes to Cybergold. His is just a little cooler I think.. Sorry Ironikart and Senocular... I'l keep the zero :)

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  • add78
    06-19 11:15 AM
    I think I know what might have happened here. Check your I-140 petition. Check if on part 2, box "d" was checked. If yes then the officer went looking for an advanced degree (post baccalaureate) and could not find any documents and issued an RFE. It is usually customary for EB-2 to have Masters or show the job requires equivalent education / experience combo otherwise you will have to downgrade 140 to EB-3 (by checking the "e" box and amending I-140 by working with the officer, consult with your lawyer)


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  • pwright
    09-20 12:51 PM
    Hi all,

    I have been stuck in the name-check nightmare for almost 2 years now and looking to join a class-action with other people. Can anybody direct me??


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  • silvergga
    02-27 02:20 PM
    Mostly my question was misunderstood...

    I am not asking about Visa Bulletin etc. I know about VB. I am also not asking about porting EB3 to EB2. My question is very very simple...

    "ASSUME" that EB2 and EB3 dates are CURRENT then who would get priority? Is it based on RD? or EB2 vs EB3...

    1) EB3 people believe and argue that it doesn't matter.
    2) From what I have noticed on , eb1 > eb2 > eb3.
    3) But it's not like USCIS will process all eb1 cases, then eb2 cases, and finally eb3 cases.
    4) In the end, USCIS is a black box system and no one knows exactly how they work.
    5) If your PD is current, be happy and your GC should come soon enough. Why bother about the details?
    6) The simple logic is, eb1 has higher qualifications than eb2, and eb2 has more qualifications compared to eb3. If you believe they treat everyone the same, then be happy and stick with your belief.

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  • ganesha
    09-04 02:23 PM
    As I understand, we would receive emails in this order: approval email, cpo email and then a welcome email

    Thanks for the responses...My email as you see in the first message is neither "Welcome" nor a CPO.

    So am I unique....unwelcomed approval.....strange...even in this there is no standard format or routine....


    12-29 09:54 AM
    I believe change of status pending works the same way as extension applications when pending - one can continue to stay in the country post I-94 expiration as long as the change of status application has been filed prior to I-94 expiration - so the time spent after I-94 expiration does not count as out of status. Now if the change of status application is denied and the decision comes after I-94 has expired - I believe you have 30 days to leave the country - USCIS would send a notice stating the same as well and in that case one should leave the country as early as possible - within 30 days of such intimation.

    I would still advise you to get an opinion from an immigration attorney to be sure that this is the way it works.

    Yes, this is correct.

    09-23 08:01 PM
    I am Aug 1st filer ( Nebraska) and still waiting on check encashment or any kind of response.

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