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  • natrajs
    09-03 10:09 PM
    My Fall classes are starting on Sep 8th, after that I am planning to meet International Student Association people. If the event is planned on eve then I will be able to attend

    Let me know

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  • karanp25
    07-11 03:08 PM
    Dude, in a bunch of applications - some are approvable while others require more information. Do you want them to keep waiting on unapprovable applications, with old PDs, while the clock is ticking and the unused visas go waste before Oct 2008? Guess not?

    That's why they advanced the PDs to give some room to approve later PD applications that are otherwise approvable. They do not have any math involved. They were playing "inky-pinky-ponky" to pick a month & yr to set EB-2 cutoff dates for Aug VB - the only logic was to advance it to a comfortable point--nothing beyond tht. They don't care about few months here and there, and don't care if they raise hopes of some immigrations or shatter hopes of others.

    Is it just me missing something? Does it make sense?

    Yes. Its simple math. But if it was 10K visas a year, then why did they have to jump forward by more than 2 yrs? Nobody knows how USCIS works internally. The math that v have and the one that they have differ a lot and unexpected things (for good or bad) happen all the time.

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  • ski_dude12
    12-02 03:46 PM
    First 485 for both of us.

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  • rsdang
    08-22 12:11 PM
    I am not 100% sure on this reply ....

    As soon as you use EAD, your H1B status is voided. I have read that if you have worked less then 6 months on EAD then there are chances that you could get back on the same H1.

    Now, once 6 months (180) days have passed, your unused H1 is supposed to get cancelled.

    You may want to check with some good attorney though.

    Sorry, not much help.

    Good luck.

    You H1-B is not voided when you use the EAD and effectively you can go back to using H1-B.

    They do not stamp your Visa with - "voided without prejudice" which they do when you change your visa type normally or apply for a renewal before the last one has expired.

    NOTE - the assumption is that the H1-B is the underlying petition on which you are now seeking immigration.

    Border immigration officer may ask you to use the Ap if you have it and that is totally officer dependent. There are no clear guidelines on that one...

    Hope this helps


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  • uslegals
    11-12 08:59 AM
    thanks desertfox ! i I did apply before July 30, 2007 (recd. date for 485 is 7/17/07) which means that i do have to pay the fees for AP. I will go ahead and apply online.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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  • YesWeWillGet
    09-26 09:45 PM
    What will be my options to maintain my immigration status in the following scenario:

    AC21 is not filed after joining the new employer (new job since 2 months).
    If the previous employer revoked the I-140.
    Have the same job/role and responsibilities with my new employer.
    No gap between previous and new current employer.
    Status of I-140 remains approved and I-485 remains pending in USCIS website.

    Should I proceed AC21 filing immediately? Is there anything need to be done in order to keep the immigration status legal?

    I would really appreciate your valuable suggestions.

    Thank you


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  • qualified_trash
    11-09 03:47 PM
    if you received the notice, then it is probably a courtesy notice. USCIS will only send the actual approval notice to your lawyer. so wait for the lawyer to let you know.

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  • GCchakravyuh
    07-17 01:53 AM
    great news.

    new important points:
    1."Also under discussion is whether green cards that have gone unused in previous years could be used this year. As a result, one possible scenario is that the number of high-skilled workers who gain permanent residency in the U.S. this year could swell to more than twice the historical level. "They've got to do something," says one congressional staffer close to the discussions. "

    2."Perhaps the most acute pressure on the Bush Administration is coming from Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.),...the last thing the Administration wants is for the details of the "bureaucratic, nightmarish snafu" to become public"

    Just hoping that by some miracle tomorrows news is even better than expected.

    BTW its the title of the article which says its all "The Gandhi Protests Pay Off". Please note its not something like "Govt yields under threat of law suits and immigrants protests"

    the celebration of point 1) above gets contradicted by the passimistic fact written at the end of same article : :(
    (((But that idea may face long odds. AILA's Kuck says that current law prohibits green cards from one year to be used in other years. And he thinks there is no appetite in either Congress or the White House for writing new pro-immigration legislation, after the comprehensive immigration reform proposal went down in flames earlier this summer. "I don't think they'd touch the issue with a 10-foot pole," says Kuck. "This issue has become radioactive." )))


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  • desi3933
    05-15 04:21 PM
    I got my GC last year august but her gc/485 status is still pending. Is it even possible based on her case was dependent on me? What can I do abt it. Thanks.

    Its ok. Her I-485 can be approved only when PD is current.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • grimreaper
    08-03 03:50 PM
    Looks like the senator's office replied without going through the message properly. Just a political ploy for blindsiding the issue by bringing irrelavent topic into discussion. The message was about S.A 4319, the Senator talked about S.887


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  • gc_chahiye
    10-26 04:08 PM
    Can I fill AP directly instead of going thru the lawyer?


    yes! Include the copy of your 485 receipt inthe appplication.
    EAD and AP are simple enough that you can apply/renew on your own without paying a lawyer.

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  • anilsal
    07-18 01:28 AM
    We all should organize and fight for Recapturing the VISA numbers and also for SKIL bill


    Good points. These are burning issues for IV. In the meantime, could you please update your signature with your monetary contributions such that newcomers are motivated? ;)


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  • franklin
    02-12 05:52 PM
    No, experience from current company does not count.

    If you have a masters, and the job requires one, it doesn't matter how much experience you have.

    From Department of State (http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/types/types_1323.html)

    There are two subgroups within this category:

    Professionals holding an advanced degree (beyond a baccalaureate degree), or a baccalaureate degree and at least five years progressive experience in the profession; and

    Persons with exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business. Exceptional ability means having a degree of expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered within the field.

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  • mrajatish
    07-02 09:58 AM
    Stop replying to this guy - focus on something more meaningful.


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  • shana04
    08-13 06:13 PM
    Just read a post on a different thread where a 2006 NSC case was cleared without NC


    Even I am stuck with Name Check and what is the approach to clear name check.

    Any help / suggestions, please advice.

    thanks in advance.


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  • dwhuser
    06-15 08:40 PM
    This is my openion.

    POE IO might ask for the EVL letter from the sponsoring employer to check the integrity of the case, though not very common.

    What is a EVL letter ?


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  • Enebreus
    01-19 07:36 PM
    Just a quick note. I used the Box2d Library for this project so this might invalidate my entry... if that's the case I'll have to put all hope in my second entry!

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  • pns27
    10-22 10:54 PM
    I have a question:
    As most of the EB folks are in the system Will EB3 ever get a chance to dip in to the ROW pool of visas?

    What I mean is and correct me if I am wrong; In last quarter of every years any remaining visas from ROW will be used by countries like India/China. However the order of preference is Eb1, EB2 and if any visas are left then EB3. If so them till every Eb1 and EB2 in the system are approved EB3 may not get any additional visas other that the regular quota, RIGHT?

    So there is fair chance that all EB1 and EB2 will get cleared soon and EB3 will be stuck for ever.:confused:

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  • ayaskant
    01-31 11:08 PM
    I came to US on h1b in 2007.
    I got my labor substituted in 2007 in EB3. My priority date is December 2004.
    I got my 140 approved in january 2008. Its been 2 yrs since.
    I dont have EAD.
    I dont know when the date will be current. But the problem is,
    My client wants me to join their company. Can I leave my current company and still maintain my priority date. Do h1b companies normally cancel the i140 if employees leave.
    if i join the new company I am planning to start GC in EB2 again. Is it wise to do so. Can I port my Priority date. Or should I stick onto my existing employer.
    How much time its taking now a days to get the Labor and 140 in EB2.
    ANy help and advice in this regards will be very much appreciated

    02-27 08:11 PM
    Thanks for taking the interest and posting the comment.

    What you mean is change the content of the webfax,not the format.

    Anyways, the current draft of Specter bill would lead to numbers flowing downward(unused numbers due to 7% or 10% per country limit). When they flow downwards from EB2, EB3 and EB4, they go to EB5 where there is no mention of per country limit(by omission).

    You know what this means? After all the gains, the country limit on India and China will cause the overflow of all visa numbers to EB5(Unskilled labor, gardeners, cooks, maids) WHERE THERE IS NOT COUNTRY LIMIT and unlimited demand. And over there, in absence of no country limit, immigrants from Mexico will consume all EB5 unskilled numbers and there wont be anything like "UNUSED" numbers.(read the thread posted by STUCKLABOR for that analysis and legalese. : http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=241 )

    Coming back to proposals of Specter, the idea that there is so much relief that we dont need to worry about this or that...here is the thing...Current markup is a proposal. Not even a final version of Judiciary committee markup. From there you lose some things when it goes to the full floor of senate and then A LOT OF THINGS when the hawks from the HOUSE of REPS like Tancredos and Smiths slither their tentacles on the Senate version in the CONFERENCE COMMITTEE. That's the reason we dont want to lose one thing even if we are gaining 10 things because those 10 things might be reduced to 2 by the time its negotiated in the conference committee between the house and the senate.

    However, if you want to provide more input on this issue, you are most welcome to email Sandeep who is leading the content-prep team that writes these webfaxes and letters. His email is sandeep@immigrationvoice.org

    Thanks for taking interesting and sharing your view.


    11-29 03:43 PM
    He is confused to see such a response

    he is in the process of responding to that query, but even in previous response we sent we highlighted math not by over writing with yellow marker but pasting a pointer towards maths.

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